Top 51 Long Wavy Hair Ideas Trending in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Long wavy hair is attractive right now, so grab your curling iron or deep waver to create some fun hairstyles that look great for any season! Long waves can easily be created by simply brushing through larger curls.

These soft tendrils of hair are very complimentary to every face shape so there is sure to be a style you can pull off and make your own. Peep these extra pretty, long wavy hairstyles for a little inspiration! If you don’t have naturally curly hair, creating long wavy hairstyles is easy with curling irons, flat irons, and the traditional rollers.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of long wavy hair ideas:

Gorgeous Wavy Long Hairstyle
Instagram @romeufelipe

#1: Gorgeous Wavy Hair

These elegant, luscious blonde waves are totally do-able and look good any season. A graceful yet flirty hairstyle that suits any hair type and face shape added with some layers to create movement on those locks.

Lovely Layered Long Wavy Hair

#2 Lovely Layered Long Hair

Give your oh-so-beautiful long casual waves more volume by adding layers. Finish with a long choppy curtain fringe that looks best on long faces.

#3: Romantic S-Shaped Waves

The soft, “S”-shaped waves give this look an old Hollywood glam feel. The great thing about this look is its versatility. Virtually any length of hair can be set this way. For example, curling the hair in the front to sit on the face could highlight certain features such as cheekbones.

Giving the hair a good base with products and letting the curls set and cool in the position you want will give you the best longevity. Blow drying a mousse or a styling spray in before curling the hair will help the curls stay and not flatten out. After curling each section, you can lightly brush the curls into place and use a medium hairspray to define the bends in the hair.

Dimensional Copper Color Waves
Instagram @gdohair

#4: Dimensional Copper Color Waves

The copper beach waves give it effortless beauty for everyday wear, and the red color gives it the shine and sassiness many girls want. As far as the beach waves for long hair go, anyone can wear this look with the right products and tools. I used a 1 1/4-inch barrel curling iron and my favorite Bumble and Bumble products (Hairdresser Oil for shine and Spray De Mode for hold) to create these waves.

#5: Melted Ombre Auburn Waves

I would describe this look as a melted auburn balayage on soft waves. My favorite thing about these long, ombre waves is the subtle transition of colors. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where each color ends and the new one begins.

#6: Sassy Balayage Lived-In Waves

These lived-in waves have tousled curls and the curls complement the lived-in balayage. Consider this hair because it can suit any woman, whether the hair is short or long. Depending on the face shape, you may want some curls to fold toward the face or away.

Shiny Hollywood Waves for Long Wavy Hair
Instagram @ilonadajworska.hairstylist

#7: Shiny Hollywood Waves

This look is called Hollywood Waves or bridal waves. My favorite thing about it is how classic, clean, smooth, sleek, and shiny it is. My advice to women who want this look is to have long hair. Take very good care of your hair so it can be long and full, or purchase good quality hair extensions. All face shapes look fabulous with this full-bodied waves hairstyle. The products used to accomplish this look were Sebastian Fierce Hairspray and Kenra Ultimate Hold.

#8: Rose Gold Balayage Waves

Try a variant of blonde hair color with these wave patterns in rose gold balayage. This is perfect for anyone looking to add a fun pop of color without the commitment of a vivid color. You can get this simple yet vibrant color palette by first coloring your hair blonde. After that, add a simple toner on top for a pink shade and a champagne sheen.

#9: Long Wavy Ashy Blonde Hairstyle

Consider changing your long, wavy hair to an ashy blonde color. This blonde shade looks better if you like lighter colors next to your skin. The wavy style makes the ash blonde look beautiful and blends nicely with the light brown lowlights.

#10: Long Wavy Balayaged Hairstyle

For women who desire a stunning and versatile hairstyle, the long wavy balayaged hairstyle is the ideal option. This style shows off beautiful waves that fall along the hair length, emphasizing natural movement and depth. Request the balayage method for a sun-kissed hair effect and soft shade transitions. It’s perfect for those with long hair who want to make a statement yet maintain a natural and easy look. Start with damp hair to style this wavy balayage, and apply a texturizing spray to intensify the waves. Finally, use a finishing spray to secure the wavy balayage.

