Wedding Hair Plans: You’re Engaged – Prepare Your Wedding Hair Plan!

When I got engaged, a few things ran through my head: “I can’t believe how pretty the ring is!” “I can’t believe I’m getting married!” and “Oh my God, I need to talk to my hair stylist ASAP!” were seriously some of my first few thoughts.

Aside from all of the excitement and flurry of emotions and knowing I wanted to blab about my engagement to the whole world, I knew having a hair plan was a top priority. Sure, I should be striving for perfect hair all the time, but there is nothing like a deadline to spur some motivation.

Wedding Hair Plans

So when I first got engaged, one of the first things I did was make an appointment with my hair stylist to discuss my “hair plan”. Depending on the length of your engagement, you’ve got a good 6-12 months (or maybe even more!) to get your hair in tip top condition. For me, my top priorities were discussing how I could best improve the overall health of my hair over the next 12 months and grow it out as long as possible. Some things you’ll want to think about when making an appointment for your wedding hair plan might be:

Hair Color

Are you wanting to be darker or blonder? Gradually dying your hair may be the way to go to ensure your tresses aren’t totally fried and damaged on your wedding day. This is definitely one item to start planning now.

Hair Length

Are you growing your hair out? Considering going short? By all means DO NOT risk doing a short hairstyle that you’ve never had right before the wedding. If you absolutely must try something drastic, do it right in the beginning so your hair has plenty of time to grow out. If you’re looking to grow your hair out, you’ll want to talk about supplements, deep conditioning treatments and set appointments for frequent trims.

Hair Style

No, you don’t need to go in with wedding hairstyles 12 months in advance, but it never hurts! If your stylist has an idea of what you are envisioning, he or she can advise you better on the path to achieving that look.