50 Best Wavy Shag Haircuts to Consider for an On-Trend Look

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Dimensional Copper Wavy Shag Haircut
Instagram @hirohair

#1: Dimensional Copper Shag

Give your copper-colored hair a new twist with a shag cut. The cut is best for oval and long facial shapes because heavy bangs can overshadow a smaller face. Use a razor to cut the bangs, angling them to the opposite side for excess weight removal and defining shape. The layers become shorter around the crown area to achieve a bold and edgy look.

#2: Shag with Loose Waves and Curly Bangs

What do women want? A shag with loose waves and curly bangs, that’s what! If a shaggy haircut is what you desire, don’t be afraid to add product into your life! Utilizing thickening sprays, body-building mousses, and flexible hold hairsprays will all make your wavy or curly shag shine. But the best place to start? It’s in the shower. Always opt for a volumizing shampoo and conditioner at the beginning of your routine.

Neck-Length Wavy Bob Shag with Natural Highlights and Curtain Bangs

#3 Breezy Bob Shag with Curtain Bangs

Flaunting a neck-length bob shag, this cut captures a perfect balance between ease and chic. With curtain bangs that soften your features and frame the face, it’s a cut that’s both flattering and current. The natural wave is effortless, giving you a carefree look with plenty of movement, especially good for medium-density hair. The subtle highlights create a sun-kissed effect, adding dimension that enlivens the texture. Styling is a breeze—air dry with a wave spray or diffuse for more definition. Just remember, the key to keeping this look fresh is ensuring those bangs stay well-shaped, so you might find yourself visiting the salon a bit more frequently.

Voluminous Medium-Length Curly Shag with Tousled Bangs and Balayage Highlights

#4 Balayage Curly Shag with Airy Bangs

This shag cut is an artful play on volume and texture, a fitting choice for those with a flair for the dramatic. The mid-length allows for a full-bodied look, complemented by choppy layers that give your curls lightness and bounce. The balayage technique brings out a sun-kissed richness in your curls—just stunning for highlighting those twists and twirls. While this cut is fabulous for medium-density hair, remember that the highlighted portions will require some TLC to keep them looking vibrant. For the best curl definition, I’d recommend a curl cream or mousse; just work it through damp hair and let your locks air dry to perfection.

Woman with Medium Wavy Shaggy Hair and Face-Framing Highlights

#5 Brightened Waves with Heart-Shaped Framing

This medium-length cut, with its soft layers, works wonders for heart-shaped faces, highlighting the cheekbones and adding a playful bounce. The blending of highlights illuminates the face, enhancing the natural curves of the wavy texture. The loose curls provide a carefree feel, perfect for medium-density hair, and are a breeze to style with a light curl-defining product. Be mindful of maintaining the highlights to preserve the luminosity they lend to your overall style. This cut is especially fitting for someone who wants a low-maintenance but polished look that transitions smoothly from day to night.

Wavy Medium-Length Shag Haircut with Natural Dual-Tone Color and Blended Fringe

#6 Dual-Tone Wavy Shag with Blended Fringe

This wavy shag embodies a dual-tone color that adds depth and enhances the natural texture of your hair. The layers are masterfully crafted to release weight and encourage the waves to take center stage, making this cut suitable for medium-density hair seeking volume. The blended fringe softens the facial features and can adapt to various shapes, making it an excellent choice for those looking to refresh their style without a drastic change. While the layered cut promotes movement, it’s low-maintenance for those with a busy lifestyle. The only caveat is that this hairstyle may not suit very fine hair as it could lack the necessary volume to exhibit the cut’s full potential.

Mid-Length Brunette Shag Hairstyle with Feathered Fringe and Waves

#7 Feathered Fringe on Textured Waves Shag

This chic mid-length cut with a feathered fringe provides a versatile and modern update to the shag hairstyle. The dimensional brunette hue and layered waves create a rich texture, perfect for thicker hair. The layers lighten the hair’s weight while maintaining fullness, and the fringe draws attention to the eyes, softening the facial features. Ideal for those with a natural wave, this style is relatively low maintenance but may require light styling to define the waves, especially on non-wash days. It’s an excellent choice for a fresh, youthful look, although those with finer hair may need volume-enhancing products to achieve a similar fullness.

