19 Ways You Can Get The Wolf Cut with Wavy Hair

wavy hair wolf cut
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A wolf cut on wavy hair makes the best effortless, undone hairstyle for women. Wavy wolf cuts are the chop that create extra volume and body while enhancing the hair’s natural texture.

Amanda Moore, a New York-based stylist and Educator for KEVIN.MURPHY, shares her insights on this trend.

Lifestyle is one of the essential aspects to consider before getting a wolf haircut. It consists of blended layering, so this might not be a great choice if you’re not ready for tons of layers.

If your daily activities demand you to pull your hair back into a ponytail, don’t get a fringe. Moore suggests having “your stylist start the shortest layers below the chin, instead.”

What’s great about the wolf cut for wavy hair is that it’s low-maintenance when it comes to styling. “It works best with natural texture along with the right products to support the style,” says Moore.

Ask your stylist about their recommended products. Let them show you the techniques for optimal air dried or diffused results. For example, Moore loves using Kevin Murphy’s DOO.OVER as it adds drama to the crown.

Layers in this crop tend to grow out heavy on the top, so upkeep is a must. “Consider getting a trim every three months to keep the hair looking its best,” Moore advises.

Show off your natural hair texture with pride! Here are the images of the most popular wolf cuts on wavy hair you must try.

Edgy Long Wolf Cut with Choppy Bangs for Wavy Hair
Instagram @ernestomeneses
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#1: Edgy Long Wolf Cut with Choppy Bangs

Try an edgy long wolf cut with choppy bangs. Super textured hair with crown layers works great on square and oval face shapes. You get a rock and roll vibe meets Farrah Fawcett style. Ask your stylist to texture hair dry or a razor for the best piece texture.

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#2: Jet Black Shaggy Wolf Cut with See-Through Bangs

If you’re looking for a great way to add shape to your dark hair, a textured shag is just what you need. If you have wavy hair, you can rock this style with minimal effort think of a wash and go. To keep your see-through bangs looking their best, make sure to blow-dry and brush them with a round brush. If you use minimal texturizing cream on the ends of your fringe, it will keep them in place.

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#3: Textured Wolf Style for Naturally Wavy Hair

Add edge to your look with a textured wolf style designed for naturally wavy hair. A heavily layered style with shaggy layers creates lift and bounce. There are many ways to create texture, and shaggy layers are one of the most versatile ways to do so. Wolf cuts work impeccably with the lived-in or roughed-up texture, which is a style that is taking over. There are many different cutting techniques used for adding texture to the wolf cut and there are many different ways to achieve a shaggy look, different techniques work for different hair types, so make sure you talk to your stylist about what you want but make sure you allow them to use their professional knowledge to achieve your goals.

Layered Wolf Cut with Thin Bangs
Instagram @coastalhair_sf
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#4: Layered Wolf Cut with Thin Bangs

Perfectly emphasize your eyes with a layered wolf cut with thin bangs. A wolf haircut for long hair is a fantastic way to bring attention back to your face, rather than the length of your hair. Often, long hair can start to feel heavy and look like it is dragging facial features down, to brighten and lift everything, thin bangs and a wolf haircut are the way to go. By creating layers around the face, you lighten the weight of the hair, giving more bounce and a better shape to frame facial features. Bangs allow for a merging point for the shorter layers which helps create a strong foundation for face-framing.

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#5: Tousled Layers on Wavy Wolf Hair

Tousled layers on wavy wolf hair look so beautiful and create extra movement and texture within the haircut. Utilizing the natural texture of the hair when cutting layered hair is key for the haircut to be easy to style and maintain. Styling hair with natural texture can be really easy when cut properly, or really irritating when cut improperly, make sure you talk to your stylist about how you want your face framed, as well as the styling regime needed to create the ideal hairstyle. Working with your hair is so important when it comes to a wolf cut or tousled layers because when framing the face, the direction and movement of the layers can make or break the style. Make sure you have a clear outcome with your hairstylist before creating face-framing layers.

Medium-Length Blonde Wolf Cut Waves with Choppy Fringe
Instagram @iela_color_box
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#6: Medium-Length Blonde Waves with Choppy Fringe

One of the cutest rocker styles is medium-length blonde waves paired with choppy fringe. Try to look at the stylist’s work with this kind of cut before committing to that particular stylist. You’ll want a hairstylist well versed in edgy styles. Avoid wispy bangs by explaining you’d like to have a thick, choppy fringe. Styling will be minimal if you have natural waves, you’ll just need to pay attention to round brushing your bang area. Finish with a texture spray or styling pomade.

Medium Wolf Cut with Waves and Wispy Bangs
Instagram @liv_omorfia
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#7: Medium Wolf Cut with Waves and Wispy Bangs

A wolf cut with wispy bangs and waves can breathe new life into limp hair. If a volume boost is what you are looking for, a wolf cut for thin wavy hair is what you need. Make sure to use the right products with a wolf cut to ensure your style lasts all day. By utilizing the right layering techniques, natural hair texture, and the right products, you can frame the face perfectly and add movement and body to your wavy hairstyle. A center point in the wispy bangs creates a start to the oval shape, it also adds the illusion of an elongated face, further adding to the framing and creation of the ideal oval face shape.

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#8: Curly Wolf Hair with Curly Bangs

Curly hair is a perfect base for wolf hair with curly bangs. Curls add lots of volume but can get weighed down when too long, so a wolf cut for thick hair will allow the curls to bounce up without the extra weight. Make sure when cutting and styling that you work with your hair texture, because curly hair has very unique characteristics there are different techniques of cutting that will work better. talk to your stylist and they will guide you through what techniques will give you the best result.

