Summer’s Hottest Accessory: The Fabulous Fishtail Braid

Every year, the weather warms up, and like clockwork, fishtail braids make a reemergence. It’s almost as if they all swam off during the winter months and came back once it was nice and toasty again.

It makes sense, though, as fishtail braids are quite appropriate during spring and summer. Most of us are either on the beach, planning to hit the beach or are at least daydreaming of the beach. Whether you’re making it a shoreline, the pool or just thinking about the aforementioned, consider wearing a fishtail braid a la one of these fancy pants hair bloggers.

PS. In addition to pairing the fishtail braid with your swimwear, we love it for festivals, cocktail parties and even weddings.

The Twisted Fishtail

Be still, our hearts! We’re digging this twisted fishtail half-up ‘do in a major way. This tutorial comes to you from Amber at the Barefoot Blonde blog and is ideal for those of you with long locks. Of course, you can always add some extensions for more volume and length. The key to making this hairstyle really stand out in a sea (get it?) of people is to add some beachy waves or curls before you create the twisted fishtail braid. Try a handy-dandy curling wand or even use your flat iron to create some cool spirals.

The Twisted Fishtail Braid

Double Stacked Fishtail Braids

Long or short, curly or straight, this double stacked fishtail braid hairstyle is one that does not discriminate! The tutorial is by YouTube user HeyKayli, who does an excellent job of breaking this look down into easy peasy steps. You can wear this one as is, or feel free to throw in an accessory or two for additional pizazz.

5 Double Fishtail Braids

Latest-Hairstyles’ very own Missy Sue, who blogs over at, says that one of her new favorite hairstyles is this “5-Double Fishtail Braids”, which is a nice change from the traditional braid and easy to recreate once you’ve got the fishtail essentials down. Essentially, you create two fishtail braids right next to each other, stopping about 3/4 of the way down on each. Then you braid the two together. The full instructions are on the blog, so check it out!

5 Double Fishtail Braids

Half Up Fishtail Braid

YouTube user Imogen Foxy Locks lives up to her name with this Half Up Fishtail Braid. It’s not your standard half up hairstyle, though. She starts by creating some volume via teasing, then she adds several small sections of hair extensions to give her extra length. She also has a full set of clip in extensions that she wears low on her head for overall length, which makes this hairstyle very va-va-voom. Once she creates the half up fishtail braid, she takes this look one step further by bringing twisted sections underneath. Very chic!

Bohemian Side Braid Festival Hair Tutorial

We’re big fans of Emily from The Freckled Fox, who recently created a hair tutorial for the Wonder Forest blog. Emily’s calling this one a “Bohemian Side Braid” that’s ideal for all those summer festivals you’ve got penciled into your calendar. It’s essentially a soft and pillowy French braid that seamlessly morphs into a pretty fishtail braid. We love that she leaves a lot of unbraided hair at the end, too.

Bohemian Side Fishtail Braid

Fluffy Fishtail Braid

Cute Girls Hairstyles puts a spin on the normal fishtail braid ponytail in this tutorial by creating a ponytail with a lot of volume on the top. This mother-daughter duo has dubbed this look the “fluffy fishtail braid” and you’ll see why as you watch the video. We think this looks great on all ages, so give it a go!

Day to Night Fishtail Updo

You can twist and manipulate your fishtail braid a million different ways, taking the look from daytime hair to fancy nighttime locks in one fell swoop. Here’s one idea from Lauren at the Skinny Fat Girl Diary blog: the day to night fishtail updo. She says that this side fishtail braid became her go-to style while roaming around the streets of Paris. She also says it’s perfect for when she’s running around during the day and then has a more formal shindig in the evening and doesn’t have time to stop and create an elaborate updo.

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