Mid-Length Dark Brunette Shag with Waves and Choppy Bangs

#8 Edgy Tousled Shag with Choppy Bangs

This edgy shag is a stylish statement piece, perfect for thick, wavy hair looking for texture and movement. The choppy bangs draw attention to the eyes, while the , so it’s less suited for fine, straight hair unless you’re committed to styling. With the dark brunette color, it’s also low-maintenance on color care, and the layers mean longer time between trims, perfect for busy women who still want to look effortlessly put together.

Long Curly Wavy Shag Hairstyle with Off-Center Part and Layered Bangs

#9 Natural Curls Unleashed in a Layered Shag

This long, curly shag maximizes your hair’s natural volume and texture, an ideal cut for those with medium to high-density curls. The layers are key to preventing that dreaded “pyramid” look, providing shape and allowing each curl to be perfectly defined. It’s a dream for the curly-haired looking for a manageable style that celebrates their natural beauty. The grown-out bangs blend seamlessly, framing the face with a gentle touch, a real plus for versatility in styling. Keep in mind, while it’s liberating to let those curls run free, this look does require regular moisture treatments to keep the curls hydrated and frizz at bay.

Chin-Length Shag Hairstyle with Piecey Waves and Irregular Fringe

#10 Tousled Chin-Length Shag with Textured Bangs

Embrace an edgy twist on the classic shag with this tousled, chin-length cut. The piecey waves and irregular, textured fringe frame the face beautifully, making it a versatile choice for those looking to draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones. Perfect for thick hair, this style adds movement and a modern flair. However, it might be challenging for those with finer hair to achieve the same level of volume without the help of styling products. Using a gel or pomade can replicate the wet-look finish, but keep in mind this requires a certain commitment to daily styling. The natural dark color also provides a low-maintenance backdrop for the textured cut, making it a stylish yet practical option.

Medium-Length Wavy Shag with Textured Bangs and Rich Brunette Color

#11 Textured Brunette Shag with Defined Waves

The vibrant brunette shade of this medium-length shag accentuates the dynamic waves and high hair density, making it an ideal choice for those with similar hair types looking for a voluminous style. The bangs, cut straight across yet textured, can flatter various face shapes. With this haircut, the waves are naturally boosted, which simplifies styling—a quick scrunch with a defining product can enhance the look. On the flip side, the style might not be as cooperative on less humid days, possibly requiring a touch-up with a curling iron to maintain definition. For upkeep, discuss wave-enhancing cuts with your stylist to preserve the shape as it grows.

Woman with Curly Wavy Silver Shaggy Bob and Darker Roots

#12 Silver Waves Bob with Dark Roots

This spirited short bob is a trendy take on classic curls, tailored for those with a round face seeking volume at the top. Great for medium hair density, the curls create an airy, light structure that’s not too heavy on the scalp. Styling is a breeze with a bit of curl cream and a diffuser to keep those waves bouncy. On the flip side, the lighter ends might require a bit more care to keep them looking fresh and prevent brassiness.

Medium Wavy Shag Haircut with Full Bangs and Balayage Highlights

#13 Sun-kissed Waves with Full Fringe Shag

Sporting sun-kissed balayage and a voluminous shag cut, this hairstyle is tailored for those looking to combine color and texture. The waves provide body and movement, ideal for medium density hair, while the full fringe offers a youthful edge, perfect for softening the face. Great for those who wish to enhance their natural wave, this style is easily amped up with a curl-enhancing mousse. However, this look may require regular salon visits to keep the fringe and color looking crisp. Additionally, consider the upkeep of balayage highlighting—it’s lower maintenance than full coloring but still needs proper care to stay stunning.

