That’s Amore: 6 Valentine’s Day Hairdos You’ll Fall in Love With

Got plans for your Valentine’s Day hair? If not, we’re here to inspire you for the loviest doviest day of the year. Whether you’ve got super romantic plans with a dreamy someone, or want to spend a casual day with the girls, you’ll definitely get some ideas with these Valentine’s Day hairdos. It’s never too early to start planning, so get on it, chicas.

Today we’re featuring hairstyles from some of our favorite hair bloggers, including Christina at Hair Romance, Lilith Moon, Luxy Hair and The Beauty Department. From heart braids to infinity knots to red rose crowns, there’s bound to be something to inspire your Valentine’s Day hair below.

Heart Hair Braid “Accessory”

We love it when hair tutorials require very little time or additional resources. Using your own hair as an accessory? Who can resist? This Valentine’s Day hairstyle was featured on the Hair Romance blog last February 14th and we have to feature it in this roundup because it’s that good. Christina shows you how to get the look in five easy steps. All you need to do is create two braids, wrap them around each other to create a heart shape and pin into place.


Romantic Half Up, Half Down Curly V-Day Hair

Oh Lilith Moon, we cannot stop singing your praises.This romantic hairstyle is so gorgeous and Lilith uses a curl, twist and pull technique that you may or may not have ever seen before. The result? Those perfect, voluminous curls that look like they belong on the cover of some haute couture magazine. The romance edition, of course!

Heart Shaped Crown Braid

Here’s another variation on a heart-inspired hairstyle. This one, detailed by The Beauty Department, is more of an updo and keeps hair out of your face completely. We love it because it works on a variety of hair textures and can be dressed up or down. To recreate, divide hair into two sections and French braid either side, curving up and around to make a heart shape. Finish by braiding all the way down to the nape and securing.

Heart Shaped Crown Braid Valentine's Day Hairdo

Infinity Knot

Aside from your classic heart, what better symbol to represent Valentine’s Day than infinity sign? The Infinity knot — also referred to as a pretzel knot or a Celtic knot — looks beautiful on half up hair. It will require a bit of practice in order to perfect it (kind of like how you had to practice tying your shoes way back when), but once you get the hang of it this may very well become a go-to style for you. This particular video tutorial was shot by Luxy Hair and it gives very clear directions to make sure you nail it.

DIY Rose Crown

Consider donning red roses atop your head for Valentine’s Day this year. This DIY rose crown tutorial by the Late Afternoon blog is actually super easy to make yourself. You’ll need four rose heads (faux or real work), a wire base for the actual crown and then florist’s wire to secure the buds. You can find all those things online or at your local craft store. Secure and place strategically and then plop on top of your head. We like the idea of curly hair, wavy hair or even stick straight hair underneath — all would look amazing.

DIY Rose Crown Hairdo For Valentine's

Here’s another DIY rose crown example from the Bridal Musings blog and another from Wearable Magic. These crowns are super beautiful and you can create all different types with in-season flowers and foliage throughout the year.

Edgy Valentine’s Day Hair

We’re digging the fact that YouTube User Alex Amethea has decided to take a less traditional route with Valentine’s Day hair. She calls this an “edgy” style and we totally see why. She creates tons of body in this funky-meets-grunge-meets modern style. Check out the video for all the details, including product recommendations to get the perfect end result.

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