Get ready to embrace the resurgence of the pixie bob—see how this timeless hairstyle is stealing the spotlight in 2024!

01: Pixie Bob with Choppy Layers

Ask for a layered, textured bob and use Redken Shine Flash for shine. Style with a blow dryer and round brush for fluff.

02: Bixie with Long Layers

A bixie blends a bob's versatility with a pixie's fullness, ideal for a fuller, layered look. Maintain with 3-4 week trims.

03: Long Pixie Bob with Blonde Balayage

A blonde balayage pixie bob adds chic dimension. Style with waves for standout blonde.

04: Messy Dark Brown Pixie Bob

Opt for messy pixie bobs with longer, textured layers for a modern, versatile look. Use dry products for definition and hold.

05: Lovely Tapered Bixie with Dark Roots

A bixie blends a bob and pixie, covering ears for a soft, versatile look. Use a round brush for a rounded back.