34 Most Flattering Long Hairstyles for Round Faces

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Longer hair is flirty and feminine and can be worn up or down in various ways. Women with round faces can still pull off longer hair with the right cut and styling. Below, you’ll find some of the best long hairstyles that slim round faces and enhance some of your best facial features.

Long Jet-Black Healthy Hairstyle for a Round Face
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#1: Long Jet-Black Hair with Face-Framing Layers

Try a hairstyle that features long, jet-black, healthy hair! The look of long, healthy hair is a classic. It pairs beautifully with a rich, shiny black hair dye, but only on a suitable skin tone. Remember to be cautious when considering permanent black hair dye. You might find a semi-permanent hair color preferable as it fades over time and offers greater flexibility for future hair color changes. Consider the fact that transitioning from permanent black hair dye could take longer and risk harming your hair.

bouncy layers for round faces
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#2: Bouncy Layers

If you are considering this look, ensure you have enough hair to accommodate the weight removal needed to create all the various layers in this swelling technique. This cut works best for women with dense hair and a round face shape.

Amazing Long Blowout with Blonde Highlights for Round Faces
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#3: Amazing Blowout with Blonde Highlights

An amazing blowout with blonde highlights is currently the vibe. An easy way to get an effortless-looking blowout is using Velcro or hot rollers. Both options are for dry hair, but with velcro rollers, your hair can be damp or 95% dry. Start with the sections on the top of your head. Roll those back. The side and back can be rolled down or vertically, depending on what look you’re going for. Down will give you more volume, and vertically will give you more springy curls. If you can remember to preheat your hot rollers, they will work their best. Just let them cool before you remove the rollers. Finish with a light anti-humectant hairspray, and you’re set for the day.

Longer textured hair with curtain bangs on a round face
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#4: Longer Textured Hair with Curtain Bangs

I love to think of this style as the modern-day version of a long layered cut with added long curtain bangs. Try asking your stylist to keep the brightness around your face by adding babylights near the front hairline – similar to where young girls have their particularly blonde natural “sunlights.” Highlighting these areas on any natural blonde is a popular coloring technique.

long modern shag with curtain bangs for round faces

#5 Long Modern Shag with Curtain Bangs

This look is a long modern shag with soft blonde waves and a short curtain fringe. I love the effortless style this look provides. It complements any texture and is customizable to fit a round face shape. A shag is perfect for anyone who desires a low-maintenance, modern silhouette. I recommend using products that enhance natural texture while controlling frizz, such as Aveda’s Nourishing Styling Creme.

classic long hairstyle with beach wave texture for round face shapes

#6 Classic Long Hairstyle with Beach Wave Texture

Opt for a classic long hairstyle with texture and movement. Use a heat-protecting product before smoothing the ends. Add Loreal Hollywood Waves Siren Waves on dry hair, then use a 1-1/2 inch curling iron to create soft beach waves, alternating the direction of each curl. Next, use Loreal Next Day Hair generously to create the textured look. Finish with a small dab of Loreal Mythic Oil to create separation on the ends. This haircut works well on medium to thick hair and for women who like natural soft texture and movement.

Middle Part Long Blowout for a Round Face
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#7: Middle Part Long Blowout

Balance your face shape with a matching center part! Such long haircuts for round faces are simple yet effective in making you look cute all day!

#8: Long Barbie Blonde Balayage Hair

The long, Barbie-blonde balayage hair offers the perfect bright blonde color often associated with Barbie. This style captures the perfect summer vibe. A striking blonde color of this sort matches well with a contrasting ‘money piece’ of color around the hairline. The benefits of a ‘money piece’ include longevity of the color and brightness around your face.

#9: Lived-In Long Layers and Curtain Bangs

Lived-in long layers paired with curtain bangs is a fun take on a traditional 70s-inspired hairstyle. Round faces can easily lose definition. By adding a soft curtain bang around the cheekbones, you can immediately create more definition in your face shape. This is a wonderful hairstyle for someone with natural texture or waves in their hair. If you want a soft, weightless hold with definition, use a soft sea salt spray like Rabbit Brush Goods Shag Spray on your hair.

