5 Stunning Braids You May Not Have Tried Before

Sometimes you’ve got to meander just a little bit beyond the box. We’re not saying you have to go dye your hair lemon yellow, or get one of those edgy haircuts that’d make grandma look at you with concern in her eyes. However, a little bit of change does the soul good! And if it’s temporary, what’s the harm?

For this week’s hairstyle roundup, we’re featuring 5 stunning, less-than-commonplace braids for you to give a go. It’s possible you’ve seen, heard about, or even tried some of these before, but we really scoured the web for some interesting, non-conventional braids. We hope at least one or two of them are new to you!

Romantic Twisted Braid

This super romantic, twisty braid by Anne at The City Sage blog, makes us want to shout to the heavens. It’s got this really conceptual, midsummer’s night eve quality to it and we love how it takes all these unexpected twists and turns to create something so visually striking. Anne says this looks “more complicated than it really is” and notes that it’d be great for hair shoulder length or longer. If you need some length, pop in some extension.

Romantic Twisted Braids

Chain Braid

We adore the ladies over at A Beautiful Mess for their consistent ability to showcase creativity. This chain link braid is no exception and we know you’ll fancy it, too! Essentially, you section your hair and tie a knot, then continue doing so. They created two chain braids and secured them into a low bun, but feel free to play with the overall look. The full hair tutorial is on the blog, so check it out.

Chain Braid

Pull Through Three-Strand Braid

This “intricate, pull through, 3-strand braid” by YouTube hair and beauty guru Bebexo may look tricky, but you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to do. It works best on medium to longer hair, but you can always add extensions before starting to add length and volume. This braid would look great with an accessory or two, as well. Try a headband or a bow at the end.

Ribbon Halo Braid

This ribbon halo braid by OnceWed is such a pretty and romantic look. Once you master it, we suspect it could be one of those go-to styles you opt for throughout spring and summer. The sweet, pink ribbon adds the perfect touch. We love that this is an updo, too, as it’ll keep hair out of your face on warm days and is easy to dress up or down.

Ribbon Halo Braid

Layered Braid

The oh-so talented YouTube user LuxyHair has brought her A-game with this new hair tutorial featuring what she calls a “layered braid.” This is a play off of your standard fishtail braid, but instead of being really tight and structured, it’s loose, layered and soft. The effect is quite pretty. Wear it as a side braid, like LuxyHair does, or wear it down your back.

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