Mid-Length Tousled Wavy Shag with Uneven Full Bangs

#14 Playful Wavy Shag with Full Bangs

A shag like this offers a breezy, yet polished aesthetic. The playful full bangs and tousled waves bring out a youthful vibe, suitable for medium-thickness hair looking for a boost. The cut is designed to frame the face beautifully, with layers that encourage natural wave and movement. This is a go-to for easy styling, as the layers work with your hair’s texture, not against it. However, those with very straight hair may need a little extra time with a curling wand to achieve this tousled look. The natural brunette color is also low-maintenance, perfect for someone with a busy lifestyle who still wants to look effortlessly chic.

Shoulder-Length Shag Haircut with Side-Parted Fringe and Balayage

#15 Shoulder-Grazing Wavy Shag with Balayage Highlights

Here’s a shag that’s as breezy as it is stylish—perfect for injecting life into medium-density hair. The shoulder-length cut is a boon for wavy hair, allowing natural volume to shine without the weight dragging it down. Face-framing layers sweep effortlessly to one side, highlighting the eyes and cheekbones—a flattering choice for most face shapes. The balayage offers a sun-kissed glow with low upkeep, making it a practical yet chic color choice. Bear in mind, the darker roots will blend seamlessly as your hair grows, extending time between salon visits. It’s a user-friendly style, though if you have stick-straight hair, you might need a bit more effort (and a curling wand) to achieve these laid-back waves.

Middle-Aged Woman with Medium Wavy Shag and Voluminous Fringe

#16 Sun-Kissed Wavy Shag with Voluminous Fringe

This medium-length wavy shag with a playful fringe suits the carefree yet refined style you might be after. Those in their late 30s or 40s will find the sun-kissed ends flattering as they illuminate the complexion. While this haircut provides movement and body, if your hair is thinner, you might need a texturizing spray to maintain the volume throughout the day. However, the fringe will require regular styling to keep its shape and volume.

Young Woman with Medium-Length Layered Wavy Shag with Subtle Highlights

#17 Dimensional Waves in a Medium Layered Shag

This medium-layered shag, graced with loose waves and enhanced with subtle highlights, is perfect for adding volume. The layers are expertly cut to embrace the natural wave, creating a lively bounce that flatters without overwhelming. It’s a style that works well for young adults and can seamlessly transition from a day at the office to a night out. A light mousse can accentuate the waves, and a smoothing serum will tame any frizz, ensuring a polished finish. While beneficial for its versatility, those with finer hair may need additional styling products to maintain the volume.

Young Woman with Long Wavy Curly Hair and Fringe on a Shag Cut

#18 Curly Cascade with Playful Fringe

Embrace the youthfulness of natural curls with this long, layered cut. The fringe is tailored to complement a rounded face, while the layers throughout reduce bulk and enhance the natural curl pattern. For a young adult, this style provides a fresh and energetic look without the need for frequent trims. It is ideal for those with dense hair seeking to balance fullness and shape. The bangs require minimal styling. A quick scrunch with curl-defining cream keeps them lively. Bear in mind that while curls add volume, they may also require extra hydration to maintain their bounce and prevent frizz.

Long Coppery Wavy Shag with Fringe
Instagram @skipdoeshair

#19: Long Coppery Shag with Fringe

A shag cut looks great when worn wavy. To accomplish this, allow it to dry naturally with a texture cream. Adding a short fringe can provide a point of difference. A bright copper color makes a striking impression. It suits cooler, fair skin tones beautifully.

#20: Effortless Face-Framing Wavy Shag

This style features soft layered cuts and textured tips, creating a natural and casually relaxed look. It’s an excellent choice for women wanting to highlight their natural waves or curls. The layered cuts reduce heavy, bulky hair and frizz. This haircut enhances your facial features and complements your face shape. To style your hair, begin with wet hair. Apply a product to enhance the waves. Use the diffuser tool with your hairdryer for gentle hair drying. Finish by adding a shine serum to give your hair a glossy sheen.

#21: Perfect Shaggy Hair with Waves

mid-length, shaggy look is soft and beautiful. When you want this look, ask for a soft layered shape with shorter side sections. If you like the look and feel of tousled waves, consider using a curling iron to add waves to your hair. For fullness and volume, always allow the hair to cool. After it cools, use a lightweight hairspray. Give your hair a gentle shake to break up the curls.

