19 Super Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long and easy hairstyle with volume and waves

Long hairstyles can be fabulous and it can definitely get you a lot of attention. If you’re bored with it, however, you may find yourself in a rut feeling frumpy and less-than-fabulous. Grab your hair ties, bobby pins, and barrettes and get ready for some step by step simple instructions on how to create quick easy hairstyles for long hair when you’re in a hurry.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of cute easy hairstyles for long hair to do at home!

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Trendy Beach Waves for Longer Hair

Trendy Beach Waves for Longer Hair
Instagram @anitabauerhair

You can feel summer right at your hair tips. The caramel ombre hair loosely curled describes this season even more. This is one of my favorite easy hairstyles for long hair of medium thickness.

Beautiful Long & Easy Voluminous Waves

Easy hairstyles for long hair - volume and waves
Source / Pinterest

Pump up the volume on top (and the chic factor) of your long tresses with these easy voluminous waves. It’s a cool easy hairdo for long hair that takes no time at all.

Amped Up Ponytail for Long Hair

Easy hairstyles for long hair - amped up ponytail
Source / Pinterest

Take your everyday pony from drab to fab with this simply wrapped half up pony tied into a knot. This is a great way to get one more stylish day out of that gorgeous blowout!

Easy Pigtail Braids for Long Thin Hair

Easy Pigtail Braids for Long Thin Hair
Source / Pinterest

Looking for an easy hairstyle for long thin hair? Take it from me, there isn’t anything difficult about these simple, loosely braided pigtails. Don’t stress about the mess — the more falling strands, the better on this popular easy long hairstyle for thin hair.

Super Simple Messy Bun for Long Hair

Easy hairstyles for long hair - Messy Bun
Instagram @hairxrel

When it’s not a hair wash day but you still need to look your best, grab a hair tie and maybe some pins for this quick and easy messy bun and you’ve got yourself sorted. Keep this long easy hairstyle for future reference.

Quick and Easy High Ponytail

Easy hairstyles for long hair - High Ponytail
Instagram @wassimmorkos

Icons wear simple hairstyles for long hair to show their flare. Slick up your hair into a high pony with some gel and lots of that woman confidence for a party, or on your little girl when going back to school.

Simple Braided Bun

Easy hairstyles for long hair - Simple Braided Bun
Instagram @hairlekiini_stella

Believe it or not, this is one of those easy braided hairstyles for long hair. Once you’ve learned how to turn three hair locks into a long side braid, I promise you’ll want to do it again and again.

Long Hairstyle Great For Work And Play

long hairstyle great for work and play
Instagram @viola_pyak

Become a pro in wearing a hairstyle that’s great for work and play! This low updo is ideal for long, blonde tresses. It features three mini dutch braids for a touch of fun, which adds a dimension to the crown. The sleekness of straight locks is what makes it perfect for a business meeting, too!

Cute Rope Braid Ponytail for Straight Hair

Cute Rope Braid Ponytail for Straight Hair
Instagram @rebeccajacqueshair

Not all easy hairstyles for long straight hair have to be boring. Hairstylist Rebecca created this cute work of art by intertwining a colorful string with the loose ends of a ponytail. Such a savage piece draws attention to every detail: the braids, the fringe, and even the fiery hair color!

Elegant Twisted Bun Idea for a Wedding

Easy hairstyles for long hair - Twisted Bun
Instagram @pompandproper

Looking for a chic and classy low bun for your big day? Blonde highlights on warm brown hair makes a classy upstyle sweeter and more relaxed.

The 5 Minute Easy Sock Bun for Thick Hair

The 5 Minute Easy Sock Bun for Thick Hair
Instagram @jennas_salon_bridal

Thick hair is so versatile. There are easy hairstyles for long thick hair that only take 5 minues to recreate. Take this sock bun for example. Pretty straightforward yet versatile for a formal event such as prom, or just a nice day out.

Sweet Low Ponytail for Long Hair

low ponytail for long hair
Instagram @thelovelyhairclass

Searching for an updo that takes a few minutes to create, but with a mesmerizing result? Here’s a sweet low ponytail to ginger up your long, blonde tresses. It’s a low centered ponytail with a sleek style around the crown and voluminous in the mid-lengths. Secure strands under the low pony using pins, and finish it off with a dainty accessory.

French Braided Maiden for Long Hair

A few braided styles are easy to copy, and this French braided maiden is only one of them! It was created by hairstylist and educator Olga Hampshire of Winchester, UK.

“Start a French braid on each side of the head. If the hair is long enough, tuck the ends into the plaits and secure them with pins. Loosen up the twists and the crown to achieve a softer finish. Letting some strands hang around the face and nape area makes the look more natural,” she explains.

This french braided maiden is effortless, slightly tousled and, wild. This fancy french braid hairstyle also features fishtail plaits. This french braid suits all women, all you need is fresh hair and a stylist who thinks alike.

Easy Long Hair Down Style

easy long hair down style
Instagram @tomsmithhd

This casual long hair down style is perfect for a blonde layered cut. By doing a blowout, layers will pop and add more movement to a straight mane. Both the style and chop are crucial so that the hair doesn’t seem so flat.

Long Beautiful Locks

long beautiful locks
Instagram @kykhair

Achieve the look by styling your long beautiful locks with coiled curls. Comb the hair, and that should create the loose wavy curls. Lift the tresses to where you like to position the ponytail, then secure it with an elastic. Spread the wavy hair out and use a mousse to scrunch the strands, adding natural texture and expansion. The payoff is more dramatic when you have brown hair with medium density.

Long And Loose Curls for the Perfect Do

long and loose curls for the perfect do
Instagram @rachk.stylist

If you’re looking for easy hairstyles for long curly hair, check out these long and loose curls for the perfect ‘do! This style is easy to achieve if you have a super long cut. Whether you like to wear it all down or up, the result will still be astonishing! Such amazing curls look stunning on a dark blonde balayage with hints of purple streaks.

Long With A Deep Side Part

long with a deep side part for straight hair
Instagram @salon_icon_nyc

This style—long with a deep side part—works on dark, straight hair like magic. Soft, imperfect curls from the mid-lengths to the ends bring out a more sophisticated vibe. And what suits a deep part? Side-swept bangs in the front, of course!

Easily Blow It Out In Style

blowout style for long hair
Instagram @hairbyruslan

This blow it out in style looks gorgeous and is easy to copy. Your hair must be long and with medium-length layers to pull of this hairstyle for long hair. The blowout effect happens when you blow the hair dry and enhance the movement by adding a few soft curls. When styling, mist hairspray to retain the curls if need be. Feel free to jazz it up by adding some bangs and painting the tresses with a beige blonde highlighted hue.

Long Hair with Smooth Layers And Bangs

smooth layers and bangs for long hair
Instagram @susanfordhair

Smooth layers and bangs work best on women with natural waves. The texture is what will add movement to smooth layered hair like this. When prepping, blow the locks out and use a brush for easy control. Feel free to touch up the wavy and curly hair or strands if the style needs more body.

Simple And Sleek for Long Straight Hair

simple and sleek style for long straight hair
Instagram @hairbylucycollins

This simple and sleek laid-back style is perfect for gals with long and naturally smooth hair. Stylists don’t recommend it if you have a pesky hair texture. For such a healthy and flawless-looking finish, apply oil, especially on the ends.