51 Easy Haircuts and Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Haircuts for long hair that are straight are absolutely gorgeous when worn sleek and healthy. Take your long, straight hair to the next level by adding sweet layers, side bangs, and subtle texture, or pull it back into a stunning updo.

Adding even just a slight change to your straight locks has the ability to take it from everyday to intriguing! Take a look at some of our favorite hairstyles for this year! Embrace your long straight hair and start polishing up your look with one of the amazing hairstyles shown here. Brush up on your blow-drying and flat-ironing skills too and you’ll be good to go!

Before your next hair appointment, check out these inspiring photos of haircuts for long straight hair.

Extra Long Layers for Long Straight Hair
Instagram @glamourbycee

#1: Extra Long Layers for Straight Hair

Extra long layers are a great way to add movement and texture to long, straight hair. This cut works best for those with fine or medium-textured locks. The extra length of the layers allows you to play around more with styling options. Long layers will frame your face nicely if you have an oval shape. But if you have a rounder face, please ensure your stylist doesn’t remove too much length on top. This can further emphasize the roundness. Keep this look sleek with some styling wax. Or create beachy waves by spraying your tresses with sea salt spray. Then scrunch them up in sections with your fingers. Finish off any look by using a few spritzes of light-hold hairspray.

Effortless Long Straight Layering

#2 Effortless Long Straight Layering

For effortless hair that doesn’t need to be straightened, blow-drying with a large round brush can easily achieve this look. This technique gives the long layered straight hair volume and flips that accentuate your layers.

Blonde Long Hair with Gorgeous Long Layers Hairstyle

#3 Blonde Long Hair with Gorgeous Long Layers Hairstyle

Blonde long hair with long layers will look best with babylights and a money piece. This look will frame your face and add radiance around it. The color is honestly great for anyone because of how low maintenance it is.

Alluring long straight shag with a side part

#4 Alluring Long Shag with a Side Part


What’s great about a long shag with a side part are the longer layers at the back and around your face. This cut will frame your face and add volume. Adding highlights around your face will enhance your haircut and layers.

perfectly straightened cut for long thin hair

#5 Perfectly Straightened Cut for Long Thin Hair

Let your long straight hair that’s thin do its thing. These hairstyles work best if it’s amazingly shiny, so you should use the best flat iron even when you’re naturally straight.

movement with long layers on straight hair

#6 Movement with Long Layers on Straight Hair

For added movement, try a straight-layered haircut with longer layers throughout the interior of your long hair. Add face-framing to open up your facial features and complement your face shape! You can wear this hair up, blow it out, or let it air dry. For this particular style, use Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep and Aveda Confixor Liquid Gel to maintain a frizz-free hold. You also want to use boar bristle round brushes for a round brush hard set.

Beautiful Long Layers for Women with Straight Hair

#7 Beautiful Long Layers for Women with Straight Hair

Long straight hair with added long layers is a gorgeous combination. Try adding bangs for better face-framing.

Feathered Layers for Straight Long Hair

#8 Feathered Layers

Feathered layers are a great way to enhance movement to heavier hair types. Long hair has a tendency to weigh itself down easily, but layered hair with face-framing pieces will simply add some feather-like shape which gives flow and style to your beautiful long hair.

Long and Dark Straight Hairstyle with Middle Parting
Instagram @studio_mostton

#9: Long and Dark with Middle Parting

The look is a long and dark hairstyle with a middle part. I recommend a middle part for round, oval, and heart-shaped faces to enhance facial features and create a balanced look. Consider introducing a curtain fringe that highlights your cheekbones or eyes. Choose the feature you prefer and use your style to emphasize it.

#10: Long Straight Blonde and Thin Hairstyle

If you have thin hair, a long, straight blonde hairstyle could be your best bet. Making thin hair lighter can increase its light reflection, giving it a plumper look. On the other hand, darker shades might result in a thinner and flatter appearance. Maintaining such a look might require some extra help. Consider using a light smoothing cream. Applying it as you blow dry can keep your hair straight, shiny, and protected.

#11: Long Black Straight Hair with Straight, Blunt Bangs

If you’ve got naturally straight hair, it’s a good idea to find a style that embraces it. A long, black hairstyle with blunt bangs is a perfect way to embrace natural straightness.

