A Stunning New Hairstyle: Where the Low Bun Meets the Herringbone Braid

Get ready for the return of the low bun for Spring and Summer 2013! What was once a top knot is now an understated under-bun. I am Roxie Hunt with HowToHairGirl.com, and I’m here to help you kick off this trend with a gorgeously low key yet unique twist to the herringbone braid.

This hairstyle is easy! It combines a simple side twist with a herringbone braid (also known as a fishtail braid) and a low pinned bun. For the office or cocktail hour, this sexy little number is sure to turn some heads.

To begin, prep hair with a texturizing spray to help it stay together. This will really help with the twist.

herringbone braid

1. Begin creating a twist starting at the temple on the right side of your face and twist it back across the head to the nape of the neck on the left side.

2. Secure your twist into place with two criss-crossing pins.

3. Gather all the hair on the left side and create a nice and neat herringbone braid. Secure the end with an elastic. Once secure, gently pull the braid apart a bit to plump it up. If you need a little help creating this super cool braid, I have a great tutorial for you HERE.

4. Wrap and twist the braid into a bun, pinning it to secure.

Now spray a bit of shine spray, arrange your “lady parts” around your face and voila! You have a creative yet trendy look to wear to any occasion. Be sure to visit me at HowToHairGirl.com for even more DIY hair inspiration.