Topsy Turvy: 5 Topsy Tail Hair Tutorials to Get You Dizzy

Put your seat belts on, chicas! Today’s curated post features five different topsy tail hair tutorials that are as easy to recreate as they are pretty to look at. You may remember the topsy turvy look from styles your mom did on your hair in grade school, but fear not. These tutorials are all very sophisticated and not at all reminiscent of your years in K through five.

Grown Up Topsy Tail

Isn’t this multi-topsy turvy tail brought to you by Camille Styles so lovely? She writes, “Did anyone else used to rock a topsy tail in the ’90s? This version by Martha Lynn is a little more dressed up and modern and is perfect for second-day hair.” We have to agree — so grown up and definitely the type of ‘do that’ll make a statement.  And why not try it with a hat or a scarf, as well? ‘Tis the season.

Topsy Tail Hair Tutorials

 Braided Topsy Tail

Here’s another super easy topsy tail hair tutorial, this one by Steph, the professional hair stylist and founder of the Hair And Makeup By Steph blog. This one has a really low key vibe to it that we think makes it perfect for everyday events — it’s just so effortless and breezy! Learn everything you need to know on her blog.


Boho Braided Topsy Tail

This side ponytail version is similar to the one above, only it takes on a more “boho chic” vibe thanks to some added braids. This tutorial is by the gorgeous Ysis Lorenna of the Le Beauty Girl blog, who says you can wear this as is, or dress it up with a strapless sequin dress and killer pair of heels. So many options with this versatile ‘do.


Triple Topsy Tail Pony

Kate from the Small Things Blog has created an interesting twist on the topsy tail ponytail. Instead of looping the hair several times down a ponytail, she creates three topsy turvy loops and then combines them in a free flowing pony. Pretty ingenious, no? There’s a video tutorial on her blog, so check it out! By the way, this one is perfect for all sorts of hair lengths!


Twisted Sister Updo

The talented hair gurus over at Lauren Conrad’s The Beauty Department have presented a super sweet updo that utilizes the topsy turvy move. “It’s a fairly quick and easy updo,” they write, explaining that this version is actually an updated tutorial from a similar one in the past. They say that this one is a more secure version compared to the previous tutorial they posted. We think it’s ideal for holiday soirees.


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