Try These Hairstyles If You’re Transitioning to Natural Hair

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair takes dedication and commitment. It’s not an easy process, but if you’re serious about the change then it’s truly worth it. While letting your hair grow out, it’s only natural for you to become a bit impatient and frustrated with how long your curls are taking to bounce back. If you don’t want to make the big chop, there’s a variety of hairstyles that could protect your scalp and mane in the long run. Below are a few of our favorite transition hairstyles to make the process easier!

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#1 Half-Up Half-Down

If you’re not in the mood to pick up all of your hair, try settling for half. You’ll let your mane breathe while still keeping the front in control with this transition hairstyle.

#2 Top Bun

One of the best things about transitioning hair is that it’s full of volume. A large, single bun is a fun change from a classic top knot.

#3 Braids

When it comes to braids, they’re some of the best styles for transitioning hair. You can weave a variety of different styles in order to protect your natural hair.

#4 Bantu Knots

A great overnight hairstyle is an array of Bantu knots. They’re a great way to style your growing curls without heat.

#5 Twists

If you’re not a fan of braids, don’t worry. You can always choose twists as your go-to transition hairstyle.

#6 Ponytail

You don’t have to ditch your signature ponytail during the transition process. Carefully slick your edges down and rock a curly pony.

#7 Pineapple

One of the most common styles for transitioning hair is the pineapple. It’s a cute curly ponytail that sits right on the top of your head to let your curls flow.

#8 Flat Twist Bun

If your hair gets unruly up front, try some flat twists to tame flyaways and new growth. Pick up the rest of your strands into a low bun to keep things hassle-free.

#9 Box Braids

When you don’t want to wear simple plaits, consider getting box braids. This style can last you for weeks and allows your hair to grow back safely.

#10 Wrapped Up

When in doubt, pick up a headscarf and add a fashionable touch to your transition hairstyle. It’s easy and manages to make a statement.

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