5 Steps to the Perfect Reverse Chignon Ponytail

Hello! This is Roxie from HowToHairGirl and I am here to tell you that it’s time to take a smart new look at ponytails, and vow to get creative!

There is nothing like the sleek and polished look of a classic ponytail. It is simply the best way to showcase your face and neck, along with your favorite pair of earrings. A fun way to modernize your ponytail is to give it a little fluffing up in the back and add some detail so that it is a work of art from all angles. Add a reverse chignon, throw in some twisting and tying action and a couple of pins and voila! I present you with the reverse chignon ponytail.

To prep your tresses for this look, begin with a misting of texture spray on dry hair. Flip your hair upside down, spray it lightly, and scrunch the product in. Lightly backcomb the hair around the crown of your head to build a bit of volume. Now let’s get started, shall we?

Reverse Chignon Ponytail Tutorial

The Reverse Chignon Ponytail Tutorial:

1. Start a twist towards the top of the back of your head. As you twist downwards, add hair in from both sides to create a reverse chignon.

2. Secure the twist at the base with a bobby pin to hold it in place against the head at the nape of your neck. I recommend using a large bobby pin for this.

3. Take two small sections of hair from underneath your twist, right at the nape of your neck. Criss-cross them under and wrap them around the twist to secure the ponytail into the twist.

4. Tie the two sections together on top of your twist. Make sure the knot is neat and tight! If your hair is longer, wrap the sections and tie them a second time for extra detail and security.

5. Stick a final bobby pin in through the tied sections and straight up into your twist. Add another pin if needed, just be sure to keep the pins discreet. This hairstyle should look like you used no pins at all!

Now it’s time to rock your reverse chignon ponytail! Don’t be alarmed if it loosens up and relaxes on your head throughout the day. It will look even better that way! Now have fun rocking a ponytail that will be styling from the front and the back!

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