The Easiest Pretty Pompadour Tutorial You’ll Ever See

This is Melissa with My Soul Is The Sky and today I am here to show you the super-chic pompadour! This hairstyle is one of the hottest this season. If you’re a little unsure of what it is, it’s simply a hairstyle that is big on top and close to the head on the sides. The only question is knowing how to create this rockin’ style! It can be accomplished as a sky-high updo or as a more subtle, half-up half-down style. But one thing is for sure, and that is the versatility of this style and how flattering it is on nearly everyone!

All you need are few hair pins, a small elastic band and a bit of hairspray. This style can be created with freshly washed hair or hair that is a day or two old, but one trick that makes it even easier is to start by blow drying the hair around your face straight up and back towards the crown. By doing this you will already have the hair going in the direction you want.

Here are the easy steps to achieving this always fun pompadour hairstyle!

pompadour hair tutorial

1. To begin, divide the hair by taking a section of hair directly behind your forehead, right at the hairline. You can part the hair at the natural corners of your forehead or completely free hand it.

2. Next, pull the hair up and using a comb and back tease the hair to create volume.

3. Take some hairspray and spritz it over the roots.

4. Using a comb, smooth down the top layer while pushing the hair straight back, leaving the majority of the “poof” intact.

5. Slide two or three hair pins over this section of hair to hold it in place. If any part of the pompadour has fallen flat, simply use your finger to gently pull it back up to match the rest.

6. The halfway point – I love this hairstyle when I want to take on a more rocker-ish style and it is also perfect when I’m growing out my bangs; which I always seem to be doing.

To take it to the next level:

7. Comb up the sides right above your ears in a triangle shape and grip it right on top of your head behind the pins you placed in earlier.

8. Secure this piece with a small, clear elastic.

9. Smooth down any flyaways with a hint of hairspray

10. Now you have your very own pompadour!

If you don’t get it right the first time, just keep practicing and soon enough you’ll be sporting the classic pompadour hairstyle in no time! For even more hair and beauty inspiration, visit me at My Soul Is The Sky.