Topsy Tail-Inspired Twisted Updo Tutorial

Hey there! It’s Roxie with back again with yet another easy, topsy tail-inspired updo to try. These styles are great because they will stay all day, you can dress them up or down and you can totally get creative with it. This particular twisted style even works well on short-ish hair because you can leave some hair down in the back if you need to. Get your clear elastics ready and give this twisted updo tutorial a try!

twisted updo tutorial for hair

1. Begin with a small ponytail at the crown of the head. Create a topsy tail by reaching through the middle, grabbing the ends and pulling it through.

2. Make another ponytail beneath the first topsy tail, including some hair from the sides and topsy tail it.

3. Make a third ponytail below the second, including some hair from the sides and topsy tail it.

4. Make a fourth ponytail at the nape (gathering more hair from the sides of course) and topsy tail it.

5. Take the remaining hair an pin the ends under. Loosen up the look by gently pulling it apart a bit. Pull a little hair down around your face to soften the look if you wish.

A twisted hairstyle like this one is perfect for those that aren’t comfortable with French braiding because it gives that French braided look but in a totally creative way. Check out even more twisted hairstyles and DIY hair ideas at