Shoulder-Length Wolf Cut with Big Curls and Waves
Instagram @loukou_ribeiro
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#9: Shoulder-Length Wolf Cut with Big Curls and Waves

A bold statement look this year is a shoulder-length wolf cut with big curls and waves. The combination of curls and waves with a wolf haircut is a great way to have natural movement and body. When you combine a wolf cut for short wavy hair and the right products and styling techniques, magic happens. Use volume powder for all-day hold and lift.

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#10: Wavy Wolf Hairstyle with Straight Bangs

To frame a petite face, try a wavy wolf hairstyle with straight bangs. The straight bangs broaden the face and the wolf layers keep a soft frame to create an oval face shape. Wolf haircuts are a style icon and a staple haircut if you are looking for versatility and low maintenance. Make sure you learn the techniques to style for your specific hair texture and type for the best results. for example, fine hair should use powder texturizer, but thick curly hair should use a spray texturizer. Your stylist can show you how to use the right products to style your hair at home.

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#11: Shag with Soft Waves and Vivid Highlights

Try a shag with soft waves and vivid highlights to bring fun into your wavy hair hairstyle. Create volume around the face and frame it beautifully with shag layers that work with your natural texture. The shag layers or wolf cut layers create a great way to show off the vivid colors while blending them into the rest of the hair at the same time, cultivating a natural-looking flow between the layers and colors. Vivid colors tend to require more maintenance appointments so when deciding what colors work best for you, talk to your stylist about maintenance needs for each color.

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Copper Wolf Hair with Textured Bangs
Instagram @kimmybaggins
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#12: Copper Wolf Hair with Textured Bangs

Rock copper wolf hair with textured bangs to add some edge to your style. Copper hair compliments so many skin tones and eye colors, and by adding the shorter layers, a shaggy mullet haircut is an iconic way to show off the color. Wolf hair and mullet haircuts are all the rage this year and are taking the world by storm with no signs of slowing down or stopping. Definitely give this cut and color combo a try if you have naturally wavy or curly hair and like to have a more edgy or bold style.

Middle Parted Wolf Hair with Wavy Layers
Instagram @anhnguyensalon
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#13: Middle-Parted Wolf Hair with Wavy Layers

A middle-parted wolf haircut with wavy layers creates big volume and texture to any hair type or texture. A wolf cut for medium hair is a great way to lighten up thick hair or add volume to thin hair. The beauty of the wolf cut hairstyle is the fact that it’s extremely low-maintenance and very versatile in the ways it can be cut to frame the face. Try adding a beach wave then shaking the hair and adding dry texture spray to keep it fluffy and textured with massive volume.

Choppy Wolf Haircut with Beachy Waves
Instagram @skipdoeshair
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#14: Choppy Wolf Haircut with Beachy Waves

Fluff up thin hair with a choppy wolf haircut with beachy waves. Choppy layers add extra edge and texture to a haircut, and with thin hair, that is so important because it creates the illusion of more density. Thin hair can be tricky to manage with a wolf cut for wavy hair, but as long as you style with movement and texture, it’s a great way to fulfill your volume goals. For best results with fine hair make sure you use light products and use them sparingly! Less is more with fine hair, especially when trying to achieve maximum volume and texture. Volume powder is your bestie with a wolf haircut.

Voluminous Wolf Haircut with Thicker Waves
Instagram @zasaconcept
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#15: Voluminous Wolf Haircut with Thicker Waves

Try a voluminous wolf haircut styled with thicker waves to create a statement style. Texture removes density and adds bounce and movement to a haircut, so a wolf cut on thick wavy hair will breathe new life into the waves and lift facial features. Wolf cuts are easy to maintain and allow a versatile way to frame the face.

Mullet Wolf Cut with Bangs
Instagram @rcnq
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#16: Mullet Wolf Cut with Bangs

Try a mullet wolf cut with bangs if you’re looking for a style that is best worn with natural curls or s-waves. The mullet hairstyle is a must-try this year and can be easily adapted to work with different face shapes and hair types. Wolf cut hairstyles and haircuts are great for natural texture or waves but naturally straight hair can sometimes need a little extra work to style. Try styling with a loose wave and some Verb dry texture spray.

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#17: Wolf Hair with Soft Curls and Waves

A wolf haircut with soft curls and waves is the perfect way to style naturally straight hair with blended layering when you want to add volume and ‘oomph’ to your hairstyle. A wolf cut for wavy hair is best worn with soft curls or waves, whether that is natural or created depends on your goals. Because of the layering, wolf cuts are not ideal for extremely thin hair as it can emphasize the lack of density and look stringy when not styled. For extremely thick hair, a wolf cut with blended layering is a great way to reduce bulk around the face and frame any face shape as desired.

Balayage Wolf Hair with Tousled Waves
Instagram @bcdbeauty
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#18: Balayage Wolf Hair with Tousled Waves

Add a balayage to wolf hair with tousled waves to completely brighten up the overall look while emphasizing the definition in your layers. A wolf haircut is easy to style and maintain, and when combined with a balayage color, it becomes even easier to show off the texture in the haircut. Balayage is a low-maintenance hair coloring technique, so the combination of a wolf cut and a balayage is ideal for anyone who loves the lived-in, messy, and natural textured look.

Long Wolf Cut with Side-Parted Curtain Bangs
Instagram @fursmaria_
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#19: Long Wolf Cut with Side-Parted Curtain Bangs

Adding side-parted curtain bangs to your wolf cut is a great way to change up the look while keeping the same style and maintenance routine. A wolf cut for long wavy hair is easy to style and maintain, and adding the side-parted curtain bangs just brings it to the next level of iconic. Curtain bangs are perfect for framing the face which lends itself well to a wolf cut in which the main focus is also face-framing. A wolf cut can be very versatile in the styling options, it can be textured and edgy, soft and romantic, or even raw natural and lived in which makes for a great everyday cut.