Hair Extensions For Your Wedding: Here’s What You Need to Know

wedding hair extensionsI am obsessed with hair extensions. Whether you’re interested in adding volume or length, they’re a great way to instantly achieve a brand new look.

Forget any notions you may have about ratty hair, funky-layered tresses or unnaturally shiny strands sticking out from under hair that looks like it’s been deep fried–good hair extensions done right look fabulous and are not noticeable. At all!

If you’re considering getting hair extensions for your wedding, there are several options to explore. Here’s how to ensure you end up with the right kind.

Find a professional

Many women who are scared of getting hair extensions fear the possible “damage” caused by them. But the truth is, an experienced hair extensions specialist should be able to apply and remove hair extensions with little to no damage at all. Shop around for an experienced professional and set up a consultation. At your consult, your stylist should be able to answer questions about their experience, address any of your concerns and tell you how to care for the type of hair extensions you are getting.

Make ’em natural

Hair extensions should naturally blend into your hair, and there are definitely ways to achieving a natural look! First, consider getting real human hair. It is a bit more expensive than synthetic hair but your results will be much more natural. Then, have your hair extensions dyed to match your real hair color. Finally, your hair stylist will work with you to cut your hair into layers or other styles to achieve a more natural look.

Consider your options

How long do you want your hair extensions to last? If you only want to wear them for the day of the wedding, clip-in hair extensions may do the trick. But if you are looking to have them for the honeymoon and beyond, you’ll want to consider the kind that are sewn in or bonded to your hair. There are pros and cons to each kind that you’ll want to weigh such as how they are applied and removed, how long they last and how well they can be blended into your natural hair so be sure to do your research and, if possible, as around for recommendations.

Baby them

Most hair extensions last anywhere from a few weeks to just a few months, so while you have them in, take extra care of them to make them last! Don’t tug on your strands, be careful when styling and don’t overuse conditioner as these things will all cause your hair extensions to fall out faster.