The Trendy Long Side Twist

I’m loving the trend of loose long braids and twists, so I decided to adapt the style to afro-textured hair. Though my afro-hair has reached mid-back length, I needed a little help to achieve the super long afro ponytail since shrinkage is a major characteristic of afro-hair.

I tapped into my resources and pulled out a used batch of Marley hair for this hairdo. It was perfect and I love the outcome! It’s really easy to do and marley hair is super cheap so it’s a win-win hairstyle for me. Check out the video for a more in depth look at how to achieve this look.

afro-textured hair long side twist

1. Start with freshly twisted hair.

2. Take the Marley hair in your hand and position to right or left side of hair while grabbing one half of your hair and another half of your hair with the Marley hair.

3. Begin to twist the sections around each other.

4. When you get to the end of the twist, roll up the end.

5. Use a rubber band to secure the ends.

6. Pin any stray hairs however you want them to sit.

7. And there you have it!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Cassandre Beccai (you can her “Cass” for short) has an ongoing love affair with afro-textured hair and shares her tips and tricks to any lady who wants to know how to care for this uber unique hair type. You can find her at her hair blog,, and while you’re at it, go on over to her YouTube channel “Cassandre Beccai” where afro-textured hair care comes to life.