EXCLUSIVE TUTORIAL! Get Jessica Pare’s Timeless 2012 Emmy Awards Hairstyle

This stunning Mad Men star rocked the red carpet with an ultra chic and vintage inspired hairstyle. This wavy fuax bob is swept effortlessly away from the face with a deep side part for added drama. Jessica’s gorgeous alabaster skin and ruby red lips are balanced out to perfection with her dark raven locks.

Want to try the look yourself? If you have shoulder length hair or even a little above, read the following tutorial and start creating this glamourous hairstyle all on your own!

hair emmys jessica pare

Step One: Grab your tools. You will need bobby pins and straight pins, a 1” barrel curling iron, a paddle brush and your favorite hairspray.

Step Two:  Start with clean dry hair and part it to the side. Section out and secure the top 75% of your hair to make it easier to curl. Use the curling iron to grab pieces of the dropped down section, and curl. After the entire section is curled, drop down another horizontal section of hair and repeat. Continue until your entire head has been curled.

Step Three: Spray your head of curls with some hairspray, then take your paddle brush and run it through your hair to break up the curls and create those soft vintage waves.

Step Four: Section from ear to ear and tie the top hair to the crown of your head to get it out of the way. The bottom section should be left down and ready to pin into your faux bob. Section the bottom section into two adjacent halves and roll each section into a flat bun against the head. Use bobby pins pushed in parallel to the head to secure.

Step Five: Drop down your top section and let it hang wavy and free. If your top layers are short enough to create the faux bob on their own, you may not need to do any pinning. If the top section hangs past the chin, grab pieces of the ends and pin them so them cover and tuck under the foundation buns you created in Step Four. Continue pinning all loose pieces until they are all tucked up into the buns.

Step Six: Spray your entire head with hairspray again for amazing shine and incredible hold.

Consider these Glamazon Hair Products: Goody is the classic brand and must have for bobby pins. Grab some straight pins from the beauty supply store in any brand to have on hand and to mix and match with your Goody products. Babyliss is a great brand to use for your curling iron option. You can’t go wrong with L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray in their strong hold option. All the celeb stylists use it and it will help your hairstyle last all night long.

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