Heavy Straight Fringe for Long Wavy hair
Instagram @nothingobvious

#11: Heavy Straight Fringe

With a heavy, straight fringe, this haircut is perfect for women with long, wavy hair who want to add charm to their look. The straight fringe creates a bold statement, while the weight removed from the sides adds a softer and more subtle shag effect. This haircut works best for wavy hair, allowing the curls to maintain length and volume without appearing too “shrunken.” To style this look, it’s best to start with wet hair and apply a volumizing mousse to enhance the waves and create separation.

#12: Long Hair with Curled Waves

Long hair with curled waves is a style that adds a playful and feminine touch to your look, giving it volume and movement. Maintenance is crucial to keep this style looking its best. If you wish to keep it, ensure that your hair length and effortless curls are maintained. To get this look, begin with wet hair. Apply a volumizing mousse to help separate strands and promote curls.

#13: Long Curled Waves with a Side Part

Try to change your style with waves with a side part, as this hairstyle exudes effortless elegance. A side part adds an element of asymmetry, giving the look a touch of modernity. The long curled waves create softness and movement and add dimension and texture to the hair. This hairstyle works well for those with medium to long hair and natural curls or waves. By keeping the length, the curls are allowed to shine and not be weighed down. It will result in a more lightweight and airy effect.

#14: Long Dark Chocolate Hairstyle

Consider this long dark chocolate wavy hair because it’s all about natural-looking waves with elegance. The rich dark chocolate hue adds depth and sophistication to the look, while the soft waves are helpful in creating a romantic and effortless vibe.

#15: Long Waves with a Side Part and Sweeping Bangs

Want a new style that adds a fresh and voluminous look to your hair? Go for long waves with a side part and sweeping bangs. The side part adds asymmetry, adding interest to the overall look, while the gentle waves bring softness and movement. Sweeping bangs frame the face beautifully. They can also be styled as you wish – swept to the side or pinned back. If you want to add more volume to this haircut, the best way is to use some clip-in extensions. To finish, use Moroccan oil texturizing spray. It gives a stunning finish to this style.

#16: Rose Blonde Tones

Let’s talk about a stunning tone called ‘rose blonde.’ Stunning tones of color and waves are ideal to flaunt if you have long hair. Rose gold suits warm skin tones. It is easy to apply over blonde levels of 8-9 that have been lifted. Whether your hair is naturally wavy or you add waves using a curling iron, the texture and color dimension will be strikingly visible.

#17: Rooted Long Waves

Rooted long waves are perfect for ladies with blonde hair who want a low-maintenance look. The gradual blend from darker roots to lighter ends adds depth, while the wispy ends give a soft touch. This style can work for any hair length. However, if you have longer hair it will look best! The key to achieving this look is to focus on creating loose waves with a curling iron or wand. Also, avoid tight curls that can appear outdated. To enhance the root area, backcombing or using a root-lifting product can help add volume and texture.

Big Barrel Waves for Long Hair and for women with naturally red hair
Instagram @samirasjewelry

#18: Big Barrel Waves for Long Hair

Consider big barrel waves for long hair. It’s a versatile hairstyle for women, especially for those with natural red locks. This style is perfect for those wanting body and definition while maintaining a soft, romantic feel. To achieve this look, use a good curling iron with a large barrel size to create those luscious waves. If your hair is on the dryer side, try using a shine oil to add luster to your locks.

#19: Stunning Copper Hollywood Waves

These stunning copper Hollywood waves are easier to recreate than you think. I suggest using a 1.5 to 2-inch curling iron starting at your cheekbone and curling everything away from your face. Remember to let your curls set and cool before brushing them out, and finish with oil for shine and hairspray for all-night hold.

#20: Pretty Long Waves with Mushroom Blonde Balayage

These long waves with a mushroom blonde balayage are a great way to lighten your dark hair for the autumn season. Mushroom blonde hair colors involve a gorgeous mix of very light brown and ashy blonde tones. They’re not just for brunettes, either – you can even use them to darken bright-blonde hair. However, be prepared to use blue shampoo to care for your new shade at home. Regular toning appointments are also necessary to maintain the color’s richness.