#12: Gorgeous Dark Brunette Style

Consider a dark brunette style, especially if you keep your locks long. This look draws attention to the depth and richness of the hair’s color. It’s important to keep the length to achieve this look but add subtle layers for movement. This style works best for ladies with straight hair or willing to use a flat iron to get the straight hair effect. Avoid adding too much product, as it may weaken the hair and dull its shine.

#13: The Longest and Straightest Hair

Try this look to have the longest, straightest hair! Some factors to think about is if you have any wave or texture to your hair, you might want a keratin treatment. Ask about your options at your next salon visit.

#14: Long Blonde Straight Hair with Visible Layers

Long blonde straight hair with visible layers is a style that exudes beauty. The layers give the hair depth and dimensions that make it look lively and layered. The strong contrast between the blonde color and the cut layers makes the hair look striking. They add volume and texture. This style suits women that have very blonde hair, and the layers give the hair more movement and flow. If you like to maintain this look, ask your stylist for regular trims. This will keep your layers looking fresh and defined.

#15: Side-Parted Long Straight Bright Blonde Hairstyle

Long hair can be worn in so many ways. Creating long hair with extensions can give you the fullness and length that you desire. Ask for slight face-framing bangs to break up long hair and shape the face beautifully. When wearing hair long and straight, invest in products like Oway’s Color Protection Veil.

#16: Silky Smooth Long Hair

There is nothing more beautiful than silky smooth long hair. The best way to achieve healthy long hair is to trim your ends every 8 weeks. You’ll want minimal layering in the bottom and around the face to give you a smooth shape. Avoid excessive heat damage by using a heat protectant when blow drying. Also, use a very large round brush. If your hair is frizzy, an argon oil and smoothing cream will help you tame the unruly beast.

#17: Side-Parted Long Blonde Cut

One of the best styles for millennials and gen-Z alike is a side-parted long blonde cut. Gen-Z brought us back to the middle part for a while. Now we are slowly moving back to a subtle side part, hallelujah! If you want a blonder look, ask for a buttery blonde to platinum tone. Your colorist will let you know if this can be done in one session or if it will take some time. Patience is key when going light blonde!

#18: Fashionable Pale Blonde Long Hair

Fashionable pale blonde long hair is classic and stunning. Pale blonde hair is so light and ashy it’s almost grey. While having hair this light, be prepared to be at the salon more. You’ll want to get a touch-up when your new growth is no longer than half an inch long. If you wait any longer, you could get banding on your blonde or be charged more for extra product and time. Hair grows on an average of half an inch a month, so 4 to 5-week touch-ups should be perfect.

#19: Long Ash Blonde Blunt Cut

We all know that long locks will always be timeless. But if you consider this long ash blonde blunt cut, you will receive the upgrade you’ve been looking for. The right stylist for this job should be able to consult with you about the condition of your hair. And, maintain a full highlight and custom mix the perfect ash toner that suits your skin tone and style. Ask for a maintenance trim on the ends, and you’ll be set for the next 6-8 weeks. Then, you will need to see your stylist for a touch-up.

#20: Middle-Parted Long Straight Brown Hair

When you want an easy style that works with your everyday look, middle-parted long straight hair is the way to go. With my years of experience, I’ve found this classic, timeless cut never goes out of fashion. It’s great for all face shapes. It adds volume around the crown, elongating rounder faces by creating vertical movement. For extra hold and shine, finish with a lightweight hairspray. Try Aveda’s Control Force Firm Hold Hairspray.

#21: Brunette Balayage with a Deep Side Part

A brunette balayage with a deep side part is perfect for switching up your long, straight hair. A great choice for oval, square, or diamond face shapes. This classic look adds dimension without losing the natural beauty of its shape. Hair should be damp before applying heat-protecting products. Try Sebastian &ldquoShine Shaker Serum&rdquo from mid-lengths to ends. Then blow dry using a large round brush to create body in your hair.

#22: Amazing Long Brunette Hair with Side Bangs

Long brunette hair with side bangs will make you feel sassy. Pay attention to how much heat your using on your hair. This helps to make sure it keeps its shine. I suggest getting your hair trimmed every two months to ensure your hair is in good health.

#23: Waste-Length Dark Auburn Hair

Your hair is the crown you wear. The most effective way to get to it grow to waist-length is to get routine trims to cut off the split ends. A color like a dark auburn can be created with a temporary gloss to change your look per season.

