26 Easy Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair

Long straight haircuts

Hairstyles for long hair that’s straight are absolutely gorgeous when worn sleek and healthy. Take your long, straight hair to the next level by adding sweet layers, side bangs, subtle texture, or pull it back into a stunning updo.

Adding even just a slight change to your straight locks has the ability to take it from every day to intriguing! Take a look at some of our favorite long straight hairstyles for this year! Embrace your long straight hair and start polishing up your look with one of the amazing hairstyles shown here. Brush up on your blow drying and flat ironing skills too and you’ll be good to go!

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of hairstyles for long straight hair.

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Cool Caramel Highlights for Long Hair with Waves

Cool Caramel Highlights for Long Hair
Instagram @holly_hmb

The best haircut for long straight is one with long curtain bangs and waves. When combines with dark brunette shades like caramel, these lovely warm honey pieces do greatly on lightening the whole look and providing contrast for movement. Styling with waves can enhance these effects beautifully.

Feathered Layers for Straight Long Hair

Feathered Layers for Straight Long Hair
Instagram @peytonic_hair

Great hair is all about freshly cut soft and face-framing pieces and slight wave. Notice how effectively these long straight strands shape the face for a longer and brighter appearance.

Stylish Long Choppy Layers with Bangs for Straight Hair

Stylish Long Choppy Layers with Bangs for Straight Hair
Instagram @loraieshute

An exquisite layered long straight cut with a full fringe makes the front of your face appear slightly longer and oval. Perfect if you have a round or short face and still want a straight bang. Long haircuts for women like this choppy layered cut are super versatile.

Modern Straight Long Bob Hairstyle

Modern Straight Long Bob
Instagram @amandaraney_hair

This is a super trendy straight hairstyle for long hair when you combine a metallic rose gold with the ever so classic lob. Hairstyles for long straight hair are so versatile that any woman can own it no matter the skin tone or face shape.

Straight Textured Layers with Blunt Bangs on Long Hair

Straight Textured Layers with Blunt Bangs on Long Hair
Instagram @alimackenziehair

This fresh straight haircut for long hair with bangs complements these lengths without getting too heavy and provides just the right amount of fullness to the whole shag look. It’s a perfect yet simple long cut for oval faces.

Long Layers for Women with Straight Hair

Long Layers for Women with Straight Hair 
Instagram @salon_sessions

Long straight hair with long layers is a gorgeous combination. Add in bangs for better face-framing.

Longer Step Cut with Curled Ends for Straight Hair with Layers

Trendy Longer Step Cut for Straight Hair
Instagram @salonno1coiffure

Wear the very trendy sombre with long step layers with curled ends like these for a soft dimensional look. Wavy ends create more depth and enhance the ombre effect of this straight hairstyle on long hair with shorter layers.

Perfect Straightened Cut for Long Thin Hair

Perfect Straightened Cut for Long Thin Hair
Instagram @drycutter_90degrees

Most of the time, it’s almost perfect to just let long straight hair that’s thin do its thing. Straight hairstyles for long hair work best if it’s amazingly shiny, so better use the best flat iron even when you’re naturally straight.

Silky Long Layered Ombre Hair

Silky Long Layered Ombre Hair
Instagram @beautybyalasia

Purple is one of the hottest among fashion color ombres right now. An ombre on straight long hair works better if you have thick hair that won’t need much volume to look stunning.

Gorgeously Long Waist Length Long Cut for Straight Hair

Gorgeously Long Waist Length Cut for Straight Hair
Instagram @andreasanastasis

There’s a lot going on with this wonderfully done waist-length hair with long layers, and we’re loving all of them! The mixture of blonde and orange highlights perfectly placed around the face softens her sharp jawline.

Beautiful Long Hair Cut for Straight Fine Hair

Beautiful Long Hair Cut for Straight Fine Hair
Instagram @jennicanisa_

The most attractive way to wear long jet black hair is to simply have it in layers. These gorgeous subtle layers can soften angular facial features and add interest to the choppy ends.

Blunt Cut with a Middle Part on Straight Long Hair

Blunt Cut with a Middle Part on Straight Long Hair
Instagram @haerinlee1010

This is a soft blunt haircut with a center part styled smoothly for a natural fall on long straight hair. “The greatest thing about it is the soft edges which still look blunt, sharp, and fresh-looking but natural at the same time,” says hairstylist Hae Rin Lee of Auckland Central, New Zealand.

