Go Big or Go Bigger: Voluminous Hairstyles That Defy Gravity

When you think about the perfect hairstyle, oftentimes the word, “volume!” pops into your head. There’s a reason for that, chica. Voluminous and shiny hair is a sign of health and well-being, so striving for tresses with some oomph makes perfect sense.

Today we’ve rounded up hairstyles that feature big hair. Not so big that you’re catapulted back to another era, but big enough to turn heads and make others think, “Dang — girl must be healthy!” Or something like that. You get the picture!

Starburst Carousel Braid

Talk about wow factor! This “Starburst Carousel Braid” tutorial by Tina at Makeup Wearables is not only something we’ve never seen before, but it also manages to turn the volume all the way up to 11. We definitely recommend hair extensions to supplement your own hair, or if you’re gifted with ultra thick locks you can go without. Tina has a video tutorial on her blog that explains all the steps.

Starburst Carousel Voluminous Hairstyle

The Twisted Crown

YouTube user Jessica Pettway is all about the volume factor for this gorgeous Twisted Crown. She lays out all the details in this easy-to-follow tutorial to ensure you end up with a compliment-worthy head of hair. You’ll start with stretched hair and then begin a flat twist around the perimeter of your head, including the front across your forehead. From there, you’ll simply pin your hair at the nape of your neck and then, if you so choose, add a pretty hair jewel. Gorgeous!

Reviving Day 2 Curly Hair

All curly haired girls have experienced the day two “flat hair” fiasco. Day one is nothing but sunshine with perfectly tamed tresses that bounce and shine. Day two is a different story… welcome to limp city! Christina, the hair guru captain at Hair Romance, addresses a very important question in this tutorial: how to revive second day curls and bring them back to life! She’s just full of wisdom, that one.

Revive Day Two cURLS Voluminous Style

Romantic Curly Updo

Oh, honey! This Romantic Curly Updo by Belle & Chic makes us swoon! It’s not only voluminous, but is also full of texture, whimsy and romance. Dare we say this is the perfect updo for your upcoming holiday parties? This is a three-step hair tutorial that can be recreated on curly, straight or wavy hair of varying lengths. Hop to it!


Messy Voluminous Ponytail With Accent Braid

So we’ve got a couple updos on this list and a down ‘do. That calls for a ponytail, don’t you think? Good thing we came across this Messy Ponytail With an Accent Braid posted on the Along Abbey Road blog.  This tutorial features Abbey’s talented hair stylist friend Angie, who also posts tutorials on YouTube. “I am the world’s biggest fan of hairstyles that add an extra something to the usual humdrum of everyday hair and that don’t require ninja finger skills,” says Abbey. “This messy ponytail with an accent braid is one of those awesome hairstyles.”


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