Sweet Summer Hair Look – A Romantic Scarf Updo + Flower

Hi there! My name is Roxie from HowtoHairGirl.com and this is the scarf roll! This is an ultra romantic and super easy look for medium to long hair. This is the perfect style to keep cool on those hot summer days. Give this romantic scarf updo a try!

romantic scarf updo

1. Begin by putting the hair into a low ponytail, then pulling the ponytail holder down toward the ends.

2. Take your rolled up scarf and lay it across the top of the ends of the ponytail and roll it upwards, towards the head.

3. & 4. When you reach the base of the head, bring the ends of the scarf around and tie them at the front of your head, slightly off center.

5. & 6. Tuck in the sides and pull your bangs up and over the scarf and tuck them in to finish the look. Add a flower for garnish.

This is a gorgeous low maintenance hairstyle that is perfect for a summer day. Dress it up with a vintage dress and heels, or wear it casual with cutoffs and a boho top!