How to Choose Your Bridesmaids’ Hairstyles

bridesmaids' hairstylesWhether or not you decide you’ll be determining your bridesmaids’ hairstyles is a pretty personal decision. After all, you’ll have to weigh the many pros and cons: On the one hand, you’ll get exactly what you want but on the other hand, you may end up upsetting a friend who has something else in mind. It’s definitely a delicate subject and one you should handle carefully. But, if your bridesmaids are open to a little input, we have a few ideas on navigating this tricky territory.

1. Consider Your Friends’ Styles

The first thing you should take into account is each of your friends’ personalities and their current hairstyles. A bridesmaid with long locks, for example, will probably be more open to a half up, half down hairdo than one with very short hair to play with. If she’s open to suggestions, give her a few ideas on hairstyles that you think suit her personal style and personality. You wouldn’t want to put your most laid back friend in a stuffy French twist she’ll be uncomfortable in all night.

2. Keep Your Theme in Mind

For the most part, many bridesmaids will mimic the style of the wedding and the bride’s chosen hairstyle. If you’re having a beach wedding with free-flowing hair, your maids would look best with a complementary style that’s just as easy breezy. For a more formal affair, talk to each of your bridesmaids and ask them if they have any particular hairstyles in mind they’d like you to consider. Side dos, updos and even the new braided hairstyles are all great options to consider.

3. Be Open to Ideas

A lot of brides can be very “set” on an idea they have in mind, but your bridesmaids may have their own ideas as well! Between the latest wedding blogs to perusing hairstyle boards on Pinterest (like ours!) there are plenty of inspiring ideas out there. You may be surprised at what you find you like if you’re open to considering more than just what’s in your vision.

4. Vary the Styles

One reason you may want to suggest how your bridesmaids do their hair is so it doesn’t end up so “matchy matchy”. The days of perfectly matching dresses, jewelry and hairstyles are long gone, and it’s ok if each bridesmaid shows off a different look. Just be sure the hairstyles are complementary to each gal and her dress.

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