The Textured Hair Trend – How To Get It and How To Wear It

Touches of texture are all over Hollywood’s red carpets this season — covet the look? We asked some of our stylist friends how to get started with textured hair!

An Easy Updo. To create an up-style that does not have the finished/polished look, Sherry Ratay of Salon Ratay, says to first begin in the bottom nape with 2 inch sections, using a 1 ½ inch curling iron wrapping the hair section around the barrel of the iron (you do not want to use the clamp of the iron). Start wrapping the hair 3-4 inches down the hair shaft, leaving the ends slightly unfinished. (Very similar to wrapping around a candle stick!)

Kate Beckinsale textured hair

When working around the front hairline, direct the wrapping of the hair counter clock wise on the iron. After you finish, lightly shake your hair and start pinning up your soft waves in no particular order and you will create a soft sexy up-style. Choose the color of the hairpins similar to your hair color and always use “hairpins” not bobby pins. Hairpins will keep it soft and moveable!

Debra Messing's textured hair

Layer on the product! Super clean hair won’t hold, so adding product can help you achieve the textured look you desire, which requires your hair not be too sleek.

Twist it out! Once your hair is almost completely dry, twist it and pin it up until it’s totally dry. Once it is dry, remove the pins and let your hair fall. Comb through with your fingers. Loose waves will be left; no need to use a straightener or curling iron.

The texture trend is huge and one of my favorites, exclaimed Ashley Stone of Beauty Entourage. As an updo stylist, she is asked a lot about this trend, she says.

Go tousled. Ashley advises you take different size larger sections throughout the head and curl with a curling iron. Make sure after wrapping the hair, you wait at least 10-15 seconds before letting free. When you take thicker sections it takes longer for the iron to heat the hair.  Always spray your hair in each section with a flexible hold hair spray prior to using the iron. My favorite is Enviroflex by CHI.  After releasing the curls, always let them cool before running your fingers through. Once done, loosely run your fingers through and your done!  For a beachy look you can add a little bit of pomade to your hands and piece out your ends. Less is more.

Long & curly textured hair

Make Waves. Another fun technique Ashley suggests is to section your hair, twist the section and then wrap it around the outside of your curling iron. Again, wait a little longer until you heat up the hair all the way through, then release the curl. Without doing anything to the hair that falls, move onto the next section and repeat. Once you are done, you can add a little Moroccan oil to your hands or a defrizzing serum and lightly begin to run your fingers through the twisted curls. The result will be classic waves. You can do smaller sections for a tighter effect similar to Taylor Swift’s iconic style, or larger sections for deeper waves.

Get Creative. Ashley says both styles look amazing down with a center or side part, but you can also do an up style with your textured hair too!  One popular look is after adding your texture, pull softly off to the side and make a loose braid. A regular one or a fishtail braid is trendy.  Another up option is to bunch the curls at the bottom and secure a bobby pin at the ends and then twist the hair and pin up at the base of your neck. In the center or off to the side. Continue pinning until you have secured any long pieces at the base of the neck. This effect will create a soft faux bob.