DIY Hair Idea – The Simple Twistback

Hi there! It’s Roxie with¬†bringing you yet another cool DIY hair idea to try. This twisted look is an easy way to add a feminine touch to any updo or all-down style. It is a great style for keeping the hair back off the face, especially if you are growing out your bangs or looking to add a face framing element to your overall look. You can twist on both sides, or just one for a super trendy asymmetrical look. I love twisted styles not only because of the retro element they bring to a look, but also because they are much easier and quicker to achieve than braids.

If you have short bangs like our model Nikki, leave ’em down and just twist the sides back. It’s kind of a cool, retro-in-a-pinch look. Here’s how to get it!

The simple twistback hair tutorial

1. Starting on one side above the temple, twist a small section of hair up and back, adding a little bit of hair at a time as you work halfway towards the back of the head.

2. Stick a bobby pin in and back up through the twist to secure it.

3. Now do the same on the other side if you wish.

Experiment wearing this simple twistback with a low ponytail or tousled beachy waves for a completely different look. Add a cool pin or small floral accessory to make this look all your own. Practice this simple twist technique and stay tuned for more twisted styles!

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