Shaggy pixie mullets are setting the style stage on fire in 2024. Tap to see why they're hot right now!

01: Long Pixie Shullet

Rock a long pixie shullet for a cool shape; it suits fine hair and varies by face shape. Maintenance is every six weeks.

02: Voluminous Mullet Pixie for Thick Hair

Get the mullet pixie for thick hair for a debulked, fluffy look; ideal for wavy to curly textures.

03: Modern Pixie Shag Mullet with Bangs

Revamp your look with a chic pixie shag mullet and bangs to enhance narrow faces and express your style.

04: Mullet Pixie with Wavy Feathered Layers

For an edgy look, choose a wavy, feathered mullet pixie; perfect for thick hair, just add curl cream and air dry.

05: Razor Cut Mullet for Short Hair

A razor-cut mullet boosts volume with texture. Use styling paste for an edgy look.