#10: Long Dark Straight Hair with a Middle Part

Long dark straight hair with a middle part looks great on round face shapes! The middle part emphasizes the balance in your face, reducing unappealing angles. Also, the dark color makes round parts of the face appear slimmer and toned.

Long Fine Hair with a Middle Part for Women with Round Faces
Instagram @nothingobvious

#11: Long Fine Hair with a Middle Part

Ask about a long fine hairstyle with a middle part. Long hair can be tailored to bring out your natural texture and features. Round faces can be balanced with some long face-framing curtain bangs. You could style a long haircut for round face shapes with a fringe, curling it away from the face to frame it. This will create balance by bringing out the eyes and cheekbones.

#12: Long Dirty Blonde Balayage with a Side Part

Try a dirty blonde balayage with a side part! You don’t have to have lots of hair to achieve this look. Such long haircuts for round face shapes are versatile on thick or fine hair.

#13: Sleek Long Blonde Hair Without Bangs

Long blonde hair without bangs is best for showing off all the hard work you put into growing your long locks. To maintain the health of your hair, leave your favorite salon with a shampoo and conditioner set. It can be prescribed for your hair texture. You’ll need a leave-in heat protectant like Eleven’s Miracle Hair Treatment and a mask to use once or twice a week!

#14: Super Sleek Hair with Longer Bangs

This haircut for round face shapes is a polished shag. It has the same layering pattern and fringe as a shag but is cleaner and longer. My favorite thing about this is the fringe. I love how it frames her face and allows her to wear it straight across or parted for a more casual look.

#15: Gorgeous Long Hair with a Bright Money Piece

Upgrade your gorgeous long hair with a bright money piece to bring the summer into your hair without bleaching it too much. The blonde money piece and some lightness at the bottom of your hair can still leave you a brunette but will create more playfulness and a bit of change.

Long Bronde with a Center Part for Round Faces
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#16: Long Bronde with a Center Part

Freshen up your color with a long bronde with a center part. If you choose a softer, warm brown-blonde color, this is ideal for maintaining the hair’s health. Rich in gold and red-brown, going for the right tone is important and can enhance your features. This color will grow out nicely. So, you’ll have to be in the chair every 8-10 weeks. That way, you don’t have to get your color touched up as frequently.

Loose Curls with Side Bangs for Round Faces
Instagram @sheila_essenza

#17: Loose Curls with Side Bangs

It’s soft, romantic, modern, and flattering for many face shapes and hair types. This beautiful style transforms into a timeless classic with the right combination of product, curl, volume, and pinning. I love how the color accentuates the style, and the style accentuates the color.

Long Straight Hair with Long Layering for Round Faces
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#18: Long Straight Hair with Long Layering

This look is great for women who want lower-maintenance hair. This cut has many different versions, but it can be done on many different hair types. I recommend good hair care at home with a heat protectant and oil for moisturizing the ends to keep the integrity of the hair. Investing in a good shampoo and conditioner is also very important.

#19: Light Copper Long Hair with a Middle Part

Light copper long hair with a middle part is a gorgeous hairstyle that is very good for ladies with round face shapes. The face frame hides away a bit of the cheeks and jaws, making the face look narrower. The light copper color is often strawberry blonde and suits most skin tones – warm or cool.

Gorgeous Blonde Highlights on Dark Brown Long Hair for Round Faces
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#20: Gorgeous Blonde Highlights on Dark Brown Long Hair

Try blonde highlights on your dark brown long hair when you want to brighten up your hair color without an extreme change. Blond highlights are a subtle change that creates a big result and can be customized to suit your hair goals. The beauty of highlights is that they can be toned to work with any skin tone and can be changed up frequently simply by trying different toner formulas.

#21: Long Curtain Bangs and Dark Roots

Longer curtain bangs are a great way to tip-toe into bangs as they grow out easily and blend with the layering of the face frame. Curtain bangs will be cut at an angle and should be blow-dried back away from the face. Dark roots are done by painting highlights away from the roots or a root smudge over traditional highlights to create a seamless outgrowth.

long layered haircut for round face shapes
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#22: Long Layers

Rock out a flowing mane by taming it with multiple layering! Now you can enjoy being a long-haired gal with a multitude of styles that you can explore.

