3 Hot New Ways to Use a Sock Bun

So you’ve mastered the simple sock bun tutorial and now you’re ready to spice things up, right? Well we have a treat for you! My name is Jenny Strebe from The Confessions of a Hairstylist and I am here to share three hot new ways to use a sock bun. Not only are these looks super easy to achieve, they are super ‘on trend’ as well. Check them out!

ways to use a sock bun

Look #1 – The Messy Side Bun

1. Create a side ponytail on the desired side and secure with an elastic.

2. Put the hair donut around your pony.

3. Wrap the hair around the donut and secure with bobby pins.

Look #2 – The Faux Bob

1. Take all of your hair and pull it to the back of your head.

2. Apply the hair donut around your hair like you would an elastic.

3. Fold the donut underneath your hair.

4. Spread hair to cover the donut and secure with bobby pins.

5. Loosen up a few strands around your face to complete the faux bob look.

Look #3 – The Fun Rolled Updo

1. Cut your hair donut in half.

2. Pull hair back and up and wrap your ends around the donut.

3. Roll the donut with your hair all the way down to the nape of the neck.

4. Spread your hair evenly throughout the roll and secure with bobby pins.

5. Add softness to your updo by tugging a few strands out to frame your face.

Watch my video to truly see how easy it is to create each of these looks:

Congratulations! You have officially given your hair donut new life and have three awesome twists on the simple sock bun to rock. For even more easy-to-follow hair tutorials, subscribe to my YouTube channel and visit me at TheConfessionsOfAHairstylist.com.