The Top 56 Hairstyles for Long Blonde Hair in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

We all have our favorite blonde: a friend, celebrity, or maybe it’s YOU! We have put together our top favorite shades of long blonde hairstyles to inspire your next bombshell look. Thinking blonde but don’t want the commitment? Ask your stylist to pop in a few ‘blondies’ to lighten up!

Before your next hair appointment, check out these pictures of hairstyles for long blonde hair.

Buttery Golden Blonde on a Long Straight Cut
Instagram @kai.privatehairdressing

#1: Buttery Golden Blonde on a Straight Cut

It’s a rich buttery golden blonde balayage – a light brown root color blended with baby lights and balayage to create a seamless appearance from top to bottom. There’s a rich tonality and dimension to the long blonde hair. It gives you the ability to wear it naturally straight or curl it, and the color will just pop.

Long golden blonde hair color

#2 Lived-In Golden Blonde Layered Hair

For this color, you’ll want to find yourself a colorist who specializes in blondes. Gone are days of mass foil highlights that deliver an unnatural, stripe-like style. Today, women want brighter and softer but natural blonde hair, much like the natural highlights given to a little girl by the sun in summer. If you not only want a soft and creamy blonde and grey coverage, opt for this long blonde hair.

long layers on blonde hair

#3 Long Layers on Blonde Hair

A hairstyle that suits your bright golden blonde! Babylights and balayage do the job together so you can spruce up your long layers. Loose waves create a flow that looks effortless throughout the day.

#4: Muted and Dusty Long Hair

Dusty, muted blonde is a good choice if you want to reduce the warm undertones in your highlights. Ask your stylist to decrease the intensity of the blonde to minimize any warm or brassy tones. Remember to use a shampoo and conditioner made specifically for color-treated hair. An example is the Minu Shampoo and Conditioner by Davines.

Waist-Length Blonde Beach Curls Inspired by 80s Look
Instagram @hairby.chloecr

#5: Waist-Length Blonde Beach Curls

Ask for an 80s-inspired waist-length blonde bleach with curls. This is it if you’re looking for that mermaid hair from the movie Splash. An overall highlighted blonde with waves for days. Using texture products like Cult + King Set Spray and Jelly, you will set the hair with products for hold. While the hair is still damp with products, use 1 1/2-inch foam rollers. Roll them up in the hair and twist them to close. Once dry, you can remove and brush them out for a soft effect.

Long Blonde Color Combo with Added Length
Instagram @abhairography

#6: Color Combo with Added Length

If you are inspired by the dimensional look of warm blondes, you might want to consider this color combination with added length. When discussing with your stylist, it’s key to talk about the differences between cool and warm tones and what suits your skin tone, eyes, and overall style. You should also consider the possible effects of blonding services, such as hair damage. It’s essential to know how to maintain the health of your hair at home. You need to budget for a color-safe wash and condition system. Also, invest in a high-quality hair mask to use once a week.

Long Steel Blonde Tousled Hair
Instagram @ryu_blonde

#7: Long Steel Blonde Tousled Hair

If you love blonde hues but are looking for something more unique, you should try long steel blonde hair with a tousled finish.

Vanilla Blonde and Cappuccino Long Hair
Instagram @romeufelipe

#8: Vanilla and Cappuccino Long Hair

If you want a new color for your hair, try a vanilla and cappuccino mix. It gives a warm change. The strong light blonde and the deeper blonde pair well, giving your hair depth. Warmer tones also tend to make hair look shinier.

#9: Rooty Blonde Balayage

To create a rooted balayage for long hair, there are some simple steps. Long hair looks great with a balayage that has a bold focus of blonde through the mid-lengths and ends. To get such a look, doing a foilyage is an effective way to create bold blonde. Finish your color session by applying a level 5 or 6 root tap, for a rooted look. The remaining gloss color should be chosen based on your desired result.

Barbie Blonde with Root Shadow and Long Waves
Instagram @joshleehair

#10: Barbie Blonde with Root Shadow

A style known as Barbie blonde also includes a root shadow effect. Applying a bold and beautiful balayage technique to crochet pieces, combined with color glossing and a root shadow effect, will create a stunning blend of bright blonde tones in your hair.

Very Long Blonde Fine Hair with Thin Ends
Instagram @eunicekimhair

#11: Very Long Blonde Fine Hair with Thin Ends

Consider a blonde hair color for long, fine hair and thin ends. If you want a beach wave style similar to Barbie’s, look no further. A darker shade of blonde at the hair roots will provide depth and a slight contrast with bright, highlighted hair ends. Your hair will appear fuller at the roots while maintaining movement and texture at the finer ends.

