The Easiest Sock Bun Tutorial You’ll Ever See

The sock bun is the easiest way to transform humidity stricken locks into a smooth, polished style that literally goes anywhere. It’s perfect for those days where five extra minutes of sleep sounds like the best way to get your day started. Plus, the sock bun helps fool people into thinking you have thicker, longer hair, which is a total win-win.

Bonus: there are several different ways to modify this simple look! Add a braid up the back, wrap a scarf around the bun, or try placing the bun a little lower for a classic ballerina bun. Here’s what you’ll need to perfect this simple sock bun tutorial:

1. A Sock (You’ll be cutting the toes off, so make sure it’s a sock that has lost its’ mate or one you don’t mind altering.)

2. Scissors

3. Bobby Pins

4. Hair Elastic

5. Hairspray

Before getting started, be sure to lie out all of the tools you will need to begin the tutorial. Easy access your tools always makes it easier to complete the look without frustration!

sock bun tutorial
  1. Begin by snipping off the toe area of sock.
  2. Gather hair into ponytail
  3. Take sock and scrunch into a donut shape. Pull ponytail through sock.
  4. Wrap ends of ponytail around edges of sock and roll down, tucking and rolling as you go.
  5. Secure bun with bobby pins. I find it best to tuck the bobby pins into the hair elastic for even better holding power. Smooth flyways with hairspray.

Easy peasy! Next time you’re running late and wondering how to smooth out that mane, try this incredibly simple sock bun tutorial! And, don’t be afraid to make it your own with accessories, braids or twists. The possibilities are endless!

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