The Ultimate Katniss Braid Tutorial

Who’s pumped for Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2? I mean… you’re here for a reason, right? We’re extraordinarily excited, which is why we’ve put together this head to toe tutorial for you.

Because this is Latest-Hairstyles, we’re talking specifically about Katniss’ glorious, “just went into battle, but I’m still glorious” side fishtail.

Also include, though, is a brief rundown of how to get the makeup, complete with product recommendations, and even an affordable outfit idea from ModCloth that’s inspired by the Mockingjay 2 poster look, as well.

And sidebar: I have a really difficult time getting through movies without talking or asking questions, but the Hunger Games captivate me so completely that I don’t say a word. That, my friends, is a testament to good movie making. Anyway… let the tutorials begin!

The Makeup

In three words, Katniss’ makeup is natural, dewy, and bronzed. To achieve this, I first applied Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream to my skin. I then applied the bronzer in Paula Choice’s Blush it On Contour Palette with a bushy brush onto the apples of my cheeks. I also applied the bronzer to my forehead and chin, slowly building color.

From the same palette and with the same brush, I added highlighter to the applies of my cheeks and the center of my forehead, then followed up with the darkest blush to add color onto my cheeks.

For my eyes, I used Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette. I filled in my brows with Faint, then applied Naked 2 across my eyelids. I used Faint in my eye creases to create dimension, and blended out with W.O.S.

The colors you choose for this eye look will depend on my coloring. In general, stick with a matte brown that’s darker than your skin for the eyelids, followed by a slightly darker brown in the creases. The blending color should match the color of your skin.

I also applied tre’StiQue’s Swiss Chocolate Line, Sharpen & Smudge Eye Pencil to my upper lash line and blended with an angled eyeliner brush, then threw on some Sigma Sinuosity mascara. For lips, I dabbed on a pinkish nude lacquer and blended it into my lips with my pinky.

The Outfit

Now, you ‘d probably look a little bit silly running around in a full leather ensemble. Instead, the idea is to let Katniss’ poster look inspire you. We mosied through the ModCloth website and came up with this outfit. It’s not only perfect for fall and winter, but it embodies that perfect blend of sweet and bold that Miss Katniss Everdeen does so well.

The Ultimate Katniss Braid Tutorial - The Outfit

Warm Cider Dress in Burgandy: it’s not leather, but it’s the same color as Katniss’ dress and it has that same structured feel to it, as well. The shoulder details are a nice touch.

Trend Setting the Stage Boot in Ink: talk about a fierce shoe. These boots are equal parts fashionista and equal parts “gonna win this hunger game.”

Stop, Rock, and Roll Convertible Bag in Cognac: You’ve got to have a bag to carry your arrows essentials in, no? We’re digging the brown with black accessory thing. Try it!

The Hair

And the hair! This is a relatively straightforward hairstyle. To recreate the Katniss braid, you may want to get some hair extensions. We’re using Effortless Exensions’ Sip On Hair, which is temporary and easy to work with. If you don’t need to add length, skip to step three.

The Ultimate Katniss Braid Tutorial

Step 1: Apply Serum

Prep your hair by applying hair serum. This will tame frizz, make your hair easier to manage, and will also help create the same kind of shine that a lot of faux hair pieces have, thereby allowing it to blend a little easier. We’re using Cureology Smoothing Anti-Frizz Hair Serum.

Step 2: Apply Extensions

This step will vary depending on what kind of extensions you’re adding.

Step 3: Move Hair

Shift all your hair to one side of your head.

Step 4: Part Hair

Part your hair down the center.

Step 5: Fishtail Braid

Now for the most arduous part of this hair tutorial: creating your fishtail braid (and it’s not even difficult). To do this, divide your hair into two sections, then drag an outer piece of hair from one section over to the other section.

Pull tight, then repeat on the opposite side. Continue pulling tight as your braid the length of your hair, securing with a clear elastic on the end.

Make sure all your hair is draped to one side of your head (secure with bobby pins if necessary), and then pull out sections of hair for that “piece-y,” and lived in look.

You can use a texturizer or more serum to get those strands. Also twist each of these pieces to keep them separated.

Video Tutorial

And there’s your ultimate Katniss braid tutorial! Enjoy the movie, and we’ll see you next time!