This long hairstyle for straight hair can be worn by any woman with any face shape. A quick blast dry with a paddle brush is all you need to style your hair straight. “Tame frizz with emulsion/lotion on damp hair and few drops of shine serum to finish,” adds Hae.

This blunt cut style is ideal for women with fine hair that always just hangs, and who is willing to have some kind of style without any layers or looking heavy.

Straight V Cut for Black Women with Long Straight Hair

Straight V-Cut for Black Women with Long Straight Hair
Instagram @kaaatwalk

There’s sleekness, healthiness, and shine in this straight haircut for long hair that was created by stylist and salon owner Kelly Walker of Virginia Beach, VA.

“Lightly style the hair off the neck and back to prevent the natural hair from reverting, meaning curling up in its natural state,” adds Walker. “Also, comb and wrap the hair in a beehive at night to preserve the straight style until shampooing.”

A Simple Long Straight Ponytail

A Simple Long Straight Ponytail
Instagram @iamtatyanab

This sleek, straight ponytail on long hair was created by freelance stylist Tatyana Byrdsong of Brooklyn, NY.

“Get great products that’ll give you a long-lasting hold and shine,” says Byrdsong. “There are so many different hair types and products out there, so use what best works for your texture.”

Also, maintenance is a must. Don’t be scared to tie your hair down or in some cases wrap it up into a high ponytail to let the products set in. If you do that before finishing your long tresses, you’ll achieve the best results!

Cute Angled Cut with Long Side Bangs for Straight Hair

Cute Angled Cut with Long Side Bangs for Straight Hair
Instagram @_katbeebeauty_

Professional stylist Katie Bunnell of Carlsbad, CA created this cute angled cut with long side bangs for straight hair. “The long straight hair style is smooth and polished with a soft braid to show off the dimension,” she says.

The cut is a round shape with long layers (and a bit of texturizing) which is a conservative option if your natural texture is actually quite wavy and extremely thick.

“For face shape, the only face shape that would not benefit from this cut is an extremely elongated one since the long length would only amplify that,” explains Bunnell. “A long haircut with bangs for straight hair is a low maintenance cut.”

Blonde Long Hair with Long Layers Hairstyles

Blonde Long Hair with Long Layers
Instagram @sorianostyling

“This blonde long hair with long layers is silky and healthy,” describes traveling hairstylist Vanessa Soriano of Los Angeles, CA.

“Use professional hair care products at home to keep the long layers straight hair as healthy as possible,” says Soriano. “If you use any hot tools on straight long hair, do not forget to use hair masks or a thermal protectant.”

Additionally, try to use a deep conditioner at least once a week to keep your very long hair feeling soft, silky, and healthy!

Long Warm Champagne Pop Layering for Straight Hair

Long Warm Champagne Pop Layering for Straight Hair
Instagram @hairsby_lo

“This is a warm champagne pop with lots of face-framing layers to really open up the face and add texture to the cut,” explains hairstylist Lauren Bennett of Warrenton, VA.

Long straight haircuts are very easy to maintain. The layers around the face make for a textured, yet simple long straight hairstyle.

“First, consider the texture and integrity of your hair if you are considering long straight hairstyles,” she adds. “If you want something simple and easy to maintain, a gloss is perfect for you. It can re-tone and brighten an old, washed out golden color and add shine to smooth out the cuticle of the hair.”

Natural Blended Balayage on Long Straight Hair

Hairstylist Kendra Vanderlugt of Palm Beach Gardens, FL created this very natural blended brown balayage on long straight hair. “This long straight cut is very easy to maintain,” she adds.

If you’re looking for something low maintenance and easy to maintain and style, this long straight hairstyle is for you. Use a smoothing serum at the end to control your flyaways.

Dark Brown Long Layered Haircut with Balayage

Dark Brown Long Layered Haircut with Balayage
Instagram @ginarizzohair

This long layered haircut with balayage was created by stylist Gina Rizzo of Ridgewood, NJ. “The sides are layered and the back of the hair was cut in vertical sections,” she explains. “Doing so elevated the hair to a 45-degree angle. Then, using the shortest layer as a guide, the top was cut at a 90-degree angle. The square layers on top give the hair beautiful movement.”

This cut on long and straight hair is versatile and low maintenance. It looks beautiful straight, blown out with body, or curled. This cut is great for women with long hair of any texture. It’s low maintenance, yet gives the hair a great style.

When it comes to styling, Rizzo says, “blow dry hair in sections with a large round brush using a smoothing blow dry cream or volumizing mousse. Exact product use will vary depending on the hair type and desired outcome.”