Thick Wavy Shag with Bottleneck Fringe on short hair
Instagram @saltybangs

#22: Thick Shag with Bottleneck Fringe

A thick wavy shag with bottleneck fringe is great for people with thick, short hair. It provides a fresh, modern style. The cut’s layered style adds volume and movement. It keeps the hair length easy to handle. The thick bottleneck fringe adds edginess to the overall look. This style is best for wavy hair. The hair’s natural texture boosts the layered look. Start styling with damp hair. Apply a volume-enhancing mousse to boost the waves. Then, apply a shiny serum. This will make your hair shine and keep it healthy.

Black Shaggy Cut with Natural Waves for women with mid to long length hair
Instagram @margeauxagogo

#23: Black Shaggy Cut with Natural Waves

A black shaggy cut with natural waves is iconic. If you’re ready to release your natural waves and thick hair, get a razor cut to carve into the hair. Hand style your big hair with Hairstory products for a natural hold and texture to showcase.

Gorgeous Light Brown Shag with Waves and bangs for long hair
Instagram @yukistylist

#24: Gorgeous Light Brown Shag

Opt for a gorgeous light brown shag with waves and bangs for a unique, interesting look. When you style this look, you need to use a curling iron and some styling product to set the waves. Then use your blow dryer to give body to your bangs. For a more casual look, you can finger-comb the waves and bangs for a more effortless look.

Wavy Disconnected Shag Cut
Instagram @ernestomeneses

#25: Wavy Disconnected Shag Cut

Creating volume can be challenging. However, a disconnected shag may be the perfect style for you. You might want to try a disconnected haircut if you struggle to get volume. It’s ideal because you can maintain the length but still get lots of body in the shape. Add a few face-framing layers to show off your cheekbones and eyes when in doubt.

Soft Shag Haircut with Waves
Instagram @zenzorganic

#26: Soft Shag Haircut with Waves

Looking for a more modern shag haircut? Try it with waves. The seamless blending and softer layers of this cut offer an updated, romantic take on the classic shag crop. If you have straight hair, use a curling iron to enhance the cut’s body and shape, then secure with a texture spray.

Messy Shag with Waves for Thick Hair
Instagram @shopper.alejo

#27: Messy Shag with Waves for Thick Hair

Looking into shag but can’t commit? Try a messy shag with waves if you have thick hair. Shags are the perfect shape to help ease lots of bulk, especially if you struggle with the amount of hair you have. Talk to your stylist about thinning out your hair. Ask for lots of texture. My favorite product to style shags is Rabbit Brush Goods Shag Spray. It’s a perfect mix of a sea salt spray and a curl gel.

Collarbone-Length Shag Haircut with Bangs and Waves
Instagram @rokk_ebony

#28: Collarbone-Length Shag Haircut with Bangs and Waves

A collarbone-length shag haircut with bangs and waves is a true head-turner. If wanting to flaunt your natural texture, this haircut is for you. When styling, use a hair diffuser to keep the natural pattern of your locks and avoid a frizzy result.

Razored Shag Cut with Tousled Waves
Instagram @coastalhair_sf

#29: Razored Shag Cut with Tousled Waves

Talk about texture! A razored shag cut with tousled waves is ideal for women’s brown, coarse hair. When getting layered haircuts, asking for a razored style will increase movement and body all over. This technique works especially well with coarse hair as razored cuts reduce blunt lines and provide endless blending.

#30: Medium-Length Shag with Bangs for Wavy to Curly Hair

Wavy, curly hair looks extra stunning when paired with a medium-length shag with bangs. The varying lengths of this cut play well with natural textures, making styling a breeze.

Middle-Parted Shaggy Wolf Cut for Short, Wavy Hair
Instagram @elda.almodovar

#31: Middle-Parted Shaggy Wolf Cut for Short, Wavy Hair

Change it up! Flip your part! Take off some length! Try a short and shaggy wolf cut with some middle-parted waves! There are so many ways to play with shags. Think of it as a bob haircut with some wavy, shaggy layers added in.