#12: Long Blonde Balayage with Blunt Ends

This long blonde balayage with blunt ends is a chic and versatile hairstyle that will give you dimension to your look. The balayage technique gives it a seamless blend of blonde tones. The blunt ends provide a clean and polished finish. This hairstyle works well for those who want to keep their hair long but also desire freshness.

#13: Long Blonde Feathered Haircut

long feathered haircut is a timeless trend that can also be called a butterfly cut. This will give you a lot of facial framing layers that may blend in with layers all around. Or, they could be kept just around the face blending into the length. With thicker hair, more layers will lighten up your hair. Thinner hair will be fuller if left with a blunt perimeter and less layers in the back.

#14: Effortless Long Textured Blonde Hair

Long hair can be effortless with the right cut. Try asking for a blunt cut with shear shattering throughout the ends for some texture. This technique works well on natural blonde hair that tends to be fine textured. You don’t have to overthink the cut. Sometimes it’s super simple to apply basic techniques for high-end results.

#15: Long Layered Blonde Balayage Hair

This long layered blonde balayage hair is the definition of beauty and fashion. The layered chop, the wavy style, and the bright blonde hue—all work together hand in hand. It’s matched with a shadow root, so it’s easier to manage. To keep its shine, wash the colored hair with purple shampoo.

#16: Dark Blonde Long Hair with Curled Ends

Dark blonde hair with curled ends is always in style. Show your stylist some reference photos for placement. Ask for them to mix a toner that suits your skin tone and style. For at-home maintenance, make sure you are masking your hair at least once a week. It will keep those pre-lightened locks healthy. Use a heat protectant on those days you want to throw a curl in your hair.

#17: Long Balayage Waves

Blonde hair is beautiful. Clients always ask me about going blonde and I always tell them the same thing. If your hair is dark to begin with, you should be cautious of going this light. Unless you are someone who doesn’t mind hair maintenance. This color requires monthly salon visits to keep from turning brassy.

#18: Side-Swept Style for Long Hair

Show off your buttery soft locks with a side-swept style for blonde hair. In my personal opinion, a long blonde, when done right, can be very low-maintenance. You must keep the root defused for a soft and subtle grow-out that will look good for months. Pair with a side-swept part for added volume and body around your face, and a fuller-looking appearance.

Warm Blonde Long Hairstyle with Soft Waves
Instagram @anhcotran

#19: Warm Blonde Hairstyle with Soft Waves

A warm blonde hairstyle with soft waves is best suited for an oval face shape. A very natural hue of blonde can be a low-maintenance color for a natural medium blonde base. To achieve this, you might want to ask your stylist to throw in some babylights. They will give your blonde a nice blended overall warm look. Take your wand and wrap your hair away from your face and alternating curls throughout your head. Then, spray with the Orbie dry texture spray.

#20: Long Hair with Curled Ends

Curled ends create a chic and flirty finish. To achieve this luxurious look, don’t forget your heat protectant. Blonde hair is one of the most fragile shades. That means it needs a lot of tender, loving care if you want to maintain its healthy shine. I like to tell my clients to use heat protectants. Since every product line carries a heat protectant and the options can become a bit overwhelming, ask your stylist which one they recommend.

#21: Long Medium Blonde Hairstyle with Longer Bangs

When trying to manage your hair, the best way to get a low-maintenance hairstyle is to aim for a cut with longer bangs. This color choice won’t demand constant salon maintenance. Plus, longer bangs can easily grow into face-framing.

Messy Long Blonde Waves for Women
Instagram @jobosco

#22: Messy Long Blonde Waves

You’ll get lots of attention when wearing messy long blonde waves. To achieve beautiful blonde color, your best bet is to have your stylist foil your highlights. Foiling maintains the integrity of your hair. Plus, it enables your colorist to apply the color exactly where it’s needed. Aim to visit your salon about every 8-10 weeks for maintenance. Your long blonde waves can be created with a 1-inch iron, or hot rollers if you want more volume.

#23: Sleek Long Blonde Fine Hair

Sleek long blonde fine hair, never seems to go out of style no matter how much all other trends evolve. Keep in mind, that this specific type of blonding, which we refer to as global, is very high maintenance and can become very expensive over time.

#24: Long Blonde Thin Hair

You should try a hairstyle with light face-framing layers on thin hair. One of the easiest ways to get fullness is by cutting a blunt cut with minimal layers and more of a bevel or light face-framing. By dyeing your hair you will create added texture to your hair cuticle which gives fine hair added volume and style manageability.

#25: Long Blonde Wavy Hairstyle

A long blonde wavy hairstyle has a vibrant color with a soft root melt to keep the grow-out natural.

#26: Straight Middle-Parted Blonde Hair

Try a middle part on straight blonde hair for a charming feel. If you can, try round brushing your hair straight then go back through with a flat iron to smooth out any frizz or flyaways. Using a styling cream and heat protectant helps to nourish your hair, too.

