25 Cute and Easy Braided Pigtails to Try

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Middle-Parted Double Pigtail Braids for Mid Back-Length Hair
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#1: Middle-Parted Double Braids

Begin by parting your hair in the center for the middle-parted double-braid look. The first section of your braid should be a Dutch braid, using half sections of your hair. A fun variation to try out involves intertwining Dutch and pull-through braids. Next, transition to a pull-through braid, starting just above the occipital bone. Finish by gently tugging at sections of the braid to add fullness and a fluffier appearance. Such finishes ensure the overall appearance of the style looks complete and polished.

Pigtail Double Braids Updo with Glitters
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#2: Braids Updo with Glitters

Braids with glitter are a fun take on a classic look that is perfect for parties or festivals. By keeping the hair up and out of the way, you will maintain a playful and creative appearance. Depending on the type of glitter used, we may add gel to the area. This helps the glitter stay on. Remember, when removing the glitter, give your hair an extra wash to break down the product.

Purple Braids into Long Pigtails
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#3: Purple Braids into Pigtails

Make pigtails with a purple double braid. Try a pull-through double braid for your next hairdo adventure. The purple color makes the braid vivid, and its fluffiness adds to the appeal. The key to successful pull-through braids is to secure each ponytail from top to bottom. Begin from the fringe/crown, pulling each section a little for fuller effect, and work your way down to the bottom again. This will ensure you are styling the hair effectively.

#4: Dutch-Style Pancake Braids

Dutch-style braids stack the hair on the head to make it stand out. After completing the braid, you should gently pull on each section. This technique, called ‘pancaking,’ gives you a softer and fuller shape. These braids are romantic and whimsical, perfect for formal events or casual summer afternoons with friends.

#5: Plaited Pigtails with Cuffs and Rings

Create a pigtail hairstyle with plaits adorned with cuffs and rings. Enhance your plaited pigtails with additional jewelry. Once you’ve braided your hair, add cuffs and rings to make your hairstyle outstanding. The cuffs and rings can be easily attached to the hair over the braids, hiding hair bands or adding attraction.

#6: Pigtail Braids with Bardot Bangs

If you’re looking for a classic and fun way to style your hair, try these pigtail braids with Bardot bangs. This easy hairstyle is ideal for anyone who wants to combine braids with their curtain-style bangs. By avoiding braiding the hairline, you can blend shorter hair into your braids. For extra length, you can use synthetic hair in your braids. This will create an illusion of longer hair.

Longer Blonde Hair with Tight Braids and Pigtails
Instagram @lysscreative

#7: Blonde Hair with Tight Braids and Pigtails

Braided pigtails, having tight braids near the middle part, are excellent for tying up your hair during sports events. Start by first braiding the middle section of the hair and then incorporate these braids into the pigtails. For a stronger grip and voluminous look, use texture powder like Big Powder Play on the braids. You may even want to try these pigtails when playing sports like softball.

#8: Double Jumbo Braids

These double jumbo braids offer a fresh take on the classic style. Elastic bands are used to create each ‘bump’ in the braid. As a result, these braids are long-lasting and remain full-bodied for a considerable time. You may wear these braids as they are, or they can be used as the foundation for a high, textured updo.

Long-Length Pink and Purple Kanekalon Braids in Pigtails
Instagram @peti_copiky

#9: Pink and Purple Kanekalon Braids

Adding colored extensions to your braids lets you sport bright colors without hair dye. This is also a safer method for your hair. Bright colors like pink and purple look great with Kanekalon braids. When sporting a braided style, wrapping your hair in a scarf or bonnet during sleep prevents frizz.

#10: Loose Bubble Dutch Braids

Bubble braids have become increasingly popular. They are different from traditional braids due to their unique technique. They offer a modern, edgy, and wearable style. Ask your hair stylist to make your bubble braids flatter for a softer, loosely textured feel. Remember, using hairspray is vital to maintain the style of the braids. You could also get a few days of wear out of the style. Don’t forget to chat with your stylist about the aftercare process.

Criss Cross Infinity Braids and Pigtails
Instagram @yukalinana

#11: Criss Cross Infinity Braids

The infinity braid is a stunning complex braid that is sure to impress. To create this pretty look, you must be skillful at making a five-strand braid. The first half of the braid mainly consists of the five-strand braid. You will create a diagonal five-strand braid, transition into a fishtail braid, and finish it with a bow. Then, weave a second five-strand braid over the first one diagonally and secure them together with pins. Complete your hairstyle with a shine-enhancing hair spray.

Swept Back Double Pigtail Braids for Mid-Long Hair
Instagram @braidbabeamy

#12: Swept Back Double Braids

Try an edgy braids look, which is not just great for especially warm days but also helps achieve a gym chic look. Swept-back braids can ensure your hair remains neat and off your face.

#13: Blue Braids and Bubble Ponytails

If you seek fun, rave-inspired styles, explore these blue braids and bubble ponytails. These eye-catching styles mix synthetic hair in shades of light and dark blue. Doing this creates a unique and stylish texture.

Longer Orange High Pigtails with Dutch Braids
Instagram @fantasybydalia

#14: Orange High Pigtails with Dutch Braids

Adding colorful faux hawk hair to braids and ponytails is a lively way to boost any hairstyle. Faux hair makes braids look thicker. High pigtails with Dutch braids look enhanced with orange and red hair.

Very Long Braided Low Fishtail Pigtails
Instagram @suvisland

#15: Low Fishtail Pigtails

I suggest you try modern low fishtail pigtails for a unique hairstyle. This look suits either long or short hair. I recommend smoothing your hair before making this style. It helps to keep the braiding sections neat. Finish off this look with a firm-hold hair spray.