Messy Shag Cut with Bangs for Wavy Hair
Instagram @emilyppt

#32: Messy Shag Cut with Bangs for Wavy Hair

Messy shag cuts with bangs are all over our social feeds right now. There’s something about the feathered layers of this look that feel timeless yet trendy.

Wavy Blonde Shag with a Center Part
Instagram @jdoblehair

#33: Wavy Blonde Shag with a Center Part

A wavy blonde shag with a center part is the definition of “bombshell hair.” The wavy style is perfect to pair with a blonde hue as it enhances the dimension of the hair. To keep your blonde hair looking like this, incorporate a toning shampoo into your shower routine. REFs Cool Silver Shampoo is a great choice.

Medium Shag with a Fringe for Natural Waves
Instagram @lcs.hairdesign

#34: Medium Shag with a Fringe for Natural Waves

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—a medium shag with a fringe are a match made in heaven! Naturally, wavy hair lends itself to this crop as each layer will allow your curls and coils to spring to life. For an extra boost of texture, mist your hair with a Salt Spray when styling- like Sachjuan’s Ocean Mist.

#35: Layered Shag Haircut with Curtain Bangs

Women with a balayage should try a layered shag haircut with curtain bangs. This crop will compliment lightened lengths and show off the dimensions of your hue. For an extra burst of impact, ask your stylist to pull lightener up into your fringe.

Wavy Long Gray Shag with Wispy Bangs for Women Over 60
Instagram @elenakolor

#36: Long Gray Shag with Wispy Bangs for Women Over 60

Women in their 60s can let their long gray lengths shine with shag and wispy bangs. Long shaggy wispy shag haircuts look stunning when paired with long layers. To keep your silver strands extra sparkly (and extra soft), incorporate a violet mask into your shower routine. My favorite is Lakme’s Teknia White Silver Mask.

Here are more shags for ladies in their sixties

Shoulder-Length Shag with Curly Bangs for Older Ladies
Instagram @cuts.by.rasa

#37: Shoulder-Length Shag with Curly Bangs for Older Ladies

Older women looking to “pump up the volume” should try a shoulder-length shag with curly bangs. The layering and style of this cut compliments all textures of aging hair. For curly girls, it’s an absolute must! Keeping your length at the shoulders makes this cut extra voluminous from root to tip.

#38: Long Shaggy Style for Thin, Wavy Hair

Women with thin, wavy hair types are the perfect candidates for a long shaggy style. This haircut plays to this texture as the “shaggy” layers allow for more movement throughout the hair. To really boost the impact, add a thickening spray into your routine like REF’s Thickening Spray No 335. Spritz this throughout your lengths and style as usual.

Layered Wavy Hair with Shaggy Bangs
Instagram @zaroslovs

#39: Layered Wavy Hair with Shaggy Bangs

You don’t have to go “full shag” to get the same layered, wavy effect. Opting for shaggy bangs and a layered haircut can create a style similar to a feathered shag. This shaggy bob haircut looks especially great on a mid to shoulder-length of cut.

#40: Shaggy Mullet with Thick Bangs

A shaggy mullet with thick bangs can completely transform thick, wavy hair. Women looking to try something new should opt for this shaggy, layered hair.

#41: Shag for Women Over 50 with Silver Hair

Women over 50 can rock a shag, too! Silver hair or not, this crop with piece-y bangs can do wonders no matter your color, texture, or density. Women over 50 with fine hair will find these hairstyles perfect for their tresses. The layers of the shag cut texture will allow lengths to bounce up naturally, creating more volume and movement throughout the hair.

View these flattering shags for ladies in their fifties

#42: Natural Wavy with Face-Framing Layers and Bangs

Shaggy crops are a great match for natural waves. If you incorporate face-framing layers and curtain bangs, you’ll truly tie this haircut together to accentuate your best facial features. Curtain bangs are low-maintenance and blend seamlessly with shags.