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#23: Brightening Layers

This is a long layered haircut. I love the depth at the roots and how the color fades and lightens around the face to brighten her complexion. The long layers help to wear it naturally without being too heavy.

#24: Effortless & Natural Beachy Look

Opt for an effortless, natural, beachy look. The highlights are placed to bring brightness and dimension to the natural hair color. The light pieces in the front pop and bring emphasis to the face, while the lightness at the bottom brings attention to the length. The best part about this look is the different layers of dimension with the color and the way the color flows. It makes the client shine, enhances her hair color, and adds texture to a simple style.

soft and natural layers
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#25: Soft & Natural Layers

Opt for a soft, natural look in layers. It’s perfect for those who want length and a “pow-wow” look! If you want a look that’s easy to maintain and looks good when it’s down or in a ponytail, this cut/style is for you. This look is also ideal for those who crave movement in their hair but want to maintain the length. When creating this look for a client with a round face, the layers in front should start a few centimeters below the chin.

#26: Softer Upkeep

This is for a client who loves to be blonde but wants softer upkeep, or lower maintenance grow out. I love the long curtain bangs for any round face shape, and the fun part is changing the length to customize the cut. We kept the bang longer for this look because of her round shape, so she can flip from side to center part when necessary! This look was styled with Arrojo Styling Whip, Set and Style Spray, Working Spray, and a Bionic 1 1/4-inch curling iron.

Long Natural Waves with Swoop Bangs for Round Faces
Instagram @ashl33beauty

#27: Natural Waves with Swoop Bangs

This is a long layered with a swept bang. I love how it balances out her face shape. On a fuller face, having a bit of height at the top and fullness near the temples balances out the fullness in the cheeks and jawline. The swept bang (as opposed to a traditional bang that lays fully across the forehead) leaves an opening that adds length to the face, giving the rounder face more of a diamond silhouette. The waves moving away from the face add body and softness to the look. It’s modern and romantic at the same time.

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long ways with long bangs hairstyle for rounder faces
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#28: Long Waves with Long Bangs

Opt for a lengthy and shaggy cut with fringe! This hair fits perfectly on girls with soft facial angles and a cute smile.

low-maintenance layers
Instagram @nothingobvious

#29: Low-Maintenance Layers

Opt for long layers and longer face-framing. It looks great on girls with very long hair. Girls with curly/wavy hair will like this style because it is so low-maintenance. The hair will look light at the bottom. Instead, it will be moving in more defined waves/curls. When they want to air dry their beautiful locks, some hair oil or cream for curl/texture (or even a salt spray) will be a great styling product.

Long hair with face-framing bangs for round faces
Instagram @randa.rivera

#30: Shorter Face Frame

This long shag with bangs is very trendy right now. The shorter face frame in the front helps open everything up and looks more movement. Given the varying lengths throughout the cut, I recommend it to anyone naturally with wavy hair. Use a leave-in conditioner and argan oil when the hair is wet and a styling paste after the hair is dry for hold.

#31: Sunkissed Long Layers

This long layered cut with rooty balayage highlights beautifully frames the face and is a great way to create an optical illusion with any face shape. The dimension the highlights give against a darker base can help “contour” the face by drawing attention to areas with lighter pieces and creating shadows in other areas to give depth.

long shag razor cut for round face shapes
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#32: Long Shag Razor Cut

A long, razored shag cut is especially flattering for round face shapes. When using a razor to cut hair, your stylist can create a seamless blend from layer to layer, adding major volume and a ton of texture. This balance of bounce and blending is the ultimate compliment. The softer edges around the face also erase harsh lines that clash with round shapes.

middle-parted shag for long hair
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#33: Middle-Parted Shag for Long Hair

Try a middle-parted shag for long hair if you have a square or round face and want to elongate facial features. Shag layers are versatile and can be customized for any face shape to bring it to the ideal oval face shape. Shag haircuts are great low-maintenance hairstyles because they play into messy texture and a more ‘lived-in’ style.

long blonde wavy hair for round faces
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#34: Long Blonde Wavy Hair

Long blonde wavy hair will help elongate and balance a round face. Round face shapes need length in their cuts to balance the appearance, so keeping face-framing longer and minimal will prevent the face from looking wide.