#21: Stunning Hair with a Shadow Root

Take your locks to the next level with a shadow root. When it comes to long, wavy hair, you want to make sure you have layers to give body and prevent your style from falling flat.

Very Long Waves and Blonde Balayage
Instagram @gustavomigli

#22: Very Long Waves and Blonde Balayage

Very long waves, when paired with blonde balayage, go hand in hand. Waves really bring out the dimension in the color and give shape to your hair. When it comes to upkeep on a blonde balayage, be sure to book all your color glaze appointments ahead of time to keep the blonde bright and fresh.

Radiant Long Wavy Hair with Bangs
Instagram @diegomarcsant

#23: Radiant Long Wavy Hair with Bangs

Go for wavy hair with bangs as your next style. It helps to have a lot of hair or at least have some styling skills to fake it. Whether you blow-dry or air-dry, finishing this style with a little wave or curl of some kind really brings out all the texture. I really like Unite’s Second Day Haircut with a little oil or Ouai’s Finishing Cream. This is obviously a very finished style, but the key to a good cut is making sure it looks good with little to no styling.

Sexy Face-Framing Long Dark Waves
Instagram @glamourbycee

#24: Face-Framing Long Dark Waves

Add some spice to your look with face-framing long dark waves. This is the perfect look for women who would like to add some brightness around the face but don’t want to deal with the upkeep of lots of highlights. If you’re considering this style, ask your stylist for highlights up to the hairline around the face and everywhere else from the middle to the ends of the hair.

#25: Trendy Long Blonde Wavy Hair with a Center Part

Long blonde wavy hair with a center part is a modern choice for a lived-in style. One good day of prep can extend this look over the course of days while braiding at night is a great way to retain a loose wave while avoiding heat.

If creating this look with a wand, a 1 1/2″ barrel will work best. When styling, leave out 1″ at the ends for a beachy feel. Ouai “wave spray,” misted on the braids or after styling will create a lasting style.

Easy Blonde Balayage on Long Wavy Hair
Instagram @kultura_moscow

#26: Easy Blonde Balayage on Long Wavy Hair

One idea is a blonde balayage on long wavy hair. A rooted balayage is a low-maintenance color that is stunning on long hair. The light blonde pieces contrast against the lowlight pieces for more interest and the illusion of added density, especially when paired with soft long layers.

#27: Feminine Long and Soft Brunette Waves

These long and soft brunette waves make your hair look fuller and really show off your layers. To style, use a heat protectant for your dry hair and a 1 1/2-inch or 2-inch curling iron, alternating directions for an effortless finish.

Trendsetting textured and wavy long hair
Instagram @yukistylist

#28: Trendsetting Textured and Wavy

This textured and wavy look is a trend you mustn’t miss if you have long tresses. The tendrils create a movement that appears softer with straighter ends. Spice up this textured hair with a blonde balayage for a natural sun-kissed effect.

Effortless long shaggy waves
Instagram @soraverly

#29: Effortless Shaggy Waves

Flowing shaggy waves benefit thicker, coarser hair types as the layering helps remove the weight from long hair. Not only will your hair feel lighter, but the movement will be a little more disheveled. It’ll be suitable for women with even a loose wave.

Long Hair with Beach Waves
Instagram @nikcabral

#30: Effortlessly Long Beach Waves

I love these styles for their effortless, beachy feel. This style is very versatile and looks great for a day at work or a night out. A little brushing and some dry shampoo after a night’s sleep will bring the bounce right back, giving this look an “I woke up this way,” low-maintenance feel.

#31: Healthy Long Wavy Brown Hair with Volume

Hydration is key to getting magnificently smooth wavy hair that, in turn, gives you immense volume and dimension. Who wouldn’t want gorgeous and soft hair like this that bounces with your every move?!

tousled smooth curly waves
Instagram @xcellent_kevin

#32: Tousled Smooth Curly Waves

Opt for a tousled smooth wave hairstyle in an ash blonde. It can be created with Pravana styling products (Full Volume Foam and Invisible Control Spray). Smooth the roots and rotate the flat iron to create the curl then straighten out the ends.