#27: Blonde Balayage with Long Curtain Bangs

Instantly glam up your blonde balayage by pairing it with curtain bangs. Look effortlessly chic and bring the focal point of your hair up to accentuating your cheekbones. Curtain bangs will soften your overall look while also adding structure to your haircut. Don’t forget to lock in your style with a touchable hairspray, such as Joico FlipTurn.

cool beach waves on long blonde locks
Instagram @tinabaybay

#28: Cool Beach Waves on Long Blonde Locks

Opt for cool beach waves to amp up long blonde locks with Bardot bangs. The longer the hair, the better the results. To style a gem like this, misting a sea salt spray is a must. That is how you can get those beautiful sultry sea salt waves.

Formal Updo with Curls for Long Hair
Instagram @blushandmane

#29: Formal Updo with Curls

This formal updo with loose curls for long fair hair is such a glorious masterpiece, perfect for occasions like a prom or wedding. The secret to its beauty lies in how textured and piece-y it turns out. The more tousled it is, the softer and more flawless it appears. This hairdo works more glorious with a beige blonde.

#30: Blonde Half Up Bun Hairdo

This blonde half-up bun hairdo is so elegant it can take your breath away! If you’re blessed with long and thick tresses, don’t hesitate to copy this trend. It’s easy! Grab your strands from the top area, twist them, and bring them all up into a bun. Use bobby pins to hold the style in place. For the finishing touch, don’t forget to add waves that can reinforce the color’s dimension.

beige blonde with long wavy hair
Instagram @hirohair

#31: Beige Blonde with Long Wavy Hair

You can achieve a warmed up look with a beige blonde ombre on your long hair and capture a shiny and sumptuous look that everyone wants this season. The darker blonde roots plus the big beachy waves create a whole new dimension to this long wavy hairstyle that is ideal for any type of hair.

#32: Silvery Blonde Hair with a Long Braided Ponytail

This very long silver-blonde hue is a bright blonde that catches the eyes of everyone. The fading process is irreversible and can be aggressive with long blonde streaks. Make sure your hair looks flawless by following your hair stylist’s advice.

#33: Long White Blonde Hairstyle

A long white blonde hairstyle is truly eye-catching and works beautifully on cooler skin tones. This blonde look is high maintenance and needs root touch-ups every 6 weeks. For lower maintenance of this shade, an option could be to highlight blonde hair and still achieve this tone with a little more dimension of your natural color.

#34: Caramel Blonde + Hair Long + Ombre Highlights

Combining caramel blonde ombre highlights creates a fun, elegant-looking style. The soft ombre gives a warm, sun-kissed result that works wonders on waves. It makes the perfect hairstyle with a chic and modern dimension for women. Time to boost your brown hair with these sweet caramel blonde highlights!

#35: Rose Gold Hair with Long Beachy Waves

An enhanced textured rose gold highlights on long, wavy blonde hair will please anyone this season! This cotton candy hue would suit anyone with a cold undertone and anyone willing to commit to the upkeep this enchanting hair needs.

#36: Champagne Blonde Waves for Long Hair

Champagne blonde waves have an ever-so-slight touch of coolness. When combining creamy undertones with your hairstyle, champagne blonde looks extremely shiny and tends to look best with pale skin with light eyes.

Long Platinum Blonde Hair
Instagram @queenkinghair

#37: Long Platinum Blonde Hair

Long platinum blonde hair looks best on ladies with cool skin tones. An all over blonde for long hair is gorgeous straight or wavy.

classic blonde highlights on long hair
Instagram @karihillhair

#38: Classic Blonde Highlights

Classic blonde highlights are a trend to go for when wanting hair with a chic dimension. This is one of the many ways to level up a typical haircut. The highlights balance out with the lowlights. Thus, allowing the mane to show movement and depth. To preserve the brightness of the blonde hue, wash the hair with purple shampoo once a week.

modern day chamomile blonde long hair
Instagram @maggiemh

#39: Modern-Day Chamomile Blonde Long Hair

An all-natural, modern-day long blonde hairstyle like this is to die for. You get the illusion of extremely blonde-looking hair because none of the ends are left untouched. It’s not low-maintenance because babylights were added with a fading out technique at the top to make it very natural looking.

#40: Long Neutral Ashy Blonde Balayage + Babylights

Go for a neutral ashy blonde balayage with babylights! A foilayage was used to create the color, which is just a combination of a full highlight and balayage. It’s the easiest way to brighten a woman up to give her long blonde hair dimension. This technique is great for color corrections because it works to break up an old color.

#41: Light Blonde Icing Balayage on Longer Hair

Long light blonde balayage is natural looking and a very low-maintenance color that can be tweaked and specially laid out for any woman with light blonde hair that’s long.

