Everyday Glamour: 6 Stunning Hairstyles to Impress The Masses

Sometimes all you want is a little bit of subtle glamour in your life. Think compliment-worthy, notice-her hairstyles that you can wear to any place on your normal, everyday track.

These stunning hairstyles are not so overdone that people wonder, “Where is she coming from?” or “Where is she going next?” — perhaps making you look a little out of place at the neighborhood cafe or office atrium.

Instead, they’re glamourous enough for others to appreciate the effort you put into your morning routine, and, of course, help you feel amazing from dawn to dusk.

Faux Blowout With a Curling Iron

Our friends at The Beauty Department recently posted a hair hack that we’re sure you’ll love: the faux blowout. After all, who’s got time for a one-hour, self-administered blow dry on a random weekday morning? Very few people, that’s who. All you need is a large barrel curling iron, clips and hairspray and you’re ready to go. Everything you need to know is on the website.

Faux Blowout Stunning Hairstyle

Everyday French Twist

Red headed Katie over at the A Beautiful Mess blog has blessed the world with this super simple, everyday French Twist that works for all sorts of hair. Katie says this particular updo is perfect for second, third or fourth day hair, which is less slippery than freshly washed hair and therefore easier to manipulate. Even though it looks a little complicated, you’ll find that it’s surprisingly easy to recreate.

French Stunning Hairstyles

Crunchy Curl Cure

Raise your hand if you’re a curly haired lady who’s guilty of the crunch? You know what we’re talking about. Hair that uses so much product (or perhaps a sub par product) that leaves your curls feeling stiff, dry and, well, crunchy. Fortunately for you, Zoe over at xoVain has come up with an HG remedy for this hair fiasco and gives you the lowdown over on the website.


Knotty Braided Bun

How about this super pretty knotty braided bun featured at LuLu’s? “With just two braids, and a double knot, this elegant look can be yours,” writes the author. To recreate, simply part your hair, braid each side, tie the braids in a knot at the nape of your neck, tie again, then secure. Easy enough!

Knotty Braided Bun Hairstyle

Easy Elegance Hair Bun

We’re reviving this understated, elegant hair bun at EBeautyBlog.com, which was posted last September. We love it that much, folks! It almost mimics art in the way it’s sculpted. Still, it retains a sense of softness that makes it the perfect go-to for all sorts of scenarios. There’s a video tutorial on the blog, so head that way for the 4-1-1.

Easy Elegance Stunning Hair Bun

Retro Updo Inspired By Dianna Agron

Kayley Melissa has knocked it out of the park with this 1950s/1960s updo that was inspired by Dianna Agron. It’s a little bit more formal than some of the others on this list, but we still think it works for all those myriad events you have penciled into your calendar. The video tutorial is in depth, ensuring you, too, knock it out of the park.

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