The advice given to a woman who wants these hairstyles is to use products that aren’t oil-based and that give texture and volume. All women could pull off these highly textured waves, but smoothing out the strands prior (blow-drying or straightening) would be based in part on the texture of hair. Even though a straightener was used to style initially, try a wand and go over the hair with a straightener on low heat to slightly smooth out the curls.

#33: Natural Tousled Waves

These natural tousled waves are a style for any hair type and any length (that can get a straightening iron in it). Starting with clean hair, use the Elixir Ultime serum by Kerastase to nourish the long, naturally wavy hair and smooth down flyaways. It has 230 degrees of heat protection which is important when it comes to using heat tools!

It’s easier to curl the hair if you have straightened it first to make sure you are working with a smooth canvas to curl on. Holding your irons vertically and curling the hair in vertical sections away from the face will allow the hair to frame your face.

Simple Caramel Balayage Waves
Instagram @beautybyjavii_

#34: Simple Caramel Balayage Waves

This is a balayage with a natural dark base and a caramel balayage.  My best advice would be if you are trying to achieve these curls, curl each piece the opposite way you did the last curl. Also, wait a while to brush out the curls and let them cool down. I used Elevate Mousse by Unite while the hair was wet to give volume, and Texturiza sprays from Unite after all was cooled.

Charming long beachy waves
Instagram @_dogukandeniz

#35: Charming Long Beachy Waves

These long beachy waves are so in vogue nowadays! You can keep them hanging on casual days or jazz them up in an updo for a formal event such as a wedding. Haircuts for long wavy hair like this also need proper care, so a frequent trim is vital to prevent split ends.

Long layers with beach waves look great on women with a long length of hair. These beach wave curls are good for women on the go and take less than 10 to 15 minutes to style! When curling the hair for beach waves, you want to curl the hair away from your face. If you want lots of volume, alternate the curls, curl in bigger sections, leave your ends out, and pull down while curling.

super long hair with natural waves
Instagram @mustinnn

#36: Super Long Hair with Natural Waves

Feeling obsessed with this natural hair? Well, no wonder why. Whether you like it up or down, this super-long hair with natural waves will still appear astonishing. Its versatility to match any updo and color is what will amaze you.

The Perfect Cut for Thick Wavy Hair
Instagram @studiomirjetaa

#37: The Perfect Cut for Thick Wavy Hair

Wavy, long hair can be worn with jeans and a cute top, or more formally, for a night out. The best three go-to products for this look after a nice shampoo are Kerastase Nectar Thermique (protects hair up to 450 degrees) to create a barrier between the hair and the blow dryer and curling iron. Use two pumps of Essence Absolue from Shu Umera through the ends of damp hair, too. After you’ve curled all of your sections, set the curls with Caviar Working Spray. It’s light and can be layered to your liking. Tip your head back, run your hands through your thick hair, and spray again.

#38: Long Cascading Curls

While this might be on the curlier side of wavy hair, it’s one of the loveliest hairstyles! Bring your locks half-up, and jazz them up with these cascading curls. Teasing the crown slightly helps add volume and shape to the style.

slightly wavy long blonde hair
Instagram @romeufelipe

#39: Slightly Wavy Hair

This slightly wavy hair is enough to accentuate your blonde hair color. It’s the softness of the look that suits a nice color melt. A stunning hairstyle like this is what will leave people to keep on staring at you.

#40: Stylish Long Hair with Big Waves

Sure, you can include this big hair in your favorite hairstyles for long wavy hair! Those gorgeous big waves will help you achieve a very natural finish. It’s the style that offers volume and movement without pulling your lengthy tresses up. With oil on your black hair, the result will appear shiny and healthy.

