The Easiest Blowout Tutorial: How to Blow Dry Hair the Right Way

Hello everyone! It’s Melissa from and I am here to share the simple steps to achieving the perfect blow dry hair. A great blowout makes you look polished and put together. Many people run to a salon to achieve the look, but it is absolutely possible to do it yourself. Once you learn how to do it the right way, a great blow dry can last for days! Just follow these easy steps to pull off the look at home.


1. Prep your hair. Pat your wet hair to remove some of the moisture, but try not to rub it with a towel because that can cause frizz. Apply a nickel-sized amount of smoothing serum from your ends up to the middle of each strand ,then mist with a heat-protectant spray. Too much product can weigh the hair down and ruin a good blowout, so keep anything else for later.

2. Rough dry your hair. Drying your hair until it’s about 75 percent dry will reduce the amount of damage caused by pulling on it with the brush. Applying your makeup while it hangs around your shoulders is another good way to partially dry it with less heat. If your hair is fine, like mine, and dries rather quickly, wrap it up on top of your head and secure it with a clip while you apply your makeup.

3. Separate your hair. Dividing your hair up into sections makes blowing it dry easier and quicker. Clipping all the hair up and taking small sections of hair that easily wrap over the brush focuses the heat on a smaller area so you can achieve a polished look more precisely and efficiently.

4. Set your blower dryer. Newer blow dryer models have high temperature settings and are usually too hot for any type of hair except thick, coarse hair. Set your hair dryer at a medium setting so it doesn’t damage fine, thin hair, or burn your fingers. Place a nozzle on the tip of the dryer to focus the heat to specific areas.

5. Begin the blow dry. Using a mixed-bristle round brush, begin by drying 3-4 inch sections of hair. To create added volume, roll the completed pieces into a loose curl and secure it in place with an alligator clip. To help prevent frizz, keep the nozzle of the dryer pointed toward the floor.

6. Finish the style. When all of your hair is dry, mist your fingers with hairspray and run them through the hairs around your face and over any flyaways on top to really smooth and set your blowout.

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Styling Tips:

*If you’re looking for extra volume, apply steam curlers and let them set for 5-10 minutes.

*If you have too much volume, blast the top with a higher heat setting, then smooth the ends with a conditioning oil.

*To help your blowout last an extra day, pull your hair into a loose top knot before bed. Sleep on a satin or silk pillow and keep dry shampoo on hand to absorb any oil the next morning.

I hope you’ve found this blowout tutorial helpful! For even more hair and beauty fun, visit me at