The Waterfall Twist [Hair Tutorial]

This waterfall twist is easier than it looks!  What I like about this half updo is that it can be fancy enough for a bride, but also casual enough for everyday wear. Watch the video for a step-by-step tutorial of this fun hair look!

The Watefall Twist Braids Tutorial

Check out this post on how to do the curls as seen with the waterfall twist.

What You Need:

1. Bobby pins
2. One clear elastic
3. Hairspray


1.  Take a small section of hair close to your temple and split it in half.

2.  Twist the bottom half over the top half.

3.  Drop the top half and pick up a new piece in it’s place.

4.  Repeat the last tw0 steps by twisting the new bottom piece over the top piece and so forth.

5.  Once you reach the middle of the back of your hair, clip the end of the twist and set aside for later.

6.  Repeat on the opposite side. Once both sides are complete, combine them with a clear elastic.

7.  Disguise the elastic by wrapping it with a strand of hair.

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