#24: Ultra-Sleek Long Blonde Hair with a Center Part

You must try an ultra-sleek long blonde hairstyle. You could also try this look with a side part. But, this super smooth style looks best with center-parted balance.

#25: Dark Red

When a client comes in and wants red hair, I always ask the same question. How often are you willing to be in the salon to eliminate your color from fading? Red fades the fastest. So I highly encourage my redheads to be in the salon every month to prevent their color from fading. This will allow your color to always look bright and fresh the way it was intended.

#26: Waste-Length Middle-Parted Long Blonde Hair

The trending middle part looks great on waist-length, long blonde hair. The best way to healthily grow your hair is to get the occasional yet consistent dusting. A dusting will remove all weathered ends without taking too much length. And when done often, makes your hair grow like a weed. Spend time treating your hair right with the right after-care.

Long Blonde Balayage with a Center Part for Straight Hair
Instagram @carasglamgram

#27: Long Blonde Balayage with a Center Part

A blonde balayage with a center part will keep you glowing. Long sleek straight blonde hair has a boldness to it that will catch anyone’s eye. Maintain your look by using purple shampoo and toning sessions every 6 weeks for the blonde to stay ashy and bright.

#28: Extra Long Blonde Hairstyle with Bangs

An extra long blonde hairstyle with bangs is an effortless look but takes skill and precision. This blonde can be achieved in multiple ways: foiling, global application, or if your hair is light enough high-lift color. Because long blonde hair is delicate, ensure your stylist is a blonde specialist so they really take the care needed to keep it healthy. One of the biggest advantages to a specialist is they know what they’re doing and create stunning blondes all day every day.

#29: Long Blonde Hair with Textured Ends

Blondes are beautiful and happen to be one of my favorite things to do as a hairstylist. I always forewarn my clients that blondes are not low maintenance. To get the most out of your color, you’ll need to regularly be in the salon for color appointments. Plus, you may need an occasional toner in between.

#30: Long Light Blonde Hairstyle with a Side Part

The long light blonde hairstyle with a side part is a gorgeous and classy way to wear your long hair. However, if you want to keep your bleached hair healthy and maintain its length, you must invest in the proper professional hair cosmetics.

Long Choppy Straight Cut
Instagram @jobosco

#31: Long Choppy Cut

For long hair, try a choppy cut to maintain thickness but with a little texture to still give your hair movement. Remember that this haircut is best for women wanting to maintain length throughout their whole perimeter. Try to style your cut with some loose curls towards the ends to give even more movement to your cut. If you can, utilize a volumizing spray or mousse to really amplify the thickness of your hair.

Extra Long Straight Copper Hair
Instagram @anhcotran

#32: Extra Long Straight Copper Hair

To really spice up the length, try a copper hair color, which is perfect for a fair-skinned woman. Remember to wash only with sulfate-free shampoos and cooler water to maintain the brightness of your copper hue. A disadvantage to having an this cut is if you have any breakage or frizziness, it will be noticeable. A Brazilian Blowout or Keratin treatment is a perfect way to maintain your sleek look.

#33: Very Long Straight Hair with Balayage

Very long straight hair is like a blank canvas and can do so many styles. Try a blonde balayage on your very long straight hair for depth at the root and offers a low-maintenance hairdo. At-home care is critical for long hair with any blonde. Just use a hair mask such as K18 once a week to keep your locks healthy and strong.

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natural blended balayage on long straight hair
Instagram @kultura_moscow

#34: Natural Blended Balayage on Long Straight Hair

Very natural blended brown balayage on your long straight hair is very easy to maintain. If you’re looking for something low-maintenance, this hairstyle is for you. Use a smoothing serum at the end to control your flyaways.