Rockstar Wavy Texture for a Shagged Haircut
Instagram @ernestomeneses

#43: Rockstar Wavy Texture for a Shagged Haircut

Calling all rockstars! Here’s a wavy, shagged haircut just for you! Women with thick hair looking for major texture and a long shaggy hairstyle will LOVE this look. This haircut will thin the thickness while providing major volume and lift to the roots. This cut is also a great option for a woman with a round face shape.

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Modern Wavy Shag Cut with Beach Waves
Instagram @bleachfuzzz

#44: Modern Shag Cut with Beach Waves

While the shag cut might be 70s-inspired, it is easily modernized with the addition of beach waves. In general, a shaggy cut will do wonders for long wavy hair styles, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own waves! Try styling your crop with a waving iron like the BaBylissPro Triple Barrel Ceramic Waver to achieve S-waves.

Mid-Length Shag with Soft Waves and Layers
Instagram @liseloveshair

#45: Mid-Length Shag with Soft Waves and Layers

Shag cuts come in all shapes and sizes, but a mid-length shag looks particularly gorgeous with soft waves and layers. This haircut of yesteryear has made its comeback and can easily be done in a medium length. To make your S-pattern waves last, incorporate a body-building mousse into your routine. REF’s Fiber Mousse No345 is a great option.

Shaggy Bangs for Thick, Wavy Hair
Instagram @nataliarok

#46: Shaggy Bangs for Thick, Wavy Hair

Shaggy bangs are a great choice for women with thick, wavy hair. In many cases, ladies with thicker hair will shy away from bangs, thinking that fringe won’t work with their hair texture. This isn’t the case! It’s all about finding the right trim. Ask your stylist for a shag with curtain bangs and watch how well they work with your hair without taking out its fullness.

Mullet Shag for Wavy Tresses
Instagram @badapplehair

#47: Mullet Shag for Wavy Tresses

An angelic mullet shag is a great cut for wavy tresses. Pair this crop with choppy bangs and you’ll look like a 70s dream.

Shaggy Wolf Cut with Choppy Layers
Instagram @clubglam2.0

#48: Shaggy Wolf Cut with Choppy Layers

The term “wolf cut” has been buzzing lately, describing this shaggy, choppy layered style. It’s a haircut with choppy layers for even more texture and edge. The best part of this look? You can embrace your frizz! Frizz is in, and the wolf cut is a great way to showcase your natural texture.

#49: Wavy Shaggy Hairstyle with Brow-Grazing Bangs

Brow-grazing bangs and wavy, shaggy lengths are the “It girl” hairstyle. The feathery layers of this look keep this crop current while still serving major 70s vibes. Opt for this chop and you’ll stand out wherever you go.

Long Voluminous Shag with Crown Layers
Instagram @bareeminimum

#50: Long Voluminous Shag with Crown Layers

Crown layers are the key to creating a long, voluminous shag with bangs. If the body and bounce are your goals, then a layered haircut will get you there. This is a great example of how layers can create endless texture and volume.

A  wavy shag haircut is packed with tons of layers and volume, creating a retro look. It’s a must-try for ladies wanting to boost their locks’ texture and shape.

Layered to various lengths, shaggy cuts work like a dream with wavy and curly tresses. The layers release weight and make the strands bounce up to maximize the curl or wave pattern of the hair.

Candace Ellersick is a cosmetologist from Spokane, WA who’s no stranger to shags. She points out that this cut is versatile for women of any age with any hair length.

“I’ve done a shorter version of shag on a woman with a thick but stick-straight mane. All the layers created a movement and feathering in her flat hair,” she states.

What to consider when getting a wavy shag cut is your hair length and texture, plus your lifestyle.

Ellersick explains, “It’s paramount to ask if you have the right type of hair. Also, make sure your chosen hairstyle would realistically work with your lifestyle.”

With a heavily layered cut like this, it’s not advisable to wear your tresses up or with braids. Moreover, it’s not ideal for finer hair as it might only appear thinner.

Let’s go and dive into this stunning hair idea. Channel your inner Julianne Hough or Alexa Chung. Look through these images of the best and most inspiring wavy shag haircuts!