Bottleneck bangs are back and bolder than ever. See the transformation that's sweeping 2024!

01: Long Hair with Bottleneck Fringe

Get a wispy, long-layered cut for a vibrant peach, bottleneck bang look. Use a heat protectant before styling.

02: On Above-the-Shoulder Cut

Refresh your look with a bottleneck fringe on a short cut, ideal for thick, straight hair; use sea salt spray for texture.

03: On a Mid-Length Fuller Shag

Opt for a bottleneck fringe on a mid-length shag for an edgy yet low-maintenance style; add waves for texture.

04: Flippy Bottleneck Fringe

Choose a trendy, manageable cut that frames your face and is easy to trim at home.

05: For Shoulder-Length Hair

Shoulder-length with bottleneck bangs suits all, easy to style. Adjust length, thin if thick.