The Ultimate Celebrity-Inspired Side-Swept Hair Tutorial

Hello! This is Ulrika from and I am here to share how to recreate a simply gorgeous hairstyle that you’ve seen on many red carpets. Side swept hair is so incredibly versatile. You can wear this look straight, wavy or curly. You can also vary the curls to be big, small or even retro-inspired. And to finish off this glam style, the options are seemingly endless. I will show you three of my favorites today! Let’s get started…

side swept hair tutorial

1. Create a deep side part.

2. Divide hair into two sections and clip the back section out of the way.

3. Curl your hair away from your face.

4. Now curl the back section.

5. Finish off with a light holding spray to make the curls stay.

6. Add some dry shampoo for lift at the crown. Rub it in gently.

7. The result!

8. Now sweep your hair to the side with the most hair and let it fall over the shoulder.

Time to finish the style! A few options are:

*Use a pretty comb as a nice accessory.

*Twist the hair in the back to make sure it stays on one side. This is especially good if your hair is not super long. Secure with two criss crossed bobby pins.

*French braid it! Add only hair from above. You can choose to start the braid high up next to your ear if you want it to show more, or lower like I did for the braid to not stand out too much. Secure with an elastic and hide it under the rest of the hair.

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