Must Try Heat-Free Wave Hair How-Tos

Protect your tresses from the damaging doom of the hair dryer and curling iron and get your waves the heat-free way! Here’s a few heat-free wave hair methods worth trying…

Braid It – Apply a small amount of styling gel or hairspray to damp, towel-dried (not soppingheat-free wave hair wet hair). Separate hair into two or more sections (depending upon what you want your waves to look like) and braid them. The looser the braid, the looser the waves and the tighter the braid, the tighter the waves! Try to at least keep the braids loose at the top so the finished waves lay better against your scalp. Sleep with your hair in the braids or twist the braids into a braided bun for a fun and different updo. When your hair at least 80-90% dry, take out the braids. Shape the waves with your fingers and add additional product for hold as needed.

Beautiful Buns – Spray damp hair with your favorite sea salt/beachy wave product and twist hair up into 2-5 mid-height or low buns. Once the buns are dry, release them and arrange the waves to your liking. Check out this tutorial for a similar heat-free waving method using Bantu Knots!

Rag Curls –Cut up a t-shirt into 6-inch strips. Section your hair into 1-2 in sections (depending upon how big you want the curls to be). Take each section of hair, place the rag strip at the bottom, and roll hair up towards the scalp, making a sushi-like roll of hair with the cloth in the middle. Tie the two ends of the cloth together to hold the twisted roll against your scalp. Let the hair dry and much as possible, let the rolls down and shape the waves as needed.

Plopping – While this isn’t necessarily a completely heat-free method (you may need to use a diffuser on your hair dryer for a little root lifting after plopping), it is a great limited heat option for gals with naturally curly hair to reduce frizz and provide more structure to their curls. This process is best shown via video, so here is a great tutorial to follow!

**COMING SOON** – Heat Free Hairstyles To Try

Have you tried a heat-free method for styling your waves?