Vintage Hair Combs – The 3 Hottest Ways to Rock a Vintage Hair Comb

This is Roxie with and I am here to tell you that I love using combs in my DIY hairstyles! They are equal parts fashion and function and much less fuss than bobby pins. Combs are great at securing hairstyles and they are really fun to decorate yourself!

Here I used vintage buttons, silk flowers, bows and colored thread to make these adorable combs. Click here to learn how to create these sweet DIY hair combs yourself. These three hairstyles are so easy to do and require no pinning at all. All you need is a comb and a couple of small clear elastics. Remember, DIY hairstyles always work better on day two or three hair. Hair that is too clean doesn’t hold up as well when styled!

vintage hair comb tutorial

Look #1 – The Tucked French Fishtail Braid with a Daisy Comb

This is a beautiful classic hairstyle with a soft and delicate feel to it. It works perfectly with a flowered comb to secure and finish off this lovely springtime hairstyle.

1. To get the look you will take two small sections of hair from the middle of the back of the head, one in each hand. These sections will be the start of your French fishtail braid.

2. Take a small piece of hair from beside one of your sections and cross it over to the other hand. Do the same on the other side. Repeat this, taking a bit of hair from the outside of one section and crossing over to the other, back and forth, to create your braid. The smaller sections you add in, the more “scales” your fishtail will have.

3. Continue braiding all the way to the ends of the hair and secure with a small clear elastic.

4. Now, gently tug at the sides of the braid to loosen and soften it.

5. Next, you will take the end of the braid and tuck it under, pushing it up at the base of the head and behind the attached part of the braid.

6. Take your comb and push it down through the braid, catching the tail behind it and securing the hairstyle.

Look #2 – The Retro Twist with a Black Bow Comb

This vintage flavored hairstyle is very easy to do, and it works on short AND long hairstyles, bangs or no bangs! I have bangs and I love to wear my hair this way when my bangs aren’t behaving.

1. To get this look, start with a deep side part.

2. On the heavy side of the part, begin a twist, rolling the hair backwards and adding in a little bit of hair as you twist across the top of your head.

3. When you are almost to the opposite temple, begin to twist the free end of the hair.

4. Holding the free end of the twist to your head, take your comb and push the teeth into the twist, grabbing your hair underneath and attaching it to secure it.

Look #3 – The Double-Back Side Braid with a Thread Comb

I love a little braid on the side! The cool thing about using a comb with this hairstyle is that the comb hides the tail of the braid and adds a flash of color and sparkle to the look. This hairstyle works best on medium length hair.

1. To do this hairstyle, you will create a French braid across the back of the head, starting behind one ear and braiding all the way down the free end of the hair on the opposite side.

2. Secure it with an elastic, then tug apart the free end of the braid to loosen it up a bit.

3. Now, take the end of the braid and pull it back across to the start of the French braid. Hold it so that it lays just underneath the French braid, then take your comb and attach the very end of the braid into the beginning of the braid so that it looks continuous. Make sure that you have grabbed the end of the braid right about where the elastic is. It will give the comb something to hold on to. If the tip is showing, tuck it in.

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