#35: Stylish Long Choppy Layers with Bangs for Straight Hair

Stylish long choppy layers with bangs for straight hair can bring the interest of the hairstyle back to your face. Hair can benefit from a choppy layered style as it instantly draws shape back to the upper part of your hair. An extra benefit would be to add some bangs to bring life to your face and shorten longer faces or lengthen chubby faces.

straight textured layers with blunt bangs on long hair
Instagram @jules_baker_

#36: Straight Textured Layers with Blunt Bangs on Long Hair

This fresh haircut on for long hair with added bangs to complement these lengths without getting too heavy. Textured layers provide just the right amount of fullness to the whole shag look which is a perfect yet simple cut for oval faces.

longer step cut with curled ends for straight hair with layers
Instagram @juliannaortega.hair

#37: Longer Step Cut with Curled Ends for Straight Hair with Layers

Wear the very trendy long step layers with curled ends for a soft dimensional look. Wavy and curly ends create more depth and enhance the effect with the shorter layers on your long hair.

#38: Silky Long Layered Ombre Hair

If you’re thinking about ombres right now, consider a blonde ombre! This look works better if you have thick hair, won’t need much volume for it to look stunning.

long waist length long cut for straight hair
Instagram @anna__ujina

#39: Gorgeously Waist-Length for Straight Hair

Waist-length hair with long layers is an eye-catching look. With blonde highlights perfectly placed around your face to soften a sharp jawline.

#40: Beautiful for Straight Fine Hair

The most attractive way to wear long jet black hair is to simply wear it in layers. These gorgeous subtle layers can soften angular facial features and add interest to the choppy ends.

Blunt Cut with a Middle Part on Straight Long Hair
Instagram @igorkhonin

#41: Blunt Cut with a Middle Part

A blunt cut with a middle part is a high-class style. It tends to be dull and lifeless. By adding a middle part and smoothing your hair, the blunt cut gives you major definition.

Straight V-Cut for Black Women with Long Straight Hair
Instagram @kaaatwalk

#42: Straight V Cut for Black Women

Opt for sleekness, healthiness, and shine. Lightly styling your hair off the neck and back will prevent your hair from reverting back to its natural state. Also, comb and wrap your hair in a beehive at night to preserve the style until shampooing.

#43: A Simple Long Straight Ponytail

A simple ponytail is a beautiful, classic hairstyle. A hairstyle like this can easily be dressed up with business attire or dressed down for a casual day out.

#44: Cute Angled Cut with Long Side Bangs

A cute angled cut with long side bangs  is perfect if you love versatility. This hairstyle is also low-maintenance due to texturizing, which removes weight and length.

#45: Amazing Long Layering

Long layering will create a nice face-framing effect. It suits women with an oval or round face shape. A blend of warm and cool tones gives a sun-kissed effect, adding a lot of volume and glamour to your hair.

dark brown long layered haircut with a bright balayage
Instagram @presleypoe

#46: Dark Brown Long Layered Haircut with a Bright Balayage

Opt for a long layered hair cut with a bright balayage with square layers on top, this will give beautiful movement, it is also versatile and low-maintenance. It looks beautiful straight, blown out with body, or curled. This cut is great for women with long hair of any texture.

sleek face-framing long layers with dark brunette roots style
Instagram @williammleite

#47: Sleek Face-Framing Long Layers with Dark Brunette Roots Style

Any haircut can be amped up when several round shapes come together to create the overall style. The face-framing layers give the overall cut another stylish element. This cut works best on women with medium texture, and long, straight tresses.

#48: Rooted Platinum Blonde

A rooted platinum blonde is a beautiful style on long straight hair. The rooted color gives you a more lived-in style and allows for fewer appointments. This long straight hair color and cut make styling effortless.

Perfect Face-Framing Long Straight Hair
Instagram @igorkhonin

#49: Perfect Face-Framing Long Straight Hair

The perfect face-framing is easy to achieve by adding a lighter color around your face. This hair can be very elegant if given highlights and a beautiful, silky, sleek look. To style, be sure to blow-dry downward to avoid any major flyaways and use heat protectants and a shine spray after.

Long & Straight Chocolate Brown Color Melt
Instagram @hair.love.stories

#50: Long & Straight Chocolate Brown Color Melt

Consider a long and straight chocolate brown color melt if you’re in need of richness. To style your long straight hair, try the Aveda Smooth Infusion line for a sleek finish and shine.

Soft Creamy Blonde on Long Straight Hair
Instagram @hairby.breanne

#51: Soft Creamy Blonde on Long Straight Hair

Consider a soft creamy blonde on long straight hair for dimension. A long, blunt haircut can suit just about any face shape and create the appearance of fullness when styled straight. Always spritz in a leave-in with keratin for protection against heat damage before styling.