Black Tie Approved: Trendy Updos for Your Spring and Summer Formal Occasions

Whether you’ve got prom coming up or are planning for a spring and summer loaded with weddings and garden parties, everyone needs a few go-to updo tutorials in their hair arsenal. The biggest hair trends of the 2014 warm season are all about subtle-but-totally-intentional waves, sleek and sophisticated ‘dos that sit low on your head, intriguing texture and romantic, upswept styles worthy of any Shakespeare novel.

Today we’ve rounded up a collection of six trendy updos from our friends at The Small Things Blog, Cupcakes & Cashmere, Oncewed, xoVain and more. They’ll satisfy a variety of tastes, so give your favorite ones a go and let us know how they work out for you!

Fishtail Updo

The fishtail takes a quiet break throughout the winter season, but come spring and summer it’s all about that funky texture and aquatic-inspired visage. This fishtail updo detailed on the Cupcakes and Cashmere blog is pretty straightforward. We fancy it ideal for garden parties, first dates and certainly weddings, be they ultra conservative or more low key. Top it with a floral crown and you’ll be the prettiest belle of the ball, sweetheart. All you need for this one is a few bobby pins and you’re set. Trendy Updos

Messy Updo with Braids and Twists

YouTube user Casey Holmes has got you covered for prom with her super easy, low-key updo that requires only a curling iron or wand, bobby pins and a hair tie. She says this one is for her girls “who don’t want to go out and spend a ton of money on getting their hair done” for prom. The video’s about 10 minutes in length and Casey goes into lots of detail, making this an easy video to follow along with.

Undone French Twist

We love this ultra romantic “Undone French Twist” explained by blonde-haired Kate at The Small Things Blog. It’s essentially a take on the classic French twist but, because it’s more “undone,”  has a very soft and less “uppity” vibe to it. It also reads younger and is therefore ideal for women of any age. Kate says that this hairstyle is ideal for any length or texture of hair. However, if you’ve got really short hair, you may want to consider adding some faux extensions for a more dramatic impact.

The Classic Bouffant with a Twist

It doesn’t get much more romantic than the classic bouffant, especially when you add fresh flowers or other accessories. Alyssa over at xoVain is all about bringing back that height, a la the ’60s-meets-Marie Antoinette.

She even dared to take things to Wonderland by adding some tiny wooden mushrooms to this style. She says you shouldn’t limit your imagination since “with hair this high, anything goes.” Other ideas include a tiny ship, bird’s next, Bardot ribbon or hair bow. We also dig the idea of giant baubles floating throughout. Classic Bouffant with Twist

Romantic Crown Braid Updo

Here’s a head-turning hairstyle that’s not only super simple to recreate, but works best with day two hair. That means that if you’re invited to a formal event at the last minute — or if you’ve simply run out of time — you’ve got a go-to hairstyle that’s locked, loaded and ready to impress. This “2nd Day Messy Crown Braid” tutorial is brought to you by YouTube user Tina of MakeupWearables Hairstyles and is positively gorgeous. You’ll only need roughly 10 minutes to recreate this one.

Romantic, Loose Side Braid

One of our favorite destinations for wedding-approved hair tutorials is OnceWed, so it’s only natural that we include one of their stunning updos in this curated list of formal hairstyles. This tutorial is a for a “Romantic Side Braid” and, honestly, is worthy of both ultra formal events and casual ones alike. Wear it with a gossamer-like blouse, as pictured, or dress it up with a full-length gown and you’ll be the center of attention either way. Romantic Side Braid

Rockin’ short hair and searching for trendy updos of your own? Mosey on over to this article: 5 Updos for Cropped Hair.