25 Coolest Viking Hairstyle Ideas for Women in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Long-Length Side Part Ginger Hair with Viking Rope Braids
Instagram @viking_mood

#1: Side Part Ginger Hair with Rope Braids

Embrace your inner Viking with a side parted hair with rope braids. Rope braids are one of the easiest braids to do because it’s just two strands twisted and then twisted around each other. To add to the overall Viking look, use a natural string such as jute to hold your braids at the ends. Braids keep your hair neat and out of your face for a clean and efficient look. Try a sea salt spray before adding braids to ensure that your braids hold in place.

Long-Length Vikings Dreads and Braids for Ladies
Instagram @dreadstagramm

#2: Vikings Dreads and Braids

Viking dreads and braids are an ode to Viking warriors’ warrior-like appearance. These hairstyles combine traditional dreadlocks with intricate braids. Be sure to see a knowledgeable stylist who can execute this style.

#3: Lagertha Hairstyle with Huge and Mini Braids

Opt for a Lagertha hairstyle with huge and mini braids. A popular shield-maiden style inspired by the ruler Lagertha, wife of Ragnar. Giant inverted French braids through the crown and smaller side braids for a mohawk style are a goddess’s dream hair. Using a crimping iron to create texture through the hair, the braid gives a romantic soft finish.

Viking Half Upstyle with Small Braids on Ladies
Instagram @luca_vojtkova

#4: Viking Half Upstyle with Small Braids

You’ll be fierce in a Viking half-upstyle with small braids. Start with a clean crown section, tease it, wrap it, and pin it at the base of the crown. Section off a thin temple area and braid, and add a small rubber band to keep it in. French braid the section behind and crimp the rest for a savage style.

Viking-Inspired Curly Short Hair with Braided Side and Ring Accessories
Instagram @johanna_oliva

#5: Curly Short Hair with Braided Side

Whether you are a warrior or not, a Viking-inspired curly style with a braided side is a great hairstyle. Braiding the side of your hair is an easy way to give the illusion of an undercut without maintenance and upkeep. Add an even more edgy look to this style by adding hair jewelry to your braids. For longer-lasting braids, take smaller sections when braiding. This will create more smooth and clean braids.

#6: Half Bun with Viking Braids

Ask for a half bun with Viking braids if you’re headed to a festival. Scandinavian culture is known for long hair that’s braided. Vikings may have also worn these braids. A maiden warrior who needs to wear their hair up and away during battle.

#7: Long Viking Curls with Shaved Sides

Long Viking curls with shaved sides are a dramatic hairstyle for the warrior at heart. An undercut that will help remove bulk from thick curly hair and add a high fashion statement to the table. A form of dreadlocks to create this style will need maintenance on the locks every few months.

#8: Short Blonde Hair with Layered Waves and Small Braids

Try styling your hair with waves and small Dutch braids if you have short blonde hair with layers. The small braids on the side give you a modern take on a Viking warrior look and add a bit of edge. Try using a wax or pomade such as Kenra Professional Texturizing Taffy 13 for clean braids. It helps to smooth the hair and create hold.

#9: Crochet Braids with Curly High Ponytail

A crochet braided curly high ponytail is one to consider. This look is a cornrow braid with crochet hooks to add hair pieces. A style that is multicultural and applied to a Viking esthetic. Try adding curly wreaked for added texture and volume to your high pony.

#10: Cornrow Braids with Weave Ponytail

A cornrow braid with a weaved ponytail is a trendy style. Your inner goddess may be calling for a Viking esthetic. Adding weaved-in hair can help create fuller hair while allowing you to add a new color to your hair without any chemicals. You can add beads and thread to add a tribal or rustic style to your hair.

Viking Crown Braids with Knots and Loose Curls for Long Brown Hair
Instagram @kendrajo_hair

#11: Viking Crown Braids with Loose Curls

Viking crown braids combine braided hairstyles with the allure of flowing curls. This style balances structured braids and soft, romantic curls. The braids add intricate detail and keep the hair off the face. While the loose curls create a sense of movement and add a touch of glamour. Whether worn casually or for special occasions, this is a stunning style choice. Especially for those seeking a fierce, versatile, and captivating hairstyle.

Viking-Inspired Long Sleek Woven Braids for Women
Instagram @hair.by_evelyn

#12: Long Sleek Woven Braids

Long sleek woven braids offer a sleek hairstyle with a braided texture against smooth locks. These braids are best executed on long layered haircuts with minimal texture. The multi-dimensional braided pattern adds depth and texture to the hair. This makes these fun and youthful braids perfect for any festival.

#13: Viking Bubble Ponytail on Burgundy Red Hair

The Viking bubble ponytail combines elements of ancient Norse culture with a modern twist. This stylish red hair color adds a bold flair, and the touch of a bubble ponytail makes this style fun and youthful. A Viking style can be an easy and fun way to do it on any hair length!

Women's Textured Half Up Viking Braids on Long Hair
Instagram @niitstyles

#14: Textured Half Up Viking Braids

Textured half-up Viking braids offer a fusion of rugged and romantic elements. The mix of small detailed braids and a chunky mohawk French braid offer a unique hairstyle. Add some soft waves for added texture.

