The Tri-Braid Half Up Hairstyle – Hair Tutorial

The Tri-Braid Half Up Hairstyle Tutorial

I’m a sucker for a really simple hairstyle, especially when it earns me compliments while standing in line for coffee or picking up some fresh fish for dinner. When said hairstyle only takes five minutes to do? Hello! I’m sold!

Now, I’m admittedly the type of gal who loves to wear her hair down. For that reason, I consider a half up hairstyle a healthy compromise; a way to change things up a little bit without sweeping every single last strand of hair off my neck. That’s just one reason why I love this tri-braid half up hairstyle.

I’m also a fan of this hairstyle because it works on a variety of hair types and can be worn pretty much anywhere that’s relatively low key. I like it for the office, errand running or even sipping on fancy cocktails with the gals in your summer duds. Dress it up with some hair accessories, add some texture via beachy waves or spiral curls, or wear it straight like I did in this tutorial.

The Tri-Braid Half Up Hairstyle Tutorial

The Tri-Braid Half Up Hairstyle Tutorial:

1. Tease the crown portion of your hair by backcombing. This creates a little more volume around the top and crown of your head before pulling it back into a half ponytail. You can tease a lot if you want more dramatic volume. If you prefer a more subtle lift (like me), tease it less.

2. Gently pull your hair into a half ponytail. Use your comb to smooth out any bumps or excess texture from the teasing, and then secure with a clear elastic.

3. On either section of your head, create two small to medium-sized braids. Secure each braid with a clear elastic.

4. Pull one of the braids around the back of your head and secure underneath your half ponytail. The braid should rest against the edge of the rest of your hair. Repeat with the other braid.

5. Finally, take a section of hair (not from the ponytail) and braid it. Wrap this tightly around the braid as many times as possible. This ends up creating a knot-like effect. It also makes it look like you have one cohesive braid instead of three.

6. Finish with any hair accessories or baubles you prefer, or leave it as is. You can also curl it or add waves for a more textured look.

Watch The Video:

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