Explore the resurgence of the curly pixie cut and see its stunning transformation in 2024 by tapping through!

01: Cute Pixie for Naturally Curly 3C Hair

A defined 3C curly pixie with bangs accentuates eyes and suits long faces, taming frizz.

02: Curly Pixie with Sideburns

A curly pixie simplifies styling, enhancing face shapes with cute asymmetry. Air dry, then gel sideburns for a sharp look.

03: The Curly Undercut Pixie

This curly pixie undercut blends short sides and longer curls on top for styling versatility, considering face shape and maintenance needs.

04: Natural Silver Curly Pixie

Embrace your unique curls with a scrunch, enhancing your silver pixie's natural movement.

05: Super Short and Curly Pixie

A short, curly pixie suits oval faces, offering a bold, easy fringe look.