Sleek Face Framing Long Layers with Dark Brunette Roots Style

“The goal of this cut was round layers,” explains cosmetologist Will Burkowske of Los Alamitos, CA. “This long haircut is fun because there are several round shapes coming together to create the overall style.”

Will goes on to explain, “place a rounded perimeter to begin the cut. Then add the round layers. Finally, the face-framing layers were added and styled round, giving the overall cut another stylish element. This cut works best on women with straight, medium texture hair.”

This haircut, in particular, is a great cut for long, straight tresses. The rounded elements accentuate the hair type. If you have an oval face shape, it compliments the cut.

This is a great cut for a woman who doesn’t mind a little styling by creating some bend on the ends and some swooping movement back for the face framing. High Dive by R+Co is a great moisture and shine cream that gives styles like this a sleek finish.

Rooted Platinum Blonde on Long Straight Hair

Rooted Platinum Blonde on Long Straight Hair
Instagram @jenghair

This is a rooted platinum blonde with icy hues. “This long straight hair color and cut can have that bright striking blonde highlights we all love, with a soft and easy grow out,” says style creator Jennifer Griffiths of Mission Viejo, CA.

“Try Fanola’s No Yellow purple shampoo if you’re blonde for at-home color maintenance along with other professional hair care products. Try Elixir Ultime Serum by Kerastase to style long hairstyles for women,” she adds.

Movement with Long Layers on Straight Hair

“This straight layered haircut for long hair allows you to maintain the long length of your hair at the perimeter, but still create movement with longer layers throughout the interior of the haircut,” says licensed cosmetologist Emma Geiger of Minneapolis, MN.

Don’t you love the face-framing that opens up the facial features and complements the face shape?

This haircut on long, straight hair would work well for women with a versatile lifestyle. You can wear this hair up, blow it out, or let it air dry. It’s the perfect style for a night out, prom, work events, or even a wedding. There are many options!

For this particular style, Geiger recommends you use Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep and Aveda Confixor Liquid Gel “to maintain a frizz-free hold.” She adds, “then use boar bristle round brushes for a round brush hard set. Once the curls cool, remove the brushes and twist out the hair to form the bouncy movement shown in the photo. Finish it off with some Air hairspray for a soft hold throughout and to control any flyaways.”

Effortless Long Straight Layering

“The long straight layering is effortless. To brighten up your long locks and get a cut/style that gives you styling options,” says hairstylist Amanda Nicole of San Antonio, TX.

“As long as you have a thermal protective spray (any professional brand), Quick Slip (Paul Mitchell), a serum/gloss for extra shine (for the final touches), and the help of a blow dryer and flat iron, then you can maintain and recreate this long layered straight hair,” she adds.

All women can pull off this cut and layered hairstyle, but the color is maintenance. Expect to spend time in the salon every six to eight weeks.

Perfect Face-Framing Long Straight Hair

Perfect Face-Framing Long Straight Hair
Instagram @smokinhothair2

“This perfect face-framing long straight hair is for women who want a low maintenance cut,” advises hairstylist Michelle Wade of Las Vegas, NV.

Try Enjoy’s shaping lotion while the hair is still damp. Then use a blow dryer to create the style. It’s very easy to style on your own.

“This cut is ideal for women that have medium to longer hair, as well as women who don’t want too much maintenance. It doesn’t require a ton to recreate this long straight hair once out of the stylist’s chair,” adds Wade.

Long & Straight Chocolate Brown Color Melt

Long & Straight Chocolate Brown Color Melt
Instagram @tanglez_austin_alisha

This long and straight color melt was created by hairstylist Alisha Repich of Austin, TX. It’s a great fall hairstyle and is ideal for women tired of having new growth from the highlights growing out.

“This long straight hair is great for just about all women who like beautiful hair color,” she adds. “It looks best on shoulder-length, waist length, and longer hair. It’s also great for women who have overprocessed their hair and need to give their hair a break from highlighting for a while.”

Soft Creamy Blonde on Long Straight Hair

Soft Creamy Blonde on Long Straight Hair
Instagram @kaleenahair

This is a soft creamy blonde on long straight hair with a timeless solid haircut. It was created by senior stylist Kaleena Steinback of Clontarf, QLD.

“To recreate haircuts for long straight hair, prep the hair with Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep and Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair. Finish this style with Light Elements Smoothing Fluid for a sleek and shiny finish,” adds Steinback.