Low-maintenance messy wavy long hairstyle
Instagram @romeufelipe

#41: Low-Maintenance Messy Wavy Hair

Now, that’s something to be obsessed with! This messy wavy hair will bring zest to your entire style. It’s looking soft and effortless, especially with that subtle blonde and brown ombre. Whenever you need to brighten up your face a little, add a money piece to this messy, long, wavy hair, and you won’t go wrong.

#42: Modern Long Loose Waves

Long layers and soft waves are a perfect match! These long loose waves will look even more bouncy with a mist of a flexible hold hairspray. That dramatic finish is sure to emphasize the silver highlights on your dark base. Loose waves work for long hair and short hair, as well as lob haircuts.

For styling, you can use Chi black seed oil or Paul Mitchell super skinny serum, a texture spray, frizz-free humidity hairspray, soft spray, and/or non-sticky to achieve the results you want.

👉 See more long layered haircuts and hairstyles.

#43: Trendiest Wavy Long Blonde Hair

Turn yourself into a babe with this wavy long blonde hair. Both the dimension and movement will prevent your tresses from looking flat or dull. This long wavy blonde hair also features a shadow root, making it low-maintenance. This wavy long blonde hair has a full head of blonde highlights and lowlights, two blonde and one caramel. Ask your stylist to cut your hair while keeping the layers long. Then, create a feathered look around your face.

This long hair is perfect for women who don’t want their wavy blonde hair too short, so they can still wear their hair up. For styling, blow-dry your hair smooth and use a GHD waver to create the waves. Once your hair is wanded, use a wide-tooth comb and apply hairspray. This wavy blonde hair is really versatile as you can wear it up or down and it still looks great. Waves usually last a few days in hair. The blonde colors are very natural looking and complement the wavy style of the long cut.

#44: Long Balayage Waves and Middle Part

A long balayage wave can highlight your facial structure and add dimension to your hair. Blending highlights in the hair will help create depth and movement. This look suits those with medium to long hair as it requires length to achieve the waves. Consider a middle part to balance the overall look and highlight your cheekbones.

#45: Long and Wavy Curled Ends

A popular hairstyle with a romantic vibe has wavy curled ends. This look is perfect for those with naturally wavy or curly hair. The blunt ends give your hair weight and help enhance the curls. The middle part creates balance and symmetry in the overall look.

#46: Long Blonde Balayage With Dark Roots

Try the latest hair color trend with long blonde balayage with dark roots. If you have blonde balayage don’t be afraid to try the rooted look. It’s less maintenance when it comes to touch-ups. You will be able to go longer between appointments and your hair will look blended and more natural.

#47: Long Curly Waves

If you want to wear your hair with long curly waves ask for long face-framing layers around your face. This is the best way to allow the hair to be dried away from your face without heaviness. Curl with a flat iron or a tong but always backward away from the face. Brush gently to give a full finish.

Old Hollywood Waves for Long Hair
Instagram @georgiykot

#48: Old Hollywood Waves

These old Hollywood waves scream glamorous. Be aware it won’t move like beachy waves and is something to not touch too much or run your fingers through. You might consider pairing this style with a bolder makeup look, maybe smokey eyes and a dark lip.

#49: Beautiful Blonde Balayage Waves

Show off your long locks with beautiful blonde balayage waves. When it comes to taking care of your long hair, you should know it takes some commitment. Styling longer locks does take time but on those bad hair days, you can always pull it back in a bun or ponytail. Styling options for your long hair are endless.

#50: Long Dark Brown Waves with a Middle Part

When considering how to spice up your long hair, you must try long waves with a middle part for the perfect mermaid hair. If you can, try using a wand or using your curling iron as a wand instead of using the clamp to get even beach waves. The perfect product that helps maintain the waves is a nice beachy, texture spray, such as IGK’s Beach Club.

#51: Gorgeous Brunette Waves for Long Hair

Rock gorgeous brunette waves on your long hair for an attractive look. You can use a curling iron, waver, or rollers if you need to create soft, glamorous waves because your hair is not naturally curly. You will have many styling options with longer locks. Don’t forget to brush out your curls to create soft and pretty waves.