Emma Stone Hairstyles

It’s easy to see why Emma Stone is one of our absolute favorite hair icons. This hair chameleon can go from red to blonde, from long to short — and never go wrong! Check out some of her hottest looks both on and off the red carpet. You may just get Emma Stone hair-inspired, just like us!

  • We are in love with Emma Stone’s side-swept waves. Come check this tutorial out so you can fall in love with them, too!

  • emma stone hair

    Emma Stone does it again! She stepped out with yet another new chic hairdo. This time it’s a low bun paired with a side-swept fringe. Once you’re done swooning over it, find out how to re-create the look here!

  • emma stone hair

    The queen of chignons! Emma Stone has worn many different chignon hairstyles for us to copy. However, there was one chignon that made our jaws hit the floor. It was so beautiful that Emma Stone looked like she stepped straight out of a magazine! We found a way to recreate the exact same look!

  • emma stone hairstyles

    Want soft tresses? If so, you came to the right place. We turned to one of our favorite celebrities, Emma Stone, and found a way to recreate her stunningly soft and playful hair.

  • emma stone hair

    The lady of many looks, Emma Stone didn’t quite surprise us when she stepped out with a retro glam hairstyle. However, we fell in love with it and immediately found a way to recreate the look for ourselves. Come find out how!

  • emma stone hairstyles

    Which celebrity can rock the best upstyle? We’re putting our money on Emma Stone, because we all but swooned at our feet when we saw her stunning updo on the red carpet. To find out how to steal the look, visit our tutorial here!

  • Emma Stone's beachy waves

    Beachy waves are all the rage this season. We keep seeing them on celebrities everywhere. However, we absolutely loved seeing them on Emma Stone, because she pulled them off so effortlessly. You don’t need a top Hollywood hairstylist to achieve the same look! All you need is a brief visit to your bathroom with a few trusty hair styling tools.

  • emma stone bob hairstyle

    Move over, Katie Holmes! Emma Stone is the new “it” girl when it comes to tousled bobs. If you have “rocking a tousled bob” on your hair bucket list, now is a great time to cross it off because we have a great way for you to copy the same look!

  • Emma Stone hair

    Emma Stone never fails to keep it cute and chic while painting the world red. Her latest look is a super adorable sleek hairstyle that can be worn anywhere, like at home or even on the red carpet. Guess what? It’s easy to pull off the same hairstyle! Come see how!