Mid-Long Viking Mohawk Braids with Blue Accent on Women
Instagram @medusaxbraids

#15: Mohawk Braids with Blue Accent

Mohawk braids with blue accents are a bold and edgy hairstyle. This elegant, intricate design is perfect for any concert or festival goer. A blue accent adds a vibrant and eye-catching element to the look. Try this statement ponytail if you want to embrace Viking women elements into your hair.

#16: Edgy Mid-Length Cut with Shaved Side

This edgy mid-length cut with a shaved side is daring and modern. A shaved side hairstyle adds bold and edgy contrast to a mid-length hairstyle. This look is ideal for individuals who want to express their creativity. Add a small braid for added emphasis on the asymmetrical style.

#17: French Bubble Ponytail with Side Braids

Check out this quirky and fun French bubble ponytail with side braids! Show this to your stylist during your consultation to make sure this style works for you. Feel free to inquire about extensions for added length.

#18: Half Pull-Through Braid with Messy Waves

Volume, texture, and braids. The perfect silhouette is this half-pull-through braid with messy waves! Show this photo to your stylist to create a textured style to attend your next event!

#19: Two-Toned Viking Braids

These two-toned Viking braids are a striking hairstyle. It combines two contrasting braids types and intricate braiding styles. These braids are perfect for any festival hairstyle and stand out with a touch of Viking flair.

#20: Viking Low Pony with French Braids

Check out this Viking low pony with French braids if you’re looking for an adventurous style for an event. Perfect for anyone wanting to show off their long locks fearlessly.

#21: Straight Long Hair with Pouf and Braided Style

Check out this straight long hair with a pouf and a braided style. It is simple, modern, and cool, a perfect trio for a night-out hairstyle. Ask your stylist for braids around the temples and a straight style through the sides and back.

Viking Shield Maiden Braids on Mid-Length Dark Hair
Instagram @federical.hair

#22: Shield Maiden Braids on Dark Hair

Shield maiden braids on dark hair, fit for a female warrior! I recommend showing this photo to your stylist to create a version of this style that works best for you!

Half-Up Viking Fishtail Braid and Knots with Rings for Ladies' Long Locks
Instagram @claudia_sende

#23: Half-Up Fishtail Braid and Knots with Rings

Maybe you’re attending an event, or maybe you’ve cultivated a wedding theme that is more on the edgy side. Either way, check out this half-up fishtail braid and knots with rings! Make sure you have a stylist that is competent with extensions and braiding. They can add extra length to your hair and weave up perfectly placed fishtails for dimension.

#24: Crimped Hair with Central Braid Style

Looking at some texture and fun for your next event? Check out this crimped hair with a central braid style. This style has teased hair put into small rubber bands down the center back with braids on both sides to frame. Volume and texture, what more could you need?

Very Long Viking-Inspired Decorated Braids for Ladies
Instagram @paulmantripp

#25: Very Long Viking-Inspired Decorated Braids

Give these very long Viking-inspired braids a go! This would be a great option for a festival or themed party. The textures in this look showcase the intricacy of this style.

Viking hairstyles for women have surged in popularity recently, but what exactly defines these fierce and captivating looks? To unravel the mysteries of this hairstyle and learn how to create them, we turn to the expertise of Tazz Borrego, a seasoned hairstylist with a deep understanding of these iconic styles.

Meet The Expert

Tazz Borrego
Tazz Borrego
Tazz is a licensed hairdresser with over 10 years of experience.
You can find him at Prisma Hair Co. in Albuquerque, NM.

Understanding This Hairstyle

Tazz Borrego sheds light on the essence of Viking hairstyles, which often comprise a blend of bold and delicate braids on the top and sides of the head. These may be complemented by cornrows, French braids, or even a shaved side, known as the “undercut.” Borrego emphasizes that these hairstyles can be adapted for various hair types and textures, including curly, wavy, aging, straight, fine, and thick hair.

“These hairstyles offer an artistic fusion of braids, with options to suit everyone’s hair type. For those with curly, wavy, or aging hair, smaller protective braids can manage volume and offer a stylish protective option. On the other hand, individuals with straight or fine hair can opt for larger fishtail braids to enhance volume and texture,” explains Borrego.

Crafting for Different Face Shapes

When it comes to choosing the right hairstyle, face shape plays a crucial role. Tazz Borrego imparts valuable advice for tailoring these looks to different face structures. “Creating balance is key. You’ll want to add height to certain areas while minimizing volume in others based on your unique face shape. Additionally, consider the hair’s length to emphasize your features,” suggests Borrego.

For round and square face shapes, incorporating tighter cornrow braids on the sides and voluminous braids on top can add verticality and grace. Meanwhile, those with oval or heart-shaped faces can opt for shorter, hanging braids or tight braids throughout, which can frame the face while reducing volume.

Practical Styling Tips and Product Recommendations

Tazz Borrego emphasizes the importance of planning before diving into Viking hairstyling. “For a polished and enduring look, strategize according to your face shape and hair type. Divide your hair into sections using a rat tail or styling comb for precision. This systematic approach guarantees a cleaner, more organized result that stands the test of time,” advises Borrego.

In terms of products, Borrego suggests relying on texture sprays like Oribe’s Dry Texture Spray or Eleven’s Texture Spray on dry hair. These products offer a gritty texture that ensures your style holds up well and maintains definition. Adding a touch of hairspray at the end can provide extra hold and guard against humidity, helping your Viking look remain intact even in challenging conditions.

Pictures of the Most Awesome Viking Hairstyles for Women