Go Glam With a Pin-Up Inspired Twisted Updo

Hey there pin-up princess! This is Roxie with HowToHairGirl.com again with a vintage twisted look you must try. This updo works best with medium to long hair and while it takes a little practice, once you get it, it’s a breeze! This is a hairstyle that will turn some serious heads and looks just gorgeous dressed up or dressed down.

pin-up twisted updo tutorial

1. Begin on one side and start with two small sections at the top of the head.

2. Twist those sections together once upwards, then add a little from underneath and twist again, alternating adding to both pieces as you work your way back.

3. Secure your first side with two pins and repeat the same twisting/gathering/securing process on the second side.

4. Now take all of the hair in the back, and roll it gently up towards the nape and pin it securely from both sides.

If you need a little twisting and pinning help, you can find some great tips here. For even more fun DIY hairstyles and tips, come and visit me at HowToHairGirl.com.