An Infinity Braid Tutorial That’s Much Easier Than It Looks

Calling all braid junkies! This is Roxie with back with a creative and gorgeous DIY braided hairstyle that is sure to turn some heads. Check out the infinity braid!

I love this braided updo because even though it appears as if you need mad braiding skills to achieve it, you really don’t. The bones of this hairstyle are all based around basic braiding techniques, making the infinity braid do-able for anyone. Medium-long to long hair is needed to create this look. If you don’t have quite enough hair to create the finished look you desire, simply throw in a few clip-in extensions!

The infinity braid is also a perfect style for day two dirty hair (and beyond) and the perfect DIY look that can take you from a casual lunch date to an evening formal event in a snap. So I think I have rambled enough about all of the wonderful qualities of the infinity braid. Let’s get to styling, shall we?

braided hairstyle infinity

How to Style:

1. For this gorgeous look, you will need to section the head into threes, two small side sections and one large section down the middle. French braid one of the side sections.

2. Create a basic three-strand braid on the remaining side section and larger middle section. Secure all braids with a small elastic.

3. Starting with your center braid, wrap it loosely into a bun.

4. Use bobby pins around the bun to secure it in place.

5. Take the French braided section and wrap it under and around the middle bun. Pin into place.

6. Finally, take the remaining smaller side braid and wrap it over and around your middle bun. Pin that braid into place and spray the entire look with a hairspray of your choice.

Voila! For some exciting DIY ways to accessorize the infinity braid, click here. For even more hair, beauty and DIY inspiration, visit me over at