3 Trendy Ponytails to Try This Summer – #1 The Tousled Pony

Hi there! This is Jenny with StylushHair and I’ve put together a series of three simple tutorials for you to try this summer to jazz up that “summer hot” ponytail. You can wear these at the pool, beach, lunch with the girls or even a night on the town! Feel free to add a flower or a decorative ponytail holder to personalize this look and make it yours.

This first pony look is The Tousled Pony. It is the perfect messy sexy pony style for summer! 

tousled ponytails

1. Start with dry hair. It can be curly or straight, just make sure there is some texture to it. You can apply a light spray gel or mousse to achieve a coarser texture. 

2. Section out a small triangle shaped section of hair about an inch from the front hairline.

3. Lightly tease your hair for that sexy tousled look. 

4. Pull hair lightly back and secure with a rubber band.

5. Take a small sections with your fingertips and pull them a little bit, some going forward and some going back to give your hair an uneven, messy texture.

6. Pull desired hair out around the face to give your pony a softer, face framing look.

7. Drop the top section and let it naturally fall. Here I have it parted in the middle, but feel free to play around with the part however it suits you.

My Other Two Summer-Perfect Ponytails To Try:

Ponytail #2: The Romantic Wrapped Side Ponytail

Ponytail #3: The High Volume Ponytail