5 Things to Do With a Three Strand Braid

Oh, the things you can do with a simple three strand braid. Most people overlook the standard plait and opt for something that’s seemingly more complex. No problem with that, for sure, but don’t forget about the dear three strand while you’re cooing over a waterfall, inverted french or fishtail.

The three strand braid has a sort of inherent, old school charm to it that cannot be replaced with anything else. Not to mention, there are countless ways you can style it. If you’re in a hair rut or are simply looking for something fun to do with your hair the next time you go out, we recommend taking your hair cue from one of these gurus featured here.

Braid Wrapped Chignon

This braid wrapped chignon by Ada at Yet Another Beauty Site is perfect for day two or day three hair and is sure to earn you compliments. She says it works best on hair with a little bit of texture, so either do this one a day or two after washing or, alternatively, spritz in some texturizing spray. She explains how to create the look step by step on the blog, so head that way for the full tutorial.

Braid Wrapped Chignon Three Strand Hairstyle

The Hippie Headband

We’re just tickled over this hairstyle by the red headed Emily of The Freckled Fox. This one’s perfect for both chilly and warm months and can be customized a bajillion different ways. We think this hippie headband looks best with some full-bodied waves to accompany it, but you could also try this style with your hair up. Feel free to add jewels or baubles to dress this up, or even consider some pretty fall or winter embellishments, such as gilded twigs or a snowflake/star barrette.

Hippie Braid Three Strand Headband

Party Half Braided Hairstyle

This half up/half down look by Cinthia Truong on YouTube is as versatile as it is pretty. We love the little quiff in the front, which adds an element of drama and volume to an otherwise straightforward hairstyle. The entire look is super, super easy and will take you under 10 minutes to create. You’ll want some elastics, bobby pins and a comb for teasing. If you don’t like the quiff, feel free to leave it out.

The Bohemian Wrap

Emorie from Oh Whimsical Me shows you how to get this uber pretty “bohemian wrap” hairstyle. She says it requires some finesse and may be a little tricky, so give yourself plenty of time before starting this one. Bonus: This one works on women with and without bangs. Check out the whole shebang of a tutorial on her blog. Oh, and if you have short hair, you can achieve this look by adding some faux extensions.

Bohemian 3 Strand Braided Wrap Hairstyle

Voluminous Braid With a Twist

If you’re in the market for a romantic hairstyle, we’ve got a good one for you. This YouTube tutorial by Luxy Hair is so lovely and can be worn in a variety of settings. To get a similar result, you want a really thick and voluminous head of hair to begin with. This can be achieved with hair extensions, root lifters, volumizers and a great blow dry. She also teases her hair with a teasing comb for even more lift. Once you twist and do your three-strand braid, you’ll want to go back in and fan out the braid for even more volume.

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