Explore the chic transformation of long pixie bob haircuts and see why they're the trend to watch in 2024!

01: Long Bixie with Visible Layers

A layered bixie boosts facial contours; perfect for thick hair. Blow-dry adds texture.

02: Visible Layers on a Long Pixie Bob

Long pixie bob with layers and blonde highlights suits any face, offering a stylish look.

03: Radiant Asymmetric Pixie

Opt for a textured bob with undercuts for an edgy style. For thicker hair, request razored ends.

04: Modern Long Pixie Bob

Amplify your pixie bob shine with Olaplex No. 7. Opt for wispy bangs to flatter your forehead.

05: Long Wavy Pixie Bob

The wavy long pixie bob suits all ages. Style easily with a blow-dryer or diffuser.