Pigtail Buns with Inverted Braids
Instagram @suvisland

#16: Pigtail Buns with Inverted Braids

Start by creating a pigtail double bun with inverted braids – a chic double bun perfect for any event. To achieve this style, begin by creating a center part in your hair. Next, make a horizontal parting. The next step is to create two pigtails with the hair at the crown of your head. For the bottom half of the hair, flip your hair upside down and start what is known as a Dutch braid up to the pigtails. At this point, incorporate the Dutch braid into the pigtails. Braid around the elastic, pulling sections of hair from the pigtail. Continue until the braid forms a complete circle. Secure your hair with a few pins for a fun, all-day style.

Long Braided Pigtails with Face-Framing Pieces
Instagram @suvisland

#17: Long Pigtails with Face-Framing Pieces

Ask for a delicately braided pigtail mixed with pieces framing the face. This pigtail braid showcases a casual and lively character but is also very easy to craft. It requires a bag of small elastics to create a pull-through ponytail braid. Part your hair in the center. On one side, grab a one-inch section and form a ponytail. Right beneath it, craft another ponytail. Split the top ponytail in half and wrap it around the hair beneath it. Continue this pattern down the length of your hair, securing the top section around the one underneath it. Once the braiding process is complete, tugging the sections can fashion a fluffy braid.

Pigtail Long Feed-In Braids with Curly Pieces
Instagram @styleswbop

#18: Feed-In Braids with Curly Pieces

Wearing your hair in feed-in braids with curly pieces is a sleek and long-lasting style. This style uses a center part with a Dutch braid on each side. Small curls are left out to make it visually interesting. The Dutch braids protect and style your hair. The curls that are left out give a fun vibe to the style. An experienced braider can create this look well.

#19: Bold Red Pigtail Braids

You can make pigtail braids bold and bright by adding red extensions. These red extensions make the braids thicker and more structured. Adding metallic hair jewels makes this bold look stand out even more.

Double Pull-Through Pigtail Braids on Medium-Length Hair
Instagram @braidbabeamy

#20: Double Pull-Through Braids on Medium-Length Hair

The double pull-through braids on medium-length hair are eye-catching styles. Pull-through braids are like traditional Dutch braids. They are pulled apart carefully to add volume and density. They are not as tight as regular braids and can be a great alternative to an updo. This style works wonders for medium and long-length hair, is flexible with adding extensions, and is secure for all-day wear.

#21: Unique Braided Twin Tails

These unique braided twin tails are an amazing option for a festival or special event. Don’t hesitate to flaunt this one-of-a-kind style that showcases two carefully arranged braids. Consider matching this hairstyle with inventive makeup and an outfit to achieve a modern and bold appearance from top to bottom.

Classic Double Plaited Pigtails for Long Brunette Hair
Instagram @_salonsalon

#22: Classic Double Plaited Pigtails

Classic double-plaited pigtails are a style in which hair is parted down the middle. A French or Dutch braid is done on each side all the way down the lengths of the hair. The hair is then secured using a rubber band. The pigtail style is versatile it has a balance of simplicity and elegance. You can wear this hairstyle to a variety of events.

#23: Boxer Braids for Short Straight Hair

A boxer braids hairstyle is perfect for short straight hair, helping keep your hair neatly tied back. Historically, braids have protected weak hair types by forming secure designs that prevent friction and tangling. This style suits casual days, busy days running errands, and workout routines, ensuring your hair looks great while being protected.

Double French Braids with Long Waves in Pigtails
Instagram @hairrbyashh42

#24: French Braids with Long Waves

French braids with long waves are stylish and are for all ages. This style offers two looks: a center part braided into a Dutch style on each side and long curls. The braids are neatly secured at the neck’s base and flow into the curled locks. To achieve this look at home, you need braiding expertise, a tail comb, gel for your hair edges, and a curling iron.

#25: Double Bubble Braids Updo

A double bubble braid updo is a trendy and fun hairstyle that can be worn as an everyday style. Another great aspect of these braids is that they give you volume!

Ready for the charm of braided pigtails? Meet Agnes Velner, a hair guru who knows all about the cutest and most flattering pigtail braid styles. Her top tips are yours now!

Meet The Expert

Agnes Velner
Agnes Velner
Agnes is a hairstylist with over 20 years of experience.
You can find her at Image Studios 360 in Royal Palm Beach, FL

Choices for Hair Types

“Good news – any hair type can rock this look. Pay heed to your hair texture before you braid.” Be gentle if you have fine or thin hair. Pulling or tugging could hurt or even harm your hair.

If you have thick or wavy hair, bear in mind that it can frizz up. Blow-dry or straighten it before braiding for a long-lasting style. Coily hair can be a mix – blow-dry straight or leave the ends curly.

Suitable for all Face Shapes

“Pigtail braids suit any face shape,” assures Agnes. “Yet the position and volume of the braids differ with each shape.”

With an oval face, you can go all out – from high, tightly braids to loose, low ones. Have a round face? Then place your pigtails higher and add volume. Leave a few strands to frame your face too.

“If your face is a heart shape,” she suggests, “a deep side part with the braid on the opposite side balances the width of your forehead.” Square faces? Go for loose pigtails with a few loose pieces softening the face.

Styling Tips and Tricks

Agnes has golden rules for pigtail styles. “Always start with clean, blow-dried hair,” she advises. “Wet scalp can make it unhealthy and cause dandruff.”

Are you an active person or lack time for hair care? Choose tight braided pigtails. “Stylefactor products are great for tight pigtails,” she declares. Looser pigtails with volume are perfect for working moms or outings. “Use texturizing spray and frizz control. Artistry Pro is an excellent choice for texturizing spray.”

Pictures of the Cutest Braided Pigtails