A Winter Wonderland of Hair: 6 Festive Hairstyles

The weather outdoors may be frightful, but your hair? Oh, it’s delightful! At least it will be with a bit of help from some of our favorite hair bloggers. Today we’re showing you how to recreate six different festive hairstyles. These are styles that have a ¬†hint of cold-weather mystique to them and would serve you well at all those upcoming social commitments you’ve made.

The styles we’ve detailed below are super customizable, which means you can dress them up for fancy pants holiday soirees, or keep them casual for your everyday errands. The choice is yours!

Curved Braid Bun Tutorial

“This bun is formed by curving a low braid around into a bun,” notes Christina at Hair Romance, one of our favorite hair blogs on the net. She says it works for both curly and straight hair (hers is naturally very curly, though she straightened it for this tutorial). What we’re especially digging here is the splash of bright red and pinks she has at her ends, which creates this sort of wintry, Christmas-y blossom effect. You can get the same result by using a little hair chalk in your hair before starting.

Braid Bun Festive Hairstyle Tutorial

Bohemian Holiday Hair Tutorial

This gorgeous hair tutorial by stylist Amy Farid at Free People is definitely picture-worthy. What makes this one stand out is the headpiece she uses at the very end, which brings the whole look to life. You could DIY your own or purchase one. We also love the casual messiness that this one features, which makes this look especially easy to dress up or down.

Bohemian Holiday Hair Tutorial from FreePeople on Vimeo.

Retro Inspired Waves

Looking for the perfect retro waves? Well how about that! We just so happen to have a fabulous retro waves tutorial by the super gorgeous YouTube user Nicole Guerriero. She’s wearing extensions to add additional volume and length, but you can forego them if you want. As for heating tools, you can use either a wand, curling iron or a flat iron. The trick to those retro waves? Curling inward, setting and brushing out! PS. This chick is super entertaining and we couldn’t stop laughing at minute three.

Gilded Leaf Crown

OK, so this one is more of a hair accessory than an actual hairstyle, but it still requires some work on your part. The DIY tutorial is featured here at the Sincerely Kinsey blog. She decided to give it a makeover for the holiday season and it’s so, so pretty. You’re definitely going to be the belle of the ball wherever you wear this one. She says, “I’m thinking about pairing it with a short black dress and wedged boots for a Christmas party next week!”

Gilded Leaf Crown Hair Accessory

Glam Faux Bob Updo for Long Hair

Here’s one to put in your back pocket for all those upcoming holiday shindigs. This glam faux bob hair tutorial is detailed by Lilith Moon, whom we’ve featured many times in our curated posts because she’s just that good (and prolific!). She actually uses hair extensions in this look to help create a fuller finished product. Before beginning, you’ll want to have a head full of curls — she uses no-heat, overnight curls — and a handful of bobby pins.

Holiday Knotted Hairstyle

YouTube user RAEview admits she doesn’t do much with her hair on the daily, but she loves to amp things up for the holiday season. This tutorial details a sort of messy, fun bun that’s easy to recreate and pairs well with all sorts of outfits. She uses a tapered hair wand to prepare hair and then pins it up into a messy bun. Spice things up a bit with some hair accessories and you’re ready to be the belle of the ball.

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