Learn How to Create This Runway Bun Hairstyle In Just 4 Steps

Hello! It’s Roxie with HowToHairGirl.com back with a runway-ready twisted hairstyle that you can achieve in less than five minutes. With a scarf and boots, this twisted look will seal your sexy and sophisticated fall getup, and it’s as easy as four simple steps!

runway bun hair tutorial

1. Start on one side of your  head, and make a twist that comes back to the nape. Secure the twist with bobby pins.

2. Repeat steps 1 and 2 on the other side.

3. Gather all of your hair together at the nape and twist it into a tight bun.

4. Secure the bun with a few pins and give the entire style a once-over with your hairspray of choice.

Seriously, how simple is that? I love how easy-to-achieve this chic look is! Click here for additional twisting and pinning tips, and click here for helpful tips on securing a bun with bobby pins.