Long Ashy Blonde Waves
Instagram @ellihairsalon

#42: Long Ashy Blonde Waves

These long ashy blonde waves took effort and creativity. If you don’t want traditional highlighted blonde, but something close, ask for this color. You only need to go in for touch-ups every three to four months.

lived-in rooted long blonde hair
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#43: Lived-In Rooted Long Blonde Hair

This is a rooty, lived-in blonde with marshmallow, vanilla, and platinum blonde hair color tones. The subtle shadow root transitions to the bright blonde ends.

#44: Bright & Dimensional Sandy Blonde with Long Hair

This sandy long blonde hair is so soft and natural. It maintains its brightness while still having plenty of dimension. It’s hard to tell if you’re just naturally that blonde or if you’ve had it colored. This sandy blonde color is for the girl who hates her roots, who wants to be really bright and blonde, but is low maintenance and doesn’t want to be in the salon every six weeks.

#45: Modern Dirty Blonde with Long Hair

It’s also known as a lived-in blonde. Gone are the days when you put 1,000 back-to-back foils in someone’s head. Now it is all about the placement of the foils, where you put them, and why.

Healthy Ash Blonde Long Hair
Instagram @donyahairbody

#46: Healthy Ash Blonde Long Hair

This is a healthy ash blonde hair color. It’s not quite platinum hair, but still vibrant and beautiful. This blonde hair was achieved with very little damage. It will take several processes, but still, your hair will be healthier and blonder than ever. Being such a beautiful, ashy blonde can take a lot of maintenance. It has to be properly taken care of to keep it fresh and healthy once you leave the salon.

#47: Lived-In Center Parted Blonde Hair

A lived-in center-parted long-haired blonde gives a high maintenance color more longevity. The ultra modern shadow root doesn’t take away from the stunning brightness of the blonde. In fact, the contrast only brightens up the flawless long blonde tresses. Long blonde haircuts with a center part totally rock this lived-in look.

messy french vanilla long blonde with layers
Instagram @moxiepark

#48: Messy French Vanilla Long Blonde With Layers

Opt for a messy haircut that features long layers and a long fringe. In regards to the color, achieved was an effortless beachy blonde.  This blonde color is a French vanilla blonde that compliments fair skin.

long sleek straight blonde hair
Instagram @sacaumut

#49: Long + Sleek + Straight + Blonde

Do you have a thing about long straight blonde hair? If so, give this a burl! Allow your fine locks to grow until it reaches your chest. Play with a blonde hue for an appeal that will stand out.

blonde long hair with bangs hairstyle
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#50: Blonde + Long Hair with Bangs

Be the prettiest of them all, and pull off your blonde locks with a fringe! Level up your hairstyling game as you keep your long blonde hair with bangs and soft, subtle waves.

Beautiful Fishtail Braid for Long Hair

#51: Beautiful Fishtail Braid for Long Hair

This beautiful side-swept fishtail braid ponytail is a gem for long tresses. If the hair has a dimensional blonde, such an updo is ideal to accentuate the tones. Soften this beautiful fishtail braid by pulling out a few strands to loosen it.

face-framing long blonde layered hairstyle
Instagram @christifit_

#52: Face-Framing Long Blonde Layered Hair

What your pretty face needs are a cut and style to give it a much-needed emphasis. Try this face-framing layered hair, and draw so much attention. Full blonde highlights in this long hairstyle will complement your fair skin tone.

#53: Half Updo Hairstyle with Bangs

Do a half updo hairstyle with bangs if you’re looking for something that takes a few minutes to create. This easy-to-copy hairstyle offers a flirty vibe that suits soft blonde waves the most. It looks fun to wear—no doubt!

#54: Long Side-Swept Bangs Style for Blondes

These side-swept bangs, if partnered with layers, give women with long hair movement and volume. Enhance the style with subtle waves to accentuate the layers. The finish looks softer and chic on a creamy blonde shade. It’s so stunning that you’ll love it from the root down to the ends!

long curly dark blonde hair
Instagram @tomsmithhd

#55: Curly Dark Blonde Hair

Rock this dark curly blonde hair and appear as glamorous as ever! The beachy wave effect is easier to achieve with either a flat iron or a wand. Golden locks plus beachy, voluminous curls? The combo of waves and dark blonde makes an ideal and dreamy finish for stylish ladies out there!

Waist Length Honey Blonde Hair
Instagram @shadebalayage

#56: Waist Length Honey Blonde Hair

This gorgeous waist-length honey blonde hair offers versatility. It works on either a sleek, straight style or voluminous, wavy hair. With its amazing color, waves work better to show off the dimension. The pops of color make it